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Researcher Information

last modified:2024/04/30

Assistant Professor MIZUKAMI Tomoyuki


Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Geosciences and civil Engineering,Institute of Science and Engineering

College and School Educational Field

Division of Natural Sciences, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Course in Earth and Planetary Science, School of Geosciences and Civil Engineering, College of Science and Engineering


Petrology and Structural Geology Laboratory

Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Kyoto University Doctor Graduate School, Division of Natural Science Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences 200405 Completed
Kyoto University Master Graduate School, Division of Natural Science 200003 Completed
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Kyoto University 199603


COE Research Fellow The University of Tokyo COE Research Fellow(2004/06/01-2005/03/31)
JSPS Research Fellow Nagoya University JSPS Research Fellow(2005/04/01-2008/03/31)

Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society

The Geological Society of Japan
Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences

American Geophysical Union


○incentive award for young scientist(2007/09/21)
○Raman Touch Award(2008/09/04)
○Masanori Sakuyama Award from The Geological Society of Japan(2009/09/04)
○Island Arc Award(2013/09/14)
○Excellent Paper Award of the Geological Society of Japan(2015/09/11)
○Island Arc Award(2017/09/16)


Petrology/Mineralogy/Economic geology、Geology、Solid earth and planetary physics

Speciality Keywords

Petrology, Structural Geology, Spectroscopy, Tectonics, Geodynamics

Research Themes

heterogeneous slip behaviours of subduction boundaries

Lithological and physical structures in mantle wedge

Diamonds in convergent margins

Tectonics in deep subduction zones



  •  Ultramafic Rocks from the Sanbagawa Belt: Records of Mantle Wedge Processes Atsushi Okamoto, Takayoshi Nagaya, Shunsuke Endo, Tomoyuki Mizukami Elements 20 2 83-88 2024/04/01 
  •  Origin and Evolution of Ultramafic Rocks along the Sagaing Fault, Myanmar Morishita,T., Hnin Min Soe, Hla Htay, Than Htut Lwin, Guotana,J. M., Tamura, A., Mizukami, T., Khin Zaw Journal of Earth Science 34 1 122-132 2023/02/20
  •  Deserpentinization and high-pressure (eclogite-facies) metamorphic features in the Eoarchean ultramafic body from Isua, Greenland Guotana, J. M., Morishita, T., Nishio, I., Tamura, A., Mizukami, T., Tani, K., Harigane, Y., Szilas, K., Pearson, D. G. Geoscience Frontiers 13 1 2022/01/01
  •  Variations in the characteristic amplitude of tectonic tremor induced by long-term slow slip events Nakamoto,K., Hiramatsu, Y., Matsuzawa, T., Mizukami, T. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 126 5 2021/04/10 
  •  Petrogenesis of the Higashi-Akaishi Ultramafic Body: Implications for lower crustal foundering and mantle wedge processes. Guild, M. R., Till, C. B., Mizukami, T., Wallis, S. Journal of Petrology 61 9 egaa089 2020/09/15

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  •  Post-Serpentinization Formation of Theophrastite-Zaratite by Heazlewoodite Desulfurization: An Implication for Shallow Behavior of Sulfur in a Subduction Complex. Arai, S., Ishimaru, S., Miura, M., Akizawa, N., Mizukami, T. Minerals 10 9 2020/09/13
  •  Petrology of chromitites in the Higashi-Akaishi ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) peridotite complex, Japan: Toward understanding of general features of the UHP chromitites Miura, M., Arai, S., Mizukami, T., Shmelev, V. R., Ishimaru, S. Minerals 8 11 525 2018/11/11 
  •  The uppermost mantle section below a remnant proto-Philippine Sea island arc: Insights from the peridotite fragments from the Daito Ridge Morishita, T., Tani, K.-I., Soda, Y., Tamura, A., Mizukami, T., Ghosh, B. American Mineralogist 103 7 1151-1160 2018/07/02 
  •  Slow slip rate and excitation efficiency of deep low-frequency tremors beneath southwest Japan. Daiku, K., Hiramatsu, Y., Matsuzawa, T. and Mizukami, T. Tectonophysics 722 314-323 2018/01/02
  •  Petrogenesis of ultramafic rocks and olivine-rich troctolites from the East Taiwan Ophiolite in the Lichi melange. Morishita, T., Ghosh, B., Soda, Y. Mizukami, T., Tani, K., Ishizuka, O., Tamura, A., Komaru, C., Aari, S., Yang, H.-C. and Chen, W.-S. Mineralogy and Petrology 457 2017/12/22
  •  Geologic traverse of the Sambagawa metamorphic belt in central Shikoku, SW Japan: from the lowest-pressure metasediments to the highest-pressure ultramafic rocks Aoya, M., Mizukami, T. and Endo, S. Journal of Geological Society of Japan 123 491-514 2017/06/16
  •  A new occurrence of titanian (hydro)andradite from the Nagaland ophiolite, India: Implications for element mobility in hydrothermal environments. Ghosh B., Morishita T., Ray J., Tamura A., Mizukami T., Soda Y., Ovung T. N. Chemical Geology 2017/03/18
  •  Neoproterozoic serpentinites from the Eastern Desert of Egypt: Insights into Neoproterozoic mantle geodynamics and processes beneath the Arabian–Nubian Shield Gamal El Dien, H., Hamdy, M., Abu El-Ela,A. S., Abu-Alam, T., Hassan, A., Kil, Y., Mizukami, T., Soda, Y. Precambrian Research 286 213-233 2016/11 
  •  High-temperature hydrothermal activities around suboceanic Moho: an example from diopsidite and anorthosite in Wadi Fizh, Oman ophiolite. Akizawa, N., Tamura, A., Fukushi, K. Yamamoto, J, Mizukami, T., Pythin, M., Arai, S. Lithos 263 66-81 2016/10/16 
  •  Shock-wave compression of silica gel as a model material for comets. Arasuna, A., Okuno, M., Chen, L. L., Mashimo, T., Okudera, H., Mizukami, T. and Arai, S. Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 43 493-502 2016/03/26
  •  Structural analysis of crystalline R(+)-α-lipoic acid-α-cyclodextrin complex based on microscopic and spectroscopic studies. Ikuta, N., Endo, T., Hosomi, S., Setou, K., Tanaka, S., Ogawa, N., Yamamoto, H., Mizukami, T., Arai, S., Okuno, M., Takahashi, K., Terao, K. and Matsugo, S. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 16 10 24614-24628 2015/10/16 
  •  Orthopyroxene-rich rocks from the sanbagawa belt (SW Japan): Fluid-rock interaction in the forearc slab-mantle wedge interface. Endo, S., Mizukami, T., Wallis, S.R., Tamura, A. and Arai, S. Journal of Petrology 56 6 1113-1137 2015/07/22
  •  Reply to comment by Nozaka (2014) on Dehydration breakdown of antigorite and the formation of B-type olivine CPO Nagaya, Takayoshi; Wallis, Simon R.; Kobayashi, Hiroaki; Michibayashi, Katsuyoshi; Mizukami, Tomoyuki; Seto, Yusuke; Miyake, Akira; Matsumoto, Megumi Earth and Planetary Science Letters 408 406-407 2014/12/05 
  •  Spectroscopic studies of R(+)-α-lipoic acid-cyclodextrin complexes Ikuta, Naoko; Tanaka, Akira; Otsubo, Ayako; Ogawa, Noriko; Yamamoto, Hiromitsu; Mizukami, Tomoyuki; Arai, Shoji; Okuno, Masayuki; Terao, Keiji; Matsugo, Seiichi International Journal of Molecular Sciences 15 11 20469-20485 2014/09/07 
  •  Two types of antigorite serpentinite controlling heterogeneous slow-slip behaviours of slab-mantle interface. Mizukami, T., Yokoyama, H., Hiramatsu, Y., Arai, S., Kawahara, H., Nagaya, T. and Wallis, S. R. EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS 401 148-158 2014/09/01 
  •  A new approach to develop the Raman carbonaceous material geothermometer for low-grade metamorphism using peak width. Kouketsu, Y., Mizukami, T., Mori, H., Endo, S., Aoya, M., Hara, H., Nakamura, D. and Wallis, S.  ISLAND ARC 23 33-50 2014/03
  •  Dehydration breakdown of antigorite and the formation of B-type olivine CPO Nagaya,T., Wallis, S. R., Kobayashi, H., Michibayashi, K., Mizukami, T., Seto, Y., Miyake, A. and Matsumoto, M. EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS 387 67-76 2014/02
  •  The role of water in coesite crystallization from silica gel Arasuna, A., Okuno, M., Mizukami, T., Akaogi, M., Yokoyama, T., Okudera, H., Arai, S. European Journal of Mineralogy 25 5 791-796 2014/01/16 
  •  Structural change of alkali feldspar by ball milling Nojiri, H., Okuno, M., Okudera, H., Mizukami, T., Arai, S. Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 108 5 267-277 2013/10/31 
  •  Shear wave anisotropy beneath the volcanic front in south Kyushu area, Japan: Development of C-type olivine CPO under H2O-rich conditions. Terada, T., Hiramatsu, Y. and Mizukami, T. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH 118 4253-4264 2013/08
  •  Structural changes of synthetic opal by heat treatment Arasuna, Akane;Okuno, Masayuki;Okudera, Hiroki;Mizukami, Tomoyuki;Arai, Shoji;Katayama, Shin'ichi;Koyano, Mikio;Ito, Nobuaki PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF MINERALS 40 9 747-755 2013/07/04 
  •  Paleo-mantle wedge preserved in the Sambagawa high-pressure metamorphic belt and the thickness of forearc continental crust. Aoya, M., Endo, S., Mizukami, T. and Wallis, S. R. GEOLOGY 41 4 451-454 2013/04 
  •  Methane and propane micro-inclusions in olivine in titanoclinohumite-bearing dunites from the Sanbagawa high-P metamorphic belt, Japan: Hydrocarbon activity in a subduction zone and Ti mobility. Arai, S., Ishimaru, S., and Mizukami, T. EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS 353-354  1-11 2012/11
  •  Podiform chromitite classification revisited: A comparison of discordant and concordant chromitite pods from Wadi Hilti, northern Oman ophiolite.  Miura,M., Arai, S., Ahmed, H.A., Mizukami, T., Okuno, M., and Yamamoto, S. JOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES 59 52-61 2012/06
  •  Subduction related Antigorite CPO patterns from forearc mantle in the Sanbagawa belt, southwest Japan. Nishii, A., Wallis, S. R., Mizukami, T. and Michibayashi, K. JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY 33 1436-1445 2011/10
  •  Raman spectroscopy of hydrous inclusions in olivine and orthopyroxene in ophiolitic barzburgite: Implications for elementary processes in serpentinization. Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 106 91-96 2011/04
  •  Direct evidence for upper mantle structure in the NW Pacific Plate: Microstructural analysis of a petit-spot peridotite xenolith. Harigane, Y., Mizukami, T., Morishita, T., Michibayashi, K., Abe, N., and Hirano, N. EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS 302 194-202 2011/02 
  •  Obliteration of olivine crystallographic preferred orientation patterns in subduction related antigorite-bearing mantle peridotite: an example from the Higashi-Akaishi body, SW Japan Wallis, S. R., Kobayashi, H., Nishii, A., Mizukami, T. and Seto, Y. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 360 113-127 2011/01/01 
  •  Extending the applicability of the Raman carbonaceous-material geothermometer using data from contact metamorphic rocks. Aoya, M., Kouketsu, Y., Endo, S., Shimizu, H., Mizukami, T., Nakamura, D. and Wallis, S. JOURNAL OF METAMORPHIC GEOLOGY 28 895-914 2010/08
  •  Seawater-derived noble gases and halogens preserved in exhumed mantle wedge peridotite. Sumino, H., Burgess, Mizukami, T., R., Holland, G., Wallis, S. and Ballentine, C. J.  EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS 294 163-172 2010/03
  •  Mt. Higashiakaishi as an outstanding field laboratory for studying deformation of antigorite-bearing peridotite in subduction zones Chikyu monthly 32 3 172-178 2010/03
  •  Omphacite-bearing metapelite from the Besshi region, Sambagawa metamorphic belt, Japan: Prograde eclogite facies metamorphism recorded in metasediment. Kouketsu, Y., Enami, M. and Mizukami, T. Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 105 9-19 2010/01
  •  Subduction of mantle wedge peridotites: Evidence from the Higashi-akaishi ultramafic body in the Sanbagawa metamorphic belt. Hattori, K., Wallis, S., Enami, M. and Mizukami, T. ISLAND ARC 19 192-207 2010/01
  •  High-P metamorphism, pattern of induced flow in the mantle wedge, and the link with plutonism in paired metamorphic belts. Aoya, M., Mizukami, T., Uehara, S. and Wallis, S. TERRA NOVA 21  67-73 2009/01
  •  Forearc diamond from Japan. Mizukami, T., Wallis, S., Enami, M., and Kagi, H. GEOLOGY 36  219-222 2008/03
  •  Pressure-induced change in the compressional behavior of the O-H bond in chrysotile: A Raman high-pressure study up to 4.5 GPa. Mizukami, T., Kagi, H., Wallis, S., and Fukura, S. AMERICAN MINERALOGIST 92  1456-1463 2007/08
  •  Factors determining the stability, resolution, and precision of a conventional Raman spectrometer. Fukura, S., Mizukami, T., Odake, S., and Kagi, H. APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY 60  946-950 2006/08
  •  Structural and petrological constraints on the tectonic evolution of the garnet-lherzolite facies Higashi-akaishi peridotite body, Sanbagawa belt, SW Japan. Mizukami, T. and Wallis, S. R. TECTONICS 24 2004TC001733 2005/12
  •  P-T-D Evolution of the Higashi-akaishi Ultramafic Mass in the Sanbagawa Metamorphic Belt, Central Shikoku, Japan : Subduction of Wedge Mantle Peridotite Journal of Geography(Chigaku Zasshi) 113 5 617-632 2004/10
  •  Natural examples of olivine lattice preferred orientation patterns with a flow-normal a-axis maximum. Mizukami, T. Wallis, S. R. and Yamamoto, J. NATURE 427  432-436 2004/01/29
  •  Metamorphic evolution of garnet-bearing ultramafic rocks from the Gongen area, Sanbagawa belt, Japan. Enami, M., Mizukami, T. and Yokoyama, K. JOURNAL OF METAMORPHIC GEOLOGY 22  1-15 2004/01
  •  Orthopyroxene and compositional layering in the Sugashima Ultramafic Mass, Mikabu belt MIZUKAMI Tomoyuki Japanese Magazine of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 31 2 87-96 2002/03
  •  Systematic comparison of Mg K-edge XANES spectra of magnesium-bearing clay minerals and magnesium silicate hydrates: A promising tool for identifying magnesium silicate hydrate in natural samples Kosuke Inoue, Yuto Nishiki, Keisuke Fukushi, Reo Suma, Tsutomu Sato, Hiroshi Sakuma, Kenji Tamura, Shingo Yokoyama, Misato Shimbashi, Tomoyuki Mizukami, Kensuke Unami, Yohei Noji, Takuma Kitajima, So Fukaya, Yasuo Takeichi, Shohei Yamashita, Hiroki Suga, Yoshio Takahashi Applied Clay Science 245 2023/12/01 

Conference Presentations

  • Petrology of metamorphic rocks of the Koshimizu body, the Hida belt(2023/09/18)
  • Evolution of serpentinite microtextures in the Hayachine-Miyamori Ultramafic Complex(2021/09/04)
  • Petrogenesis of the Higashi-Akaishi Peridotite Body, Japan(conference:AGU Fall Meeting 2018)(2018/12/11)
  • Numerical calculation of serpentinization in reaction-advection system: Relationships among rate parameters and layering structures(2018/12/01)
  • Recrystallization process of olivine in DisGBS regime: Detailed orientation analysis for neoblast formation(2018/12/01)

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  • Numerical model of reaction-advection system for serpentinization in permeable flow of silica-rich fluid: Examination of chemical behavior(2017/05/21)
  • Rheological transition during progressive antigorite serpentinization of peridotite(conference:JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017)(2017/05/21)
  • Chemically driven formation of pull-apart structure of Cr-spinel(conference:JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017)(2017/05/21)
  • Petrological and structural analyses of ultrafine-grained ductile shear zone in wet peridotite -A case study in the Gongen outcrop in the Sanbagawa belt-(conference:JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017)(2017/05/21)
  • Evolution of redox state inferred from trivalent cations in antigorite from Higashi-akaishi peridotite body, SW Japan(conference:JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017)(2017/05/21)
  • The Early-Cretaceous Sambagawa metamorphism and a cross-sectional view of the Late-Cretaceous Sambagawa subduction zone(conference:JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017)(2017/05/21)


  •  Illustrated introduction to eclogite in Japan. Tujimori, T., Tanaka, C., Sakurai, C., Matsumoto, M., Miyagi, Y., Mizukami, T., Kugimiya, Y. and Aoya, M. 自然科学研究所研究報告(岡山理科大学) 26  19-40 2000/12

Arts and Fieldwork


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Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research


Competitive research funding,Contribution

Collaborative research,Consignment study

Classes (Bachelors)

○Practice in Geology(2017)
○Methods for Geological Field Work(2017)
○Petrological Experiments(2016)
○Methods for Geological Field Work(2016)
○Earth Sciences for Education(2016)
○Earth Sciences for Education(2016)
○Practice in Geology(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Research Work of Earth and Environmental Sciences(2018)

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