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Researcher Information

last modified:2018/03/06

Professor KUBO Jisuke

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Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Institute of Science and Engineering

College and School Educational Field

Division of Mathematical and Physical Science, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
School of Mathematics and Physics, College of Science and Engineering


Institute for Theoretical Physics TEL:076-264-5678 FAX:076-264-5741

Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
University Dortmund Doctor 198212 Completed
University Dortmund Master 197911 Completed
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Ishikawa National College of Technology 197303
Diplom Physiker


1983 University of Dortmund Assistant University of Dortmund Physics Department, University of Dortmund, Assistant(1983/01-1983/12)
1984-1985 Max-Planck-Institute, Munich, research associate Max-Planck-Institute, Munich, research associate(1984/01-1985/09)
1985-1987 State University of NY at Stony Brook, research fellow State University of NY at Stony Brook research fellow(1985/10-1987/09)
1987-1988 Max-Planck-Institute, Munich, research associate Max-Planck-Institute, Munich, research associate(1987/10-1988/10)

Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society

Japanese Physical Society



Elementary Particle Physics Nuclear Physics Cosmic Ray Physics and Cosmic Physics

Speciality Keywords

Elementary Particle Physics, Unification of Forces,

Research Themes

Supersymmetry, Grand Unification Dark Matter and Flavorsymmetry


  •  Jisuke Kubo et al Reduction of couplings Higgs and top mass predictions Finte Theories Proceedings of Science(PoS) 2014


  •  Double suppression of FCNCs in supersymmetric models. K-Y. Choi et al PHYSICAL REVIEW D 70 5 055004 2004/09
  •  Higgs potential in minimal S(3) invariant extension of the standard model PHYSICAL REVIEW D 70 3 036007036007(10) 2004/08
  •  Dihedral Families of Quarks, Leptons and Higgs Bosons K.S. Babu PHYSICAL REVIEW D 71 5 056006(16) 2005/03
  •  Dihedral Flavor Symmetry from Dimensional Deconstruction PHYSICS LETTERS B 622 3 303-310 2005/09
  •  S(3) Flavor Symmetry and Leptogenesis T. Araki and E.A. Paschos, EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C 45 2 465-475 2005/11

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  •  Nonabelian Discrete Family Symmetry to soften the SUSY Flavor Problem and to suppress Proton Decay E. Itou and Y. Kajiyama NUCLEAR PHYSICS B 743 1 74-103 2006/05
  •  Cold Dark Matter, Neutrino Mass, mu to e gamma, and Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay E. Ma and D. Suematsu, PHYSICS LETTERS B 642 1 18-23 2006/11
  •  Neutrino masses and CDM in a non-supersymmetric model D. Suematsu PHYSICS LETTERS B 643 6 336-341 2006/12
  •  D6 Family Symmetry and Cold Dark Matter at LHC Y. Kajiyama and H. Okada, PHYSICAL REVIEW D 75 3 033001(11) 2007/02
  •  Discrete R-symmetry anomalies in heterotic orbifold models T. Araki, K-S. Choi, T. Kobayashi PHYSICAL REVIEW D 76 6 066006(9) 2007/09
  •  Flavor Changing Neutral Higgs Bosons in a Supersymmetric Extension based on PHYSICAL REVIEW D 77 7 076010 2008/04
  •  (Non-)Abelian discrete anomalies NUCLEAR PHYSICS B 805 1-2 124-147 2008/12
  •  Warm dark matter, collider and lepton flavour violating signals PHYSICAL REVIEW D 79 1 013011 2009/01
  •  Anomaly Induced Dark Matter Decay and PAMELA/ATIC Experiments PHYSICS LETTERS B 678 4 401-406 2009/07
  •  Testing Flavor Symmetries by B-Factory J. Kawashima and A. Lenz INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS A 24 31 5831-5844 2009/02
  •  Testing the new CP phase in a Supersymmetric Model with Q(6) Family Symmetry by B(s) Mixing K. Kawashima and A. Lenz PHYSICS LETTERS B 681 1 60-67 2009/09
  •  Large loop effects of extra SUSY Higgs doublets to CP violation in B0 mixing A. Lenz PHYSICAL REVIEW D 82 7 075001(12) 2010/10
  •  Variations on the Supersymmetric Q6 Model of Flavor K. Kawashima and A. Lenz PHYSICAL REVIEW D 83 9 095008(11) 2011/05
  •  Triangle Relation of Dark Matter, EDM and CP Violation in B0 Mixing in a Supersymmetric Q6 Model Y. Kaburaki, K. Konya and A. Lenz PHYSICAL REVIEW D 83 2011/07
  •  Impact of Inert Higgsino Dark Matter  PHYSICS LETTERS B 707 107 2012/01
  •  Vanishing Minors in the Neutrino Mass Matrix from Abelian Gauge Symmetries  T. Araki, J. Heeck  JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS 1207 083 2012/07
  •  Multi-Component Dark Matter Systems and Their Observation Prospects  M. Aoki, M. Duerr, H. Takano PHYSICAL REVIEW D 86 076015  2012/10
  •  Super Flavorsymmetry with Multiple Higgs Doublets  J. Kubo FORTSCHRITTE DER PHYSIK-PROGRESS OF PHYSICS 61 597 2012/10/11
  •  Two-loop radiative seesaw with multicomponent dark matter explaining the possible gamma excess in the Higgs boson decay and at the Fermi LAT  M. Aoki, H. Takano and J. Kubo PHYSICAL REVIEW D D87 11  116001  2013/06/04
  •  Electroweak and Conformal Symmetry Breaking by a Strongly Coupled Hidden Sector  M. Holthausen, J. Kubo, K.S. Sham, M. Lindner Journal of High Energy Physics 1312 076 2013/12/17
  •  Gamma-ray line from Nambu-Goldstone dark matter in a scale invariant extension of the Standard Model Kubo, Jisuke; Lim, Khersham; Lindner, Manfred Journal of High Energy Physics 2014 9 1-24 2014/01/01
  •  Electroweak Symmetry Breaking via QCD Kubo, Jisuke; Lim, Khersham; Lindner, Manfred Physical Review Letters 113 9 091604 2014/08/29
  •  Multicomponent dark matter in radiative seesaw model and monochromatic neutrino flux Aoki, Mayumi; Kubo, Jisuke; Takano, Hiroshi Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology 90 7 076011 2014/10/31
  •  Nambu-Goldstone Dark Matter in a Scale Invariant Bright Hidden Sector  Y. Ametani, M. Aoki, H. Goto and J. Kubo  Physical Review D D91 11 115007  2015/06/08
  •  Scale and electroweak first-order phase transitions  J. kubo and M. Yamada Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics 9 093B01 2015/09/01
  •  Genesis of electroweak and dark matter scales from a bilinear scalar condensate  J. Kubo and M. Yamada Physical Review D D93 7 075016  2016/04/07
  •  Scale genesis and gravitational wave in a classically scale invariant extension of the standard model Jisuke Kubo and Masatoshi Yamada Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics  1612 12 001 2016/12/01

Conference Presentations

  • Electroweak scale genesis by dynamical scale symmetry breaking and strong scale phase transition in the early universe(conference:The 13th International Symposium on Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics)(2016/11/28)
  • A Dynamical Origin of the Electroweak Scale and Nambu-Goldstone Dark Matter(conference:Beyond the Standard Model in Okinawa 2015)(2015/03/11)
  • Scale invariant extension of the standard model and Nambu-Goldstone dark matter(conference:Fourth workshop on flavour symmetries and consequences in accelerators and cosmology)(2014/06/17)
  • Hidden Dark Matter (conference:International conference on Flavor Physics and Mass Generation)(2014/02/10)
  • Combined breaking of electroweak and conformal symmetry by a QCD-like hidden sector(conference:The 3rd KIAS Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology)(2013/11/11)

Arts and Fieldwork


Theme to the desired joint research

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

○「Extension of the standard model based on flavor symmetry」(2010-2014) 
○「Solving problems of the standard model based the classical scale invariance」(2016-2018) 

Classes (Bachelors)

○Freshman Seminar I(2017)
○Fundamental Physics 2(2017)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2017)
○Theory of Relativity(2017)
○Group Theory(2017)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2017)
○Group Theory(2016)
○Theory of Relativity(2016)
○Fundamental Physics 2(2016)
○Advanced Quantum Mechanics(2016)
○The world of Mathematics and Physics(2015)
○Selected Topics(2015)
○Theory of Relativity(2015)
○Introduction to Physics 2(2015)
○Advanced Quantum Mechanics(2015)
○Group Theory(2015)
○Fundamental Physics 2(2015)
○Selected Topics(2015)
○Selected Topics(2014)
○Selected Topics(2014)
○Fundamental Physics 2(2014)
○Advance Quntum Mechnics(2014)
○Introduction to Physics 2(2014)
○The world of Mathematics and Physics(2013)
○Selected Topics(2013)
○Selected Topics(2013)
○Advanced Quantum Mechanics(2013)
○Fundamental Physics 2(2013)
○Introduction to Physics 2(2013)
○Lecture on Life in Campus and Sociaty(2013)
○Theory of Relativity(2013)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Theoretical Physics IIb(2017)
○Theoretical Physics Ia(2017)
○Theoretical Physics Ib(2017)
○Introduction to Theoretical Physics b(2017)
○Exercise B(2017)
○Theoretical Physics IIa(2017)
○Seminar B(2017)
○Research Work B(2017)
○Introduction to Theoretical Physics a(2017)
○Particle Physics(2017)
○Particle Physics(2017)
○Particle Physics(2017)
○Particle Physics(2017)
○Theoretical Physics II(2016)
○Exercise B(2016)
○Theoretical Physics Ib(2016)
○Research Work B(2016)
○Theoretical Physics Ia(2016)
○Seminar B(2016)
○Introduction to Theoretical Physics b(2016)
○Introduction to Theoretical Physics a(2016)
○Particle Physics(2016)
○Introduction to Theoretical Physics(2015)
○Theoretical Physics I(2015)
○Theoretical Physics II(2015)
○Particle Physics(2015)
○Theoretical Physics I(2014)
○Introduction to Theoretical Physics(2014)
○Theoretical Physics II(2014)
○Introduction to Theoretical Physics(2013)
○Theoretical Physics I(2013)
○Theoretical Physics II(2013)

International Project

International Students

Lecture themes

Others (Social Activities)

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