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Researcher Information

last modified:2018/04/13

Professor KAMIYA Hiroo

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Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Human Sciences, Institute of Human and Social Sciences

College and School Educational Field

Division of Humanities, Graduate School of Human and Socio-Environment Studies
Division of Human and Socio-Environment Studies, Graduate School of Human and Socio-Environment Studies
Regional Planning Course, School of Regional Development Studies, College of Human and Social Sciences
Course of Human Sciences, School of Humanities, College of Human and Social Sciences


Department of Geography TEL:076-264-5329 FAX:076-264-6033

Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Nagoya University Doctor 198403 Accomplished credits for doctoral program
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Nagoya University 197903
Master of Letters
Doctor of Liberal Arts


Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society



y Human geography、Geography

Speciality Keywords

Urban Geography

Research Themes

Study on the daily activity space in urban environment

Study of regional inequality in health service provision

geography of female labour


  •  Ishikawa, Y. et. al. Measures of Local Municipalities for Supporting Marriage Migrants in Japan Kyoto Univ. Press 2015/03
  •  Gender Atlas of Japan Akashi Shoten 2007/03
  •  Urban Space of Single Women Taimeido 2002/03
  •  Mapping Foreign Residents in Japan Nakanishiya 2011/04
  •  Daycare Services Provision for Working Women in Japan Blackwell 2005/01

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  •  OECD Regions at a Glance 2007 Akashishoten 2008/03
  •  Kamiya,H., Kageyama,H. and Kinoshita,R. Analysing Single Women's Residential Choice in Tokyo by Using a Qualitative 79 12 619-628 2006/12
  •  Youth unemployment and labor policy in contemporary Japan 9 167-180 2006/12
  •  Urban Space of Working Women in Tokyo Kokon Shoin 2004/10
  •  Daegu: The third largest city in Korea: capital of small business for manufacturing Kokon Shoin 2007/10
  •  OECD Regions  at a Glance Akashishoten 2010/03


  •  Experience of International Migration and Japanese Identity : A Study of Locally Hired Japanese Women in Singapore Nakazawa, T., Yui, Y., Kamiya, H., Kinoshita, R. and Takeda, Y. 81 3 95-120 2008/03
  •  Regional and Gendar Differences in Life Courses and Related Factors : Life Courses after High School in Kanazawa and Yokohama 58 3 78-96 2005/06
  •  Geographical Implications of the Psychiatric Clinic Location in the Metropolitan Areas in Japan 48 3 221-237 2002/09
  •  Attachement of the Elderly to their HOme Places Fostered by their Insideness 54 3 209-230 2002/06
  •  International marriage migrants to rural areas in South Korea and Japan: A comparative analysis KAMIYA Hiroo, Lee Chl Woo Geographical Review of Japan 81 2 1-8 2009/02

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  •  Daily Activity Pattern of the Local Residents in Tonami Area 20 37-54 2003/03
  •  The economic conditions of Vietnamese brides in Korea before and after marriage Binh, P., Kamiya, H. and Park, S.H. 68 2 69-94 2013/04
  •  The cognition of Vietnamese marriage migrants on the economic cindition change before and after marriage Park, S.H., Binh, P. and Kamiya, H. Journal of the Korean Association of Regional Geographers 18 3 268-282 2012/08
  •  Social atlas of Kanazawa 25 193-214 2005/03
  •  Municipal Service Provision of Domestic Waste and Inter-governmental Cooperation in Ishikawa Prefecture 34 185-204 2003/03
  •  Studying Urban Geography Using Histrical Maps on the Web 11 231-234 2002/09
  •  Regional diversity in women's participation in the work force in Japan Yui, Y., Kamiya, H. Wakabayashi, Y. Nakazawa, T. and Takeda, Y. 3 1 18-26 2007/02
  •  Changing Employment Structure in the Textile Industry of Daegu 3 3 28-31 2007/06
  •  Residential choices of working women in urban space Yui, Y., Wakabayashi, Y., Nakazawa, T. and Kamiya, H. 2 3 139-152 2007/09
  •  Life Course of Japanese Students in Australia Kamiya, H., Yui, Y., Nakazawa, T. and Takeda, Y. 106 139-152 2008/03
  •  A preliminary study on educational use of digital maps and server Ukawa, Y., Kamiya, H. and Itoh, S. 12 211-216 2003/10
  •  Youth Unemployment and Labor Policy in Contemporary Japan 102 17-25 2006/12

Conference Presentations

Arts and Fieldwork


Theme to the desired joint research

○Urban planning
○Citizen participation in public affairs
○Local labor market

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research


Classes (Bachelors)

○Internship on Regional Development(2017)
○Study on Regional Planning Strategy 2(2017)
○Internship on Regional Development(2017)
○Field Training in Human Geography 3(2017)
○Study on Regional Planning Strategy 1(2017)
○Population Geography 2(2017)
○Study on Regional Planning Strategy(2017)
○Regional Development Studies(2017)
○Seminar on Regional Planning Strategy(2017)
○Regional Planning Studies(2017)
○Internship on Regional Development(2017)
○Field Training in Human Geography(2017)
○Field Training in Human Geography 1(2017)
○Study for Graduation Thesis(2017)
○Field Practice of Regional Development B(2017)
○Regional Development Studies 1(2017)
○Field Training in Human Geography 4(2017)
○Regional Planning Studies 2(2017)
○Field Practice of Regional Development C(2017)
○Seminar on Regional Planning(2017)
○Seminar on Regional Planning Strategy(2017)
○Field Training in Human Geography 2(2017)
○Lecture on Human Geography 1(2017)
○Introduction to Geography A(2017)
○Seminar of Graduation thesis A(2017)
○Lecture on Human Geography A(2017)
○Advanced Seminar on Regional Planning(2017)
○Seminar of Graduation thesis B(2017)
○Seminar on Human Geography B(2017)
○Advanced Field Research on Regional Planning(2017)
○Seminar on Human Geography B1(2017)
○Seminar on Human Geography B2(2017)
○Lecture on Human Geography 2(2017)
○Introduction to Geography A(2017)
○Population Geography 1(2017)
○Regional Planning Studies 1(2017)
○Seminar of Graduation Thesis(2017)
○Regional Development Studies 2(2017)
○Introduction to Geography A(2017)
○Regional Development Studies 2(2016)
○Study for Graduation Thesis(2016)
○Seminar on Regional Planning(2016)
○Internship on Regional Development(2016)
○Seminar on Regional Planning Strategy(2016)
○Field Practice of Regional Development C(2016)
○Regional Planning Studies(2016)
○Regional Planning Studies 2(2016)
○Field Practice of Regional Development A(2016)
○Regional Planning Studies 1(2016)
○Regional Development Studies 1(2016)
○Regional Development Studies(2016)
○Internship on Regional Development(2016)
○Seminar of Graduation Thesis(2016)
○Field Training in Human Geography(2016)
○Internship on Regional Development(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Lecture on Gender and Geography 1(2017)
○Seminar on Urban Spatial Structure Studies I(2017)
○Seminar on Urban Spatial Structure Studies(2017)
○Seminar on Regional Policy(2017)
○Seminar on Urban Spatial Structure(2017)
○Special Study on Regional Policy(2017)
○Special Study on Population Geography(2017)
○Urban Spatial Structure Studies II(2017)
○Urban Spatial Structure Studies I(2017)
○Seminar on Urban Spatial Structure Studies II(2017)
○Urban Spatial Structure Studies(2017)
○Urban Spatial Structure Studies(2017)
○Lecture on Gender and Geography 2(2017)
○Supervised Independent Study and Research II(2016)
○Special Study on Regional Policy(2016)
○Seminar on Regional Policy(2016)
○Special Study on Population Geography(2016)
○Special Study on Regional Policy 2(2016)
○Special Study on Population Geography 2(2016)
○Seminar on Regional Policy 2(2016)
○Special Study on Population Geography 1(2016)
○Seminar on Regional Policy 1(2016)
○Special Study on Regional Policy 1(2016)

International Project

International Students

Lecture themes

Others (Social Activities)

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