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Researcher Information

last modified:2023/03/26

Associate Professor WATANABE, Atsuko


Faculty, Affiliation

Institute of Liberal Arts and Science
Associate Professor

College and School Educational Field

Faculty of Global Standard Education, Institute of Liberal Arts and Science


Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
The University of Warwick Doctor Department of Politics and International Stucdies Completed
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Master Completed
PhD (International Studies)


Hosei University Associate Professor(2019/04/01-2021/03/31)
Internatonal Chrisitian University (2018/04/01-2021/03/31)
Soka University(2019/04/01-)
Institute of Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo(2018/02/01-2019/03/31)
International University of Health and Welfare
The Sankei Shimbun Writer(1990/04/01-2006/12/31)

Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society

International Studies Association
European International Studies Association
International Political Science Association



International relations、History of thought、y Human geography

Speciality Keywords

Research Themes


  •  Atsuko Watanabe  Japanese Geopolitics and the Western Imagination Palgrave and Macmillan 2019
  •  Kosuke Shimizu (ed.) Critical International Relations Theories in East Asia Routledge 2019
  •  Felix Rösch and Atsuko Watanabe (eds.) Modern Japanese Political Thought and International Relations Rowman & Littlefield  2018
  •  Marijn Nieuwenhuis, David Crouch (eds.) The Question of Space: Interrogating the Spatial Turn between Disciplines Rowman & Littlefield 2017


  •  A Way to Transcend Boundaries: Pluralist Theology, Shūsaku Endō, and Global IR Atsuko Watanabe Telos 202 2023/04/01
  •  Searching for a Global Solidarity: A Collective Auto-ethnography of Early-career Women Researchers in the Asia-Pacific Atsuko Watanabe, Ching-Chang Chen, Amya Agarwal et.al International Studies Perspectives 2022
  •  Un(COIL)ing the Pandemic: Active and Affective Learning in Times of COVID-19 Violeta Cotoman,Annabel Davies,Nanako Kawagoe,Hana Niihashi,Aisha Rahman,Yuki Tomita,Atsuko Watanabe,Felix Roesch PS-POLITICAL SCIENCE & POLITICS 55 1 188 2022/01
  •  Greater East Asia Geopolitics and its geopolitical imagination of a borderless world: A neglected tradition? Atsuko Watanabe POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY 67 23 2018/11
  •  Approaching the unsynthesizable in international politics: Giving substance to security discourses through basso ostinato? Felix Rosch,Atsuko Watanabe EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 23 3 609 2017/09

Conference Presentations

  • The Enigmatic Raison d’Etat: the International and the Multiple Contextualisations of the Reason of State in Japan(conference:9th European Workshop in International Studies 2022)(2022/07/06)
  • Plenary Roundtable: The Interconnected Worlds of the Past and the Present: Co-constituting the International(conference:9th European Workshop in International Studies 2022)(2022/07/06)
  • The Expansion of What? A Conceptual History of Empire in Japan(conference:Historical Encounters in International relations: Thinking beyond 1942)(2022/06/07)
  • The Expansion of What? A Conceptual History of Empire in Japan(conference:International Studies Associtation Annual Convention 2022)(2022/03/29)
  • How East Asians Incorporated Western Geographic-legal Concepts: A Case Study (conference:26th IPSA Virtual World Congress of Political Science)(2021/07/15)

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  • Are Boundaries Surmountable? Rethinking History for a Global IR(conference:Pan-European Conference on International Relations )(2021/09/13)
  • How East Asians Incorporated Western Geographic-legal Concepts: A Case Study(conference:Pan-European Conference on International Relations )(2021/09/13)
  • Masao Maruyama and the Limit of Historicisation(conference:Ryukoku RIISC GARC Symposium)(2021/12/17)


Arts and Fieldwork


Theme to the desired joint research

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

○「Promotion of democracy and geopolitics 」(2019-2022) 
○「The Expansion of Territorialism」(2019-2022) 
○「The Expansion of Territorialism. How Japan Became Part of the Modern World」(2022-2025) 

Competitive research funding,Contribution

Collaborative research,Consignment study

Classes (Bachelors)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

International Project

International Students

Lecture themes

Others (Social Activities)

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