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Researcher Information

last modified:2022/05/30

Professor MINAMOTO Toshinari

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Faculty, Affiliation

Cancer Research Institute Division of Translational and Clinical Oncology

College and School Educational Field

Division of Medical Sciences, Graduate School of Medical Science
Division of Medicine, Graduate School of Medical Science


Division of Translational and Clinical Oncology TEL:076-265-2792 FAX:076-234-4529

Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Kanazawa University Doctor Graduate School, Division of Medicine Pathology 198703 Completed
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Juntendo University 198303
M.D., Ph.D.


Kanazawa University Cancer Research Institute Professor(2001/07/01-)

Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society

Japan Surgical Society
The Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery

Japanese Cancer Association
Japan Society of Clinical Oncology
Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society
Japanese Society of Gastroenterology
The Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Cancer Screening
The Japanese Gastric Cancer Association
Japan Society of Coloproctology
The Japan Pancreas Society
The Japanese Society of Pathology
The Japanese Society for Gastroenterological Carcinogenesis
The Japanese Association for Metastasis Research
The Japan Society of Human Genetics

American Association for Cancer Research
International Society of Preventive Oncology
World Society of Gastroenterology


World Society of Gastroenterology
○Award from the YASUDA Foundation(1996/01/06)
○Award from the Hokkoku Cancer Research Promotion Foundation(2001/10/11)
○Award from the Hokkoku Cancer Research Promotion Foundation(2001/10/11)
○Award from the Naito Foundation(2003/03/20)
○Alterations in transcription factors in human cancers(2003/11/05)
○Award from the Hokkoku Cancer Research Promotion Foundation(2011/07/27)


gastroenterology surgical oncology、Surgical oncology、cancer molecular oncology molecular diagnosis、Digestive surgery、Pathological medical chemistry

Speciality Keywords

Gastrointestinal oncology, Surgical and molecular oncology

Research Themes

Establishment of tissue material resources of human gastrointestinal cancer

It is important to realize molecular and cellular characteristics of cancer cells in the primary cancers for translational cancer research. This resource consists of matched pairs of tumor and non-neoplastic (normal) tissues obtained from the surgical specimen of gastric and colorectal cancer patients, biomaterials (e.g., nucleic acids, protein) prepared from these tissues and the clinical and histopathological characteristics of the patients.

Surgical oncology for gastrointestinal cancer

This research program is to clarify surgical oncology characteristics of gastrointestinal cancer and to translate the achievements to the fields responsible for diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients in clinical setting as well as to cancer research.

Molecular oncology of gastrointestinal cancer

This research program is to clarify molecular and cellular characteristics of gastrointestinal cancer toward development of the novel strategies and modalities for diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


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Conference Presentations


  •  K-ras oncogene in lung cancer Medical Review Co., Ltd. 11 3 289-297 2003/07
  •  Stool DNA testing for colorectal cancer screening: a review Minamoto T 8 6 463-67 2004/06
  •  Present status and future of surgical treatment of gastric cancer Mai M, Watanabe M, Omote K, Yasumoto K, Takahashi Y, Minamoto T 40 1 84-93 2005/01
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  •  Glycogen synthase kinase 3beta (GSK3beta): a novel therapeutic target in gastrointestinal cancer. Minamoto T, Kawakami K, Mai W, Shimasaki T, Takahashi Y, Motoo Y 44 5 468-77 2007/05

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  •  Stool based molecular and cellular assays for early diagnosis and screening of colorectal cancer. Minamoto T, Uotani C, Kawakami K 23 2 183-89 2008/02

Arts and Fieldwork


○Suppression of cancer and method for evaluating anticancer agent based on the effect of inhibiting GSK3beta(country:PCT)(No:PCT/JP2006/300160)
○Suppression of cancer and method for evaluating anticancer agent based on the effect of inhibiting GSK3beta(country:Japan)(No:特願2006-550915)
○Suppression of cancer and method for evaluating anticancer agent based on the effect of inhibiting GSK3beta(country:United States of America)(No:アメリカ合衆国特許出願 No. 11/794,716)
○Suppression of cancer and method for evaluating anticancer agent based on the effect of inhibiting GSK3beta(country:The United Kingdom)(No:ヨーロッパ特許出願 No. 06700524.9)
○Suppression of cancer and method for evaluating anticancer agent based on the effect of inhibiting GSK3beta(country:Germany)(No:ヨーロッパ特許出願 No. 06700524.9)
○Suppression of cancer and method for evaluating anticancer agent based on the effect of inhibiting GSK3beta(country:France)(No:ヨーロッパ特許出願 No. 06700524.9)

Theme to the desired joint research

○Molecular Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer
○Development of molecular target-directed cancer treatment

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

○「消化器癌(胃癌・大腸癌)の転移の予知とその対策−分子腫瘍マーカーよりの検討 (1995-1997)」(1995-) 
○「罹患同胞対法を用いた胃がん関連遺伝子の解明 (1999-2000)」(1998-) 
○「ヒト胃癌における遺伝子発現異常の連鎖解析(SAGE)を用いた包括的解明 (1999-2000)」(1999-) 
○「胃がん発症に関与する遺伝子の解明 (2000-2001)」(2000-) 
○「消化器癌における転移分子機構の解明とその制御-特に,マトリックスメタロプロテイナーゼと血管新生ならびにその阻害物質による微小転移の抑制− (2000-2002)」(2000-) 
○「ヒト大腸癌におけるbeta-カテニンシグナル伝達系活性化と制御機構の解析 (2001-2002)」(2001-) 
○「胃がん発症に関与する遺伝子の解明 (2002-2004)」(2002-) 
○「消化器癌におけるbeta-カテニンがん遺伝子シグナル伝達活性化と制御機構の解明:がん分子診断と検診への応用 (2002-2004)」(2002-) 
○「大腸癌におけるがん化シグナルの特異的活性化・制御機構の個別的ならびに網羅的解析-beta-カテニンシグナル伝達関連遺伝子群を中心に- (2003-2005)」(2003-) 
○「大腸癌の発生進展に関わる新世代がん遺伝子の活性化機構:遺伝子診断と分子標的治療の開発を目指して(Activation of the new generation oncogenes in colorectal cancer as targets for diagnosis and therapy)(2003-2005)」(2003-) 
○「糖代謝調節キナーゼのWntシグナル非依存的がん化作用の解明と大腸癌制御 (2004-2005)」(2004-) 
○「alpha-V beta8インテグリンによるTGF-beta1の活性化が大腸癌の浸潤・転移に及ぼす影響 (2004-2005)」(2004-) 
○「がん生物学に基づく新しい治療法に関する研究:細胞調節システム破綻の解析と大腸がん制御への応用 (2004-2008)」(2004-2008) 
○「Tailored dose化学療法の確立とその基礎的研究 (2005-2006)」(2005-) 
○「Wntを中心とする基幹的細胞シグナル破綻機構の解明と大腸がん制御への応用 (2006-2008)」(2006-) 
○「beta-catenin/Tcf複合体の新規転写標的分子の同定と大腸癌における機能解析 (2006-2007)」(2006-) 
○「樹状細胞による自己癌標的免疫療法を増強させる,各種抗癌剤の適量に関する検討 (207-2008)」(2007-) 
○「GSK3betaのがん細胞生存・増殖維持機能の解明と分子標的がん治療法の開発 (2007-2008)」(2007-) 
○「塩酸ゲムシタビンによる膵がん細胞のEMT誘導の検証と分子細胞機構の解明 (2007-2008)」(2007-2008) 
○「GSK3beta阻害に基づく新しいがん治療法と抗がん剤,放射線感受性の修飾効果 (2008-2009)」(2008-) 
○「GSK3betaのがん促進機能の分子機構解明とその阻害に基づく消化器がん制御法の開発 (2008-2009)」(2008-2009) 
○「大腸癌におけるDNAメチル化の調節機構解明と遺伝子診断・治療への応用 (2008-2010)」(2008-2010) 

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○Clinical and Molecular Oncology(2017)
○Clinical and Molecular Oncology(2017)
○Clinical and Molecular Oncology(2017)
○Molecular Oncology(2017)
○Clinical and Molecular Oncology(2016)
○Clinical and Molecular Oncology(2016)
○Clinical and Molecular Oncology(2016)
○Molecular Oncology(2016)

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