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Researcher Information

last modified:2020/04/10

Assistant Professor KOBAYASHI Masahiko


Faculty, Affiliation

 Division of Molecular Genetics

College and School Educational Field

Division of Medical Sciences, Graduate School of Medical Science
Graduate School of Phamacy


Division of Molecular Genetics

Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Tohoku University Doctor Graduate School, Division of Natural Science Biology 199603 Unfinished course
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Tohoku University Biology 199303
Master of science
Doctor of science


Iwate Medical University Department of Dentistry Research associate(1996/04/01-2000/12/31)
Kanazawa University Cancer Research Institute(2001/01/01-)

Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society

Japanese Cancer Association



Molecular Pathology、Molecular biology、Pathological medical chemistry

Speciality Keywords

Tumor Biology

Research Themes


  •  Ken-ichi Yamamoto, Masahiko Kobayashi and Hiroko Shimizu ATM, a paradigm for a stress-responsive signal transducer in higher vertebrate cells. Springer Netherlands 2006/10


  •  Identification of GSK3β inhibitor kenpaullone as a temozolomide enhancer against glioblastoma. Kitabayashi T, Dong Y, Furuta T, Sabit H, Jiapaer S, Zhang J, Zhang G, Hayashi Y, Kobayashi M, Domoto T, Minamoto T, Hirao A, Nakada M. Scientific Reports 9 1 10049 2019/07/11
  •  Spred1 Safeguards Hematopoietic Homeostasis against Diet-Induced Systemic Stress. Tadokoro Y, Hoshii T, Yamazaki S, Eto K, Ema H, Kobayashi M, Ueno M, Ohta K, Arai Y, Hara E, Harada K, Oshima M, Oshima H, Arai F, Yoshimura A, Nakauchi H, Hirao A. Cell Stem Cell 22 5 713 2018/05/03
  •  JLP-JNK signaling protects cancer cells from reactive oxygen species-induced cell death. Li R, Gunarta IK, Suzuki R, Boldbaatar J, Nakazato R, Yuliana D, Davaakhuu G, Oyunsuren T, Takamatsu N, Kobayashi M, Hirao A, Yoshioka K. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 501 3 724 2018/06/27
  •  Autophagy inhibition synergizes with calcium mobilization to achieve efficient therapy of malignant gliomas. Vu HT, Kobayashi M, Hegazy AM, Tadokoro Y, Ueno M, Kasahara A, Takase Y, Nomura N, Peng H, Ito C, Ino Y, Todo T, Nakada M, Hirao A Cancer Science 109 8 2497 2018/06/14
  •  Distinct roles of Rheb and Raptor in activating mTOR complex 1 for the self-renewal of hematopoietic stem cells. Peng H, Kasada A, Ueno M, Hoshii T, Tadokoro Y, Nomura N, Ito C, Takase Y, Vu HT, Kobayashi M, Xiao B, Worley PF, Hirao A Biochem Biophys Res Commun 495 1 1129 2018/01/01

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  •  Identification of antipsychotic drug fluspirilene as a potential anti-glioma stem cell drug. Dong Y, Furuta T, Sabit H, Kitabayashi T, Jiapaer S, Kobayashi M, Ino Y, Todo T, Teng L, Hirao A, Zhao SG, Nakada M Oncotarget 8 67 111728 2017/12/04
  •  Therapeutic Strategy for Targeting Aggressive Malignant Gliomas by Disrupting Their Energy Balance Hegazy AM, Yamada D, Kobayashi M, Kohno S, Ueno M, Ali MAE, Ohta K, Tadokoro Y, Ino Y, Todo T, Soga T, Takahashi C, Hirao A The Journal of Biological Chemistry 291 41 21496–21509 2016/10/07
  •  Loss of Tsc1 accelerates malignant gliomagenesis when combined with oncogenic signals Yamada D, Hoshii T, Tanaka S, Hegazy AM, Kobayashi M, Tadokoro Y, Ohta K, Ueno M, Ali MAE, Hirao A The Journal of Biochemistry 155 4 227 2014/04
  •  Regulatory interaction between NBS1 and DNMT1 responding to DNA damage Hayashi N, Kobayashi M, Shamma A, Morimura Y, Takahashi C, Yamamoto K The Journal of Biochemistry 154 5 429 2013/11
  •  ATM mediates pRB function to control DNMT1 protein stability and DNA methylation Shamma A, Suzuki M, Hayashi N, Kobayashi M, Sasaki N, Nishiuchi T, Doki Y, Okamoto T, Kohno S, Muranaka H, Kitajima S, Yamamoto K, Takahashi C Molecular and Cellular Biology 33 16 3113 2013/06/10
  •  Association of a murine leukaemia stem cell gene signature based on nucleostemin promoter activity with prognosis of acute myeloid leukaemia in patients Mohamed A.E. Ali, Kazuhito Naka, Akiyo Yoshida, Kyoko Fuse, Atsuo Kasada, Takayuki Hoshii, Yuko Tadokoroa, Masaya Ueno, Kumiko Ohta, Masahiko Kobayashi, Chiaki Takahashi, Atsushi Hirao Biochem Biophys Res Commun 450 1 837 2014/07/18
  •  ATR-ATRIP kinase complex triggers activation of the Fanconi anemia DNA repair pathway CANCER RESEARCH 72 5 1149 2012/03
  •  NBS1 directly activates ATR independently of MRE11 and TOPBP1 GENES TO CELLS 18 3 238 2013/03
  •  Functional relationship between Claspin and Rad17 BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 414 2 298 2011/09
  •  Antigenic characterization of a novel Streptococcus anginosus antigen that induces nitric oxide synthesis by murine peritoneal exudate cells. JOURNAL OF MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY 50 11 952-958 2001/11
  •  Temperature-sensitive defects of the GSP1 gene, yeast Ran homologue, activate the Tel1-dependent pathway. Naoyuki Hayashi, Seishi Murakami, Susumu Tsurusaki, Zen-ichiro Nagaura, Masaya Oki, Hideo Nishitani, Masahiko Kobayashi, Hiroko Shimizu, Ken-ichi Yamamoto, Takeharu Nishimoto BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 353 2 330-336 2007/02
  •  A critical role for the ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme Ubc13 in initiating homologous recombination. Guang Yu Zhao, Eiichiro Sonoda, Louise J. Barber, Hayato Oka, Yasuhiro Murakawa, Kouichi Yamada, Tsuyoshi Ikura, Xin Wang, Masahiko Kobayashi, Kenichi Yamamoto, Simon J. Boulton, and Shunichi Takeda MOLECULAR CELL 25 5 663-675 2007/03
  •  Rad9 modulates the P21WAF1 pathway by direct association with p53. Kazuhiro Ishikawa, Hideshi Ishii, Yoshiki Murakumo, Koshi Mimori, Masahiko Kobayashi, Ken-ichi Yamamoto, Masaki Mori, Hiroshi Nishino, Yusuke Furukawa and Keiichi Ichimura. 8 37 2007/05
  •  Mutations in Ran system affected telomere silencing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Naoyuki Hayashi, Masahiko Kobayashi, Hiroko Shimizu, Ken-ichi Yamamoto, Seishi Murakami, Takeharu Nishimoto BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 363 3 788-794 2007/11
  •  DNA damage response protein ASCIZ links base excision repair with immunoglobulin gene conversion Oka H, Sakai W, Sonoda E, Nakamura J, Asagoshi K, Wilson SH, Kobayashi M, Yamamoto K, Heierhorst J, Takeda S, Taniguchi Y BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 371 2 2008/06
  •  Dual Functions of ASCIZ in the DNA Base Damage Response and Pulmonary Organogenesis Jurado S, Smyth I, van Denderen B, Tenis N, Hammet A, Hewitt K, Ng JL, McNees CJ, Kozlov SV, Oka H, Kobayashi M, Conlan LA, Cole TJ, Yamamoto K, Taniguchi Y, Takeda S, Lavin MF, and Heierhorst J 6 10 2010/10
  •  c-ABL tyrosine kinase stabilizes RAD51 chromatin association Shimizu H, Popova M, Fleury F, Kobayashi M, Hayashi N, Sakane I, Kurumizaka H, Venkitaraman AR, Takahashi M, Yamamoto K BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 382 2 286-291 2009/03
  •  A novel role for Rad17 in homologous recombination Nishino K, Inoue E, Takeda S, Abe T, Akita M, Yoshimura A, Tada S, Kobayashi M, Yamamoto K, Seki M and Enomoto T GENES & GENETIC SYSTEMS 83 5 427-431 2008/10
  •  The Rad9-Hus1-Rad1 (9-1-1) clamp activates checkpoint signaling via TopBP1 Sinny Delacroix, Jill M. Wagner, Masahiko Kobayashi, Ken-ichi Yamamoto, and Larry M. Karnitz GENES & DEVELOPMENT 21 12 1472-7 2007/06
  •  Isolation of cDNAs encoding GTP cyclohydrolase II from Arabidopsis thaliana Masahiko Kobayashi, Munetaka Sugiyama and Kazuo Yamamoto GENE 160 2 303-304 1995/07
  •  Purification and characterization of a glutamic acid-specific protease from Staphylococcus epidermidis. Japanese Journal of Oral Biology 40 5 542 1998/10
  •  ATM Activation by a Sulfhydryl-Reactive Inflammatory Cyclopentenone Prostaglandin Masahiko Kobayashi, Hirohito Ono, Keiko Mihara, Hiroshi Tauchi, Kenshi Komatsu, Takashi Shibata, Hiroko Shimizu, Koji Uchida, and Ken-ichi Yamamoto GENES TO CELLS 11 2006/07
  •  Lysosome is a primary organelle in B cell receptor-mediated apoptosis: an indispensable role of Syk in lysosomal function. GENES TO CELLS 10 1 23-35 2005/01
  •  Potential of Escherichia coli GTP cyclohydrolase II for Hydrolyzing 8-Oxo-dGTP, a Mutagenic Substrate for DNA Synthesis. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 273 41 26394 1998/10
  •  Identification of a lipid peroxidation product as a potential trigger of the p53 pathway Takahiro Shibata, Kumiko Iio, Yoshichika Kawai, Noriyuki Shibata, Motoko Kawaguchi, Sono Toi, Makio Kobayashi, Masahiko Kobayashi, Kenichi Yamamoto, and Koji Uchida JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 281 2006/01
  •  Critical role for chicken Rad17 and Rad9 in the cellular response to DNA damage and stalled DNA replication GENES TO CELLS 9 4 291-303 2004/04
  •  Characterization and molecular cloning of a glutamyl endopeptidase from Staphylococcus epidermidis MICROBIAL PATHOGENESIS 33 1 33-41 2002/07
  •  Involvement of the ATR- and ATM-dependent checkpoint responses in cell cycle arrest evoked by pierisin-1 Bunsyo Shiotani, Masahiko Kobayashi, Masahiko Watanabe, Ken-ichi Yamamoto, Takashi Sugimura, and Keiji Wakabayashi Molecular Cancer Research 4 2006/02

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○Seminar on Tumor Biology(2018)
○Stem Cell Biology(2018)
○Stem Cell Biology(2017)
○Stem Cell Biology(2017)
○Seminar on Tumor Biology(2016)
○Stem Cell Biology(2016)
○Stem Cell Biology(2016)

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