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last modified:2021/05/28

Assistant Professor Yuri Nishiwaki-akine

Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Transdisciplinary Sciences, Institute of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Sciences

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Kanazawa University(2020/11/01-)
Kanazawa University(2015/04/01-2020/10/31)
Kanazawa University(2014/04/01-2015/03/31)
Kyoto University(2011/07/16-2014/03/31)
Kao Corporation(1996/04/01-2011/05/20)

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Biomass conversion, surface chemistry

Speciality Keywords

Research Themes



  •  Biodegradability of woody film produced by solvent volatilisation of Japanese Beech solution Yuri Nishiwaki-Akine, Sui Kanazawa, Norihisa Matsuura, Ryoko Yamamoto-Ikemoto  Scientific Reports 10 1 476 2020/01/16
  •  Transparent Woody Film Made by Dissolution of Finely Divided Japanese Beech in Formic Acid at Room Temperature Yuri Nishiwaki-Akine, Sui Kanazawa, Takashi Uneyama, Koh-hei Nitta, Ryoko Yamamoto-Ikemoto, Takashi Watanabe ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 5 12 11536-11542 2017/12/04
  •  Dissolution of wood in alpha-keto acid and aldehydic carboxylic acids and fractionation at room temperature Yuri Nishiwaki-Akine , Takashi Watanabe Green Chemistry 16 3569-3579 2014/05/15
  •  Synthesis, Structures, and Thermolysis of Four-Membered Heterocycles Containing a Highly Coordinate Main Group Element   Kawashima, T., Kato, K., Iwama, N., Ohno, F., Takami, H., Yamashita, N., Nishiwaki, Y., Soda, T., Okazaki, R.  Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry 32 2 288-296 1996/02
  •  Synthesis and crystal structure of a pentacoordinate 1,2-oxagermetanide  Kawashima, T., Nishiwaki, Y., Okazaki, R.  Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 499 1-2 143-146 1995/09/06

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