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Researcher Information

last modified:2018/04/06

Associate Professor MIZUKOSHI Eishiro


Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences

College and School Educational Field

School of Medicine, College of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences


 TEL:076-265-2235 FAX:076-234-4250

Academic Background

【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Kanazawa University 199203


Kanazawa University(2002/04/01-)
National Institutes of Health Liver Diseases Section,NIDDK(1999/05/01-2001/08/31)

Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society


○Hamanako symposium research award(2004)
○Liver Forum in Kyoto research award(2007)
○Liver Forum in Kyoto research award(2007)
○Liver Forum in Kyoto research award(2007)
○Liver Forum in Kyoto research award(2007)
○Liver Forum in Kyoto research award(2007)



Speciality Keywords

cancer, tumor immunology, hepatitis

Research Themes

cancer immunotherapy disease and host immune response steatohepatitis



  •  Comparative analysis of various tumor-associated antigen-specific t-cell responses in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma. HEPATOLOGY 53 4 1216 2011/04
  •  Prolonged recurrence-free survival following OK432-stimulated dendritic cell transfer into hepatocellular carcinoma during transarterial embolization. 2010/11
  •  A liver-derived secretory protein, selenoprotein P, causes insulin resistance. 2010/11
  •  Differential gene expression profiling in blood from patients with digestive system cancers. 2010/09
  •  Enhancement of tumor-specific T-cell responses by transcatheter arterial embolization with dendritic cell infusion for hepatocellular carcinoma.  Int J Cancer 126 9 2164 2010/05

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  •  Common transcriptional signature of tumor-infiltrating mononuclear inflammatory cells and peripheral blood mononuclear cells in hepatocellular carcinoma patients. Honda M, Fujinaga H, Tatsumi I, Mizukoshi E, Nakamoto Y, Kaneko S 68(24) 10267-79 2008/12
  •  Hepatitis C virus (HCV)-specific immune responses of long-term injection drug users frequently exposed to HCV. Eisenbach C, Edlin BR, Newton KP, Raghuraman S, Weiler-Normann C, Tobler LH, Busch MP, Carrington M, McKeating JA, O'Brien TR, Rehermann B 198  203-12 2008/07
  •  Expression of multidrug resistance-associated protein 3 and cytotoxic T cell responses in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.  Mizukoshi E, Honda M, Arai K, Yamashita T, Nakamoto Y, Kaneko S. JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY 49 6 946 2008/06
  •  Impact of diabetes mellitus on prognosis of patients infected with hepatitis C virus. Mizukoshi E, Takamura T, Sakurai M, Takata Y, Arai K, Yamashita T, Nakamoto Y, Kaneko S 56  1682-8 2007/12
  •  Impact of diabetes on recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma after surgical treatment in patients with viral hepatitis. Mizukoshi E, Kita Y, Sakurai M, Takata Y, Arai K, Yamashita T, Ohta T, Shimizu K, Nakamoto Y, Honda M, Takamura T, Kaneko S 102  1939-46 2007/09
  •  Virological effects and safety of combined double filtration plasmapheresis (DFPP) and interferon therapy in patients with chronic hepatitis C: A preliminary study.  Arai K, Sakai A, Mizukoshi E, Sakai Y, Kagaya T, Nakamoto Y, Honda M, Wada T, Yokoyama H and Kaneko S 2006/11
  •  Cytotoxic T cell responses to human telomerase reverse transcriptase in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.  , Nakamoto Y, Marukawa Y, Arai K, Yamashita T, Tsuji H,Kuzushima K, Takiguchi M and Kaneko S 43  1284-1294 2006/06
  •  Foxp3+CD4+CD25+ T cells control virus-specific memory T cells in chimpanzees that recovered from hepatitis C. Blood.  Manigold T, Shin EC, Mizukoshi E, Mihalik K, Murthy KK, Rice CM, Piccirillo CA and Rehermann B 107  4424-4432 2006/06
  •  Identification of alpha-fetoprotein-derived peptides recognized by cytotoxic T lymphocytes in HLA-A24+ patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.  , Nakamoto Y, Tsuji H, Yamashita T and Kaneko S 118  1194-1204 2006/03
  •  Effects of antiviral therapy on the cellular immune response in acute hepatitis C. HEPATOLOGY 40 1 87-97 2004/07
  •  Kinetics of CD4+ and CD8+ memory T-cell responses during hepatitis C virus rechallenge of previously recovered chimpanzees. JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 77 8 4781-4793 2003/04
  •  Molecular and immunological significance of chimpanzee major histocompatibility complex haplotypes for hepatitis C virus immune responses and vaccine studies JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 76 12 6093-6103 2002/06
  •  Cross-reactivity between hepatitis C virus and Influenza A virus determinant-specific cytotoxic T cells JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 75 23 11392-11400 2001/12
  •  Serum levels of soluble interferon Alfa/Beta receptor as an inhibitory factor of interferon in the patients with chronic hepatitis C HEPATOLOGY 30 5 1325-1331 1999/11
  •  Upregulation of Type I interferon receptor by IFN-gamma Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research 19 9 1019-1023 1999/09
  •  Expression of interferon alpha/beta receptor in the liver of chronic hepatitis C patients Journal of Medical Virology 56 3 217-223 1998/11

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Classes (Bachelors)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Disease Control and Homeotasis(2017)
○Environment and Health -Introductory(2017)
○Disease Control and Homeotasis(2016)
○Environment and Health -Introductory(2016)

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