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Researcher Information

last modified:2020/05/15

Associate Professor ENDO Noritaka


Faculty, Affiliation

College and School Educational Field

Division of Natural Sciences, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Course in Earth and Planetary Science, School of Geosciences and Civil Engineering, College of Science and Engineering


Academic Background

【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Osaka University  Physics


Osaka University Research Associate(1999/04/01-2006/02/28)

Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society

The Geological Society of Japan
Japanese Geomorphological Union
The Sedimentological Society of Japan




Speciality Keywords

landforms, river, incision, sedimentation, sediment transport

Research Themes

Response of bedrock river to tectonic activities

Experimental Study on Landform Caused by Water Flow

Experimental Study on Sedimentary Structures


  •  Noritaka Endo, Tetsuro Konishi, Hiraku Nishimori, Mizuguchi Tsuyoshi, Tatsuo Yanagita eds. 10 authors write each chapter. Modeling of geomorphological phenomena The University of Nagoya Press 2017/10/20
  •  Japanese Geomorphological Union, Kakasuke Suzuki, Tsuguo Sunamura, Yukinori Matsukura eds. 242 authors. Dictionary of landforms Asakura Puglishing 2017/02/10
  •  Noritaka Endo and Takuya Nakauchi (K. Kashiwaya, J. Shen and J.Y. Kim eds.)  Earth surface processes and environmental changes in East Asia – records from lake-catchment systems. Springer 2015
  •  K. Kashiwaya, J. Shen and J.Y. Kim (eds)  Earth Surface Processes and Environmental Changes in East Asia: Records from Lake-Catchment Systems  Springer, New York 2015


  •  Paleolake reconstruction and estimation of paleo-inflow in the Olgoi Basin, Mongolia, based on GIS and hydraulic analyses Yusuke Matsumura, Noritaka Endo, Noriko Hasebe, Davaadorj Davaasuren Island Arc 28 3 e12299 2019/05
  •  Adjustment processes of mountainous rivers affected by tilting uplift: Laboratory experiments and a case study of Yakushima Island, Japan. Reiko Genno and Noritaka Endo Island Arc 28 1 e12278 2019/01/03
  •  Simple stochastic cellular automaton model for starved beds and implication about formation of sand topographic features in terms of sand flux Noritaka Endo Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2016/09/23
  •  Sand ribbons and associated unidirectional bedforms on a flood flat of the Kizu River, Kyoto Fujio Masuda, Noritaka Endo, Takahiko Sakamoto, Keisuke Taniguchi Transactions, Japanese Geomorphological Union 37 3 345-361 2016/07/25
  •  Measurements Concerning Generation of Rhomboid Rills in Flume Experiments: Froude Number and Sand-Topographic Feature. Noritaka Endo, Murakami Takashi, And Norihiro Izumi JOURNAL OF THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN 82 033401 2013/02

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  •  The effect of periodic changes in wind direction on the deformation and morphology of isolated sand dunes based on flume experiments and field data from the Western Sahara. Keisuke Taniguchi, Noritaka Endob and Hideo Sekiguchi GEOMORPHOLOGY 179 286–299 2012/12
  •  Thermoluminescence color image analysis of sediments from Lake Khuvsgul, Mongolia, and its potential to investigate paleoenvironmental change  Noriko Hasebe, Ayako Inagaki, Noritaka Endo, Keisuke Fukushi, Kazumi Ito, Kenji Kashiwaya Quaternary Geochronology 10 156-159 2012/07
  •  Analog and numerical model experiments to elucidate the dynamics of dune trains Noritaka Endo, Taniguchi Keisuke and Atsunari Katsuki Journal of The Geological Society of Japan 117 3 V(巻頭ページ) 2011/03
  •  Observation and linear stability analysis of formation of rhomboid rills Noritaka Endo, Norihiro Izumi, Takashi Murakami and Youki Ueno River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics (RCEM) 2011 1763-1770 2011/09
  •  Cellular model for sand dunes with saltation, avalanche and strong erosion: collisional simulation of barchans Astunari Katsuki, Macoto Kikuchi, Hiraku Nishimori, Noritaka Endo and Keisuke Taniguchi EARTH SURFACE PROCESSES AND LANDFORMS 36 3 372-382 2011/03
  •  Thermoluminescence digital images of lake sediments and color property Ayako Inagaki, Noriko Hasebe, Noritaka Endo, Kazumi Ito,  The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan 116 12 XIX 2010/12
  •  Flume Experiments of response of a delta profile to temporary waxing discharge Taro Suzuki and Noritaka Endo Transaction, Japanese Geomorphological Union 32 2 159-166 2011/04
  •  Flume experiments of deposition rate on foreset of silty delta relative to hydrographic patterns Taro Suzuki and Noritaka Endo Journal of Earth Environment 2 3 450-456 2011/06
  •  Analysis of barchan dune dynamics using numerical simulations and flume experiments Atsunari Katsuki, Hiraku Nishimori, Noritaka Endo and Taniguchi Keisuke and  The Journal of The Geological Society of Japan 117 3 155-162 2011/03
  •  Morphology and evolution of an isolated sand dune affected by the intersection angle of alternating bidirectional flows: results of flume experiments Taniguchi Keisuke, Noritaka Endo and Atsunari Katsuki The Journal of The Geological Society of Japan 117 3 148-154 2011/03
  •  Thermoluminescence digital color images and their evaluation using a Java-based application Ayako Inagaki, Noriko Hasebe, Noritaka Endo, Kazumi Ito The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan 116 12 690 2010/12
  •  Inverse problem and solution of the Kolmogorov model for bed thickness distribution Noritaka Endo 現MATHEMATICAL GEOSCIENCES(旧MATHEMATICAL GEOLOGY) 42 8 955-968 2010/11
  •  Formative conditions and sedimentary structures of sandy 3D antidunes: an application of the gravel step-pool model to fine-grained sand in an experimental flume. Miwa Yokokawa, Kazuyoshi Hasegawa, Satoru Kanbayashi, Noritaka Endo EARTH SURFACE PROCESSES AND LANDFORMS 35 14 1720–1729 2010/07
  •  Experimental study on self-accelerating turbidity currents Octavio E. Sequeiros, Hajime Naruse, Noritaka Endo, Marcelo H. Garcia and Gary Parker JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH 114  C05025 2009
  •  Self-accelerating turbidity currents at laboratory scale Hajime Naruse, O. Sequeiros, Marcelo H. Garcia, Gary Parker, Noritaka Endo, Kyoko S. Kataoka, Miwa Yokokawa and Tetsuji Muto p473-476 2008
  •  Laboratory experiments of debris flows triggered by spontaneous failure of a sediment pile: a scaling low of the fiction coefficient considering water content and flow mass. Masayuki Yasuda, Noritaka Endo and Tsuguo Sunamura 29-2  149-162 2008
  •  Gully formed on the southern slop of the Gozengamine ridge in the summit area, Mt Hakusan 35  1-16 2008
  •  Can the changes in sediment concentration be recorded by three-dimensional grain fabric in plane-bed deposits?: Analyses using the X-ray microtomography. Tadafumi Nishio, Yoshihide Nakamura, Ryo Yamamura, Hiroki Iwata, Miwa Yokokawa, Hajime Naruse, Akira Tsuchiyama, Kentaro Uesugi, Tsukasa Nakano, Noritaka Endo and Atushi Yamaji 64  111-115 2007
  •  Barchan ripples under in the laboratory: formation and planar morphology. Noritaka Endo, Tsuguo Sunamura and Hiroshi Takimoto EARTH SURFACE PROCESSES AND LANDFORMS 30 1675-1682 2005
  •  Emergence of a Barchan Belt in a Unidirectional Flow: Experiment and Numerical Simulation. Atsunari Katsuki, Macoto Kikuchi, Noritaka Endo 74 3 878-881 2005
  •  Collision dynamics of two barchan dunes simulated by a simple model. Atsunari Katsuki, Hiraku Nishimori, Noritaka Endo, Keisuke Taniguchi 74 2 538-541 2005
  •  Study of development of bedform based on flux of bedwaves Noritaka Endo, Miwa Yokokawa, Tetsuya Sakai, Yu'suke Kubo, Izuru de Kojima and Fujio Masuda The Journal of The Sedimentological Society of Japan 44  53-58 1997
  •  Grain size distributions of sediment carried by one transport mode: non-selection as to grain-size in suspention. Noritaka Endo and Fujio Masuda The Journal of The Sedimentological Society of Japan 41  39-46 1995

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Classes (Bachelors)

○Practice in Geology(2017)
○Guide to Biology and Earth Sciences(2017)
○Revolution and Cycle of the Earth(2017)
○Revolution and Cycle of the Earth(2017)
○Applied Geophysical Experiments(2017)
○Guide to Biology and Earth Sciences(2017)
○Advanced Geophysics(2017)
○Earth Science Mathematics 1(2017)
○Geophysical Experiments(2017)
○Applied Geophysics(2017)
○Practice in Geology(2017)
○Earth Science Mathematics 1(2016)
○Applied Geophysical Experiments(2016)
○Geophysical Experiments(2016)
○Advanced Geophysics(2016)
○Applied Geophysics(2016)
○Practice in Geology(2016)

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