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Researcher Information

last modified:2022/10/24

Associate Professor KONO,Takaaki

Laboratory Website
Laboratory Website

Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Science and Engineering

College and School Educational Field

Division of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Division of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Course in Mechanical Sciences, School of Mechanical Engineering, College of Science and Engineering


Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Tokyo Institute of Technology Master 200303 Completed
Tokyo Institute of Technology Doctor 201003 Completed
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Sophia University 200003
Doctor of Engineering


Kanazawa University(2012/03/01-)
Norwegian University of Science and Technology(2011/07/01-2012/02/28)
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)(2010/07/01-2010/06/30)
Building Research Institute(2003/04/01-2010/06/30)

Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society

Japan Wind Energy Association
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers



Fluid engineering

Speciality Keywords

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Wind Energy, Wind Engineering, Urban Climatology

Research Themes



  •  Investigating the effects of wind concentrator on power performance improvement of crossflow wind turbine Mohamed Heragy,Takaaki Kono,Takahiro Kiwata Energy Conversion and Management 255 115326 2022/03
  •  Enhancing Dynamic Response of Cantilevered Rectangular Prism Using a Splitter Plate as a Passive Turbulence Control in Water Tunnel La Ode Ahmad Barata,Edward Ngii,Takahiro Kiwata,Takaaki Kono Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences 91 2 1 2022/02/11
  •  Flow characteristics and vortical structures of a free jet issuing from rectangular nozzle with four tapered triangular tubes Riku OUCHI,Takahiro KIWATA,Takaaki KONO,Naoki KAJITANI,Hiroshi TERAMOTO Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 88 905 21 2022/01 
  •  Effect of angle of attack on flow-induced vibration characteristics and power generation of cantilevered prisms for FIV power generation system Shunichi MIZUKAMI,Takahiro KIWATA,Takaaki KONO,Toshiyuki UENO Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 87 903 21 2021/11 
  •  Wind Tunnel Experiments and CFD on the Performance of Straight-Bladed Darrieus Wind Turbine in a Shear Flow Takuma SHIMA,Takahiro KIWATA,Takaaki KONO,Takahiro WATARI Wind Engineering Research 26 167 2020/10

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  •  The influence of the installation position of serrated tabs on the flow characteristics of a 2:1 rectangular jet Riku OUCHI , Takahiro KIWATA , Takaaki KONO , Hiroshi TERAMOTO Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86 888 20-00029 2020/08
  •  Field test and CFD of performance of undershot water wheel in snow drainageway Yoshitaka KIKUCHI , Takahiro KIWATA , Takaaki KONO Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86 887 20-00132 2020/07
  •  Effects of Span Length and Additional Structure on Flow-Induced Transverse Vibration Characteristic of a Cantilevered Rectangular Prism La Ode Ahmad Barata , Takahiro Kiwata , Takaaki Kono , Toshiyuki Ueno Journal of Flow Control, Measurement & Visualization 8 3 102-120 2020/03
  •  Performance Characteristics of an Orthopter-Type Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in Shear Flows Rudi Purwo Wijayanto , Takaaki Kono , Takahiro Kiwata Applied Sciences 10 5 1778 2020/03
  •  Wind tunnel experiments and Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation of a three-bladed micro vertical axis wind turbine M. Elkhoury , T. Kiwata , K. Nagao , T. Kono , F. ElHajj Renewable Energy 129 63-74 2018/12
  •  A review of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations of the wind flow around buildings for urban wind energy exploitation F. Toja-Silva , T. Kono , C. Peralta , O. Lopez-Garcia , J. Chen Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 180 66-87 2018/09
  •  Performance analysis of a small-scale Orthopter-type Vertical Axis Wind Turbine A. ElCheikh , M. Elkhoury , T. Kiwata , T. Kono Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 180 19-33 2018/09
  •  Experimental Study on Performance of Undershot Water Wheel in Snow Drainageway at Shiramine District by Field Test Y. Kikuchi , T. Kiwata , S. Watada , T. Kono Advanced Experimental Mechanics 3 104-110 2018/08
  •  Numerical Analysis of the Effects of Rotating Wind Turbine Blades on the Aerodynamic Forces Acting on Tower Takaaki Kono , Satoshi Nebucho , Tetsuya Kogaki , Takahiro Kiwata , Shigeo Kimura , Nobuyoshi Komatsu ENERGIES 10 1 121 2017/01
  •  Numerical Investigation ofWind Conditions for Roof-Mounted Wind Turbines: Effects ofWind Direction and Horizontal Aspect Ratio of a High-Rise Cuboid Building Takaaki Kono , Tetsuya Kogaki , Takahiro Kiwata ENERGIES 9 11 907 2016/11
  •  Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Flow Characteristics around a Cross-flow Wind Turbine Kono T , Yamagishi A , Kiwata T , Kimura S , Komatsu N Energy and Power Engineering 8 4 173-182 2016/04
  •  Visualization of Double-Diffusive Convection and Unsteady Solidification on a Vertical Circular Cylinder Ohnishi K , Kimura S , Kiwata T , Komatsu N , Kono T Journal of Flow Control, Measurement & Visualization 3 4 154-160 2015/10
  •  Wind Tunnel Experiments on Performance of Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine with Straight Blades in Shear Flow Journal of Wind Energy, JWEA 38 4 90-97 2015/02
  •  Numerical and Experimental Studies of a Small Vertical-axis Wind Turbine with Variable-pitch Straight Blades Firdaus R , Kiwata T , Kono T Journal of Fluid Science and Technology 10 1 JFST0001 2015/01
  •  LES Analysis of Wind Turbine Tower Effects on Wake and Aerodynamic Forces Kono T , Kiwata T , Kogaki T Proceedings of the 23rd National Symposium on Wind Engineering 139-144 2014/12
  •  Study on Performance of a Cross-flow Wind Turbine in Oblique Flow (Effect of the Fixed End Plates and the Deflectors Installed in the Fence) Nakata H , Kiwata T , Hitsuda Y , Sakai H , Kono T , Furumichi H Journal of Wind Energy, JWEA 38 3 45-51 2014/11
  •  Water Tunnel Experiments on Transverse-galloping of Cantilevered Rectangular and D-section Prisms Kiwata T , Yamaguchi M , Kono T , Ueno T Journal of Fluid Science and Technology 9 3 JFST0056 2014/09
  •  Performance of a Gross-flow Wind Turbine Located above a Roadway Fence (Effect of Nonporous Area of a Fence) Nakata H , Kiwata T , Hitsuda Y , Furumichi H , Kono T Journal of Wind Energy, JWEA 38 1 1-7 2014/05
  •  Experimental Confirmation on the Calibration Curves for Preston's Method Ota T , Kimura S , Kiwata T , Komatsu N , Kono T Journal of Energy and Power Engineering 8 4 689-692 2014/04
  •  Wind tunnel experiment on aeroacoustic noise from a straight-bladed vertical-axis wind turbine Nihon Kikai Gakkai Ronbunshu, B Hen/Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Part B 79 808 2577-2581 2013/12
  •  Overspeed Control of a Variable-Pitch Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine by Means of Tail Vanes Tatsuro Yamada, Takahiro Kiwata, Tetsuyoshi Kita, Masao Hirai, Nobuyoshi Komatsu, Takaaki Kono Journal of Environment and Engineering 7 39-52 2012/09
  •  Numerical Investigation of Wind Conditions over a Rectangular Prism-shaped Building for Small Wind Turbine Siting Wind Engineering 36 2 111-122 2012/04
  •  Numerical simulation analysis of the wind conditions at the height of small wind turbines mounted over the roof of a building: on the influence of the direction of the oncoming wind Kono T , Kogaki T Journal of Wind Energy 32 2 126-133 2011/08
  •  Urban-scale CFD analysis in support of a climate-sensitive design for the Tokyo Bay area Yasunobu Ashie , Takaaki Kono INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY 31 2 174-188 2011/02
  •  Derivation of Scalar Transport Equation of Urban Canopy Model Based on Filtering Operation of Large-Eddy Simulation Kono T , Ashie Y , Tamura T Web Journal of Heat Island Institute International 5 47-55 2010/11
  •  Mathematical Derivation of Spatially-Averaged Momentum Equations for an Urban Canopy Model Using Underlying Concepts of the Immersed Boundary Method Takaaki Kono , Yasunobu Ashie , Tetsuro Tamura BOUNDARY-LAYER METEOROLOGY 135 2 185-207 2010/05
  •  Derivation and evaluation of subgrid scale kinetic energy equation: Development of urban canopy model based on filtering operation of LES (Part 1) Takaaki Kono , Yasunobu Ashie , Tetsuro Tamura Journal of Environmental Engineering 75 648 227-236 2010/02
  •  Numerical Investigations of Mean Winds Within Canopies of Regularly Arrayed Cubical Buildings Under Neutral Stability Conditions Takaaki Kono , Tetsuro Tamura , Yasunobu Ashie BOUNDARY-LAYER METEOROLOGY 134 1 131-155 2010/01
  •  High Resolution Numerical Simulation on the Urban Heat Island in a Ten-kilometer square Area of Central Tokyo by Using the Earth Simulator Journal of Environmental Engineering 72 67-64 2007/07
  •  Sensitivity Analysis of Comprehensive Assesment for Building Environmental Efficiency on Heat Island Relaxation by Using CFD Analysis Murakami S , Ooka R , Ashie Y , Oguro M , Tanimoto J , Matsunawa K , Kono T Journal of architecture and building science 23 241-246 2006/06
  •  CFD analysis of airflow and temperature at the urban scale by a 5 meter resolution Takaaki Kono , Yasunobu Ashie , Seonghwan Yoon , Haifeng Li Proceedings of the 18th National Symposium on Wind Engineering 117-120 2004/12

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Theme to the desired joint research

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

Competitive research funding,Contribution

Collaborative research,Consignment study

Classes (Bachelors)

○Introduction to Information Technology(2017)
○Fluid Mechanics I and Exercise(2017)
○Fluid Mechanics I and Exercise(2017)
○Fluid Mechanics I and Exercise(2017)
○Introduction to Information Technology(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Advanced Fluid Mechanics A(2017)
○Analysis of Thermo-Fluid Systems(2017)
○Advanced Fluid Mechanics B(2017)

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