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Researcher Information

last modified:2021/03/30

Associate Professor WAKASUGI Mitsuo


Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Pharmacy, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences

College and School Educational Field

Division of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Phamaceutical Science
Graduate School of Phamateutical Sciences
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences
School of Pharmacy, College of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences


Laboratory of Molecular Human Genetics TEL:076-234-4426 FAX:076-234-4427

Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Kanazawa University Doctor Graduate School of Natural Science & Tec Division of Life Sciences 199603 Completed


Kanazawa University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences(2002/04/01-)

Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society



DNA repair Genomic instability Cancer prevention、Risk sciences of radiation and chemicals、Biological pharmacy、Molecular biology

Speciality Keywords

DNA repair Damage response

Research Themes

Molecular mechanism of nucleotide excision repair



  •  Rodent complementation group 8 (ERCC8) corresponds to Cockayne syndrome complementation group A Itoh, T., Shiomi, T., Shiomi, N., Harada, Y., Wakasugi, M., Matsunaga, T., Nikaido, O., Friedberg, E.C., and Yamaizumi, M Mutation research 362 167-174 1996
  •  Purification of a novel UV-damaged-DNA binding protein highly specific for (6-4) photoproduct Wakasugi, M., Abe, Y., Yoshida, Y., Matsunaga, T., and Nikaido, O Nucleic Acids Res 24 1099 1104 1996
  •  Characterization of reaction intermediates of human excision repair nuclease. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 272 46 28971-28979 1997/11
  •  The non-catalytic function of XPG protein during dual incision in human nucleotide excision repair. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 272 25 16030-16034 1997/06
  •  Mutational analysis of a function of xeroderma pigmentosum group A (XPA) protein in strand-specific repair. NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 26 20 4662-4668 1998/09

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  •  Assembly, subunit composition, and footprint of human DNA repair excision nuclease. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 95 6669-6674 1998/06
  •  Order of assembly of human DNA repair excision nuclease The Journal of Biological Chemistry 274 6 18759-18768 1999/06
  •  Damaged DNA-binding protein DDB stimulates the excision of cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers in vitro in concert with XPA and replication protein A The Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 18 15434-15440 2001/05
  •  DDB accumulates at DNA Damage Sites Immediately after UV Irradiation and Directly Stimulates Nucleotide Excision Repair The Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 3 1637-1640 2002/01
  •  cDNA cloning of the chicken DDB1 gene encoding the p127 subunit of damaged DNA-binding protein Fu, D., Wakasugi, M., Ishigaki, Y., Nikaido, O., and Matsunaga, T Genes Genet Syst 78 169-177 2003
  •  Human NTH1 physically interacts with p53 and proliferating cell nuclear antigen Oyama, M., Wakasugi, M., Hama, T., Hashidume, H., Iwakami, Y., Imai, R., Hoshino, S., Morioka, H., Ishigaki, Y., Nikaido, O., and Matsunaga, T Biochem Biophys Res Commun 321 183-191 2004
  •  Human XPC-HR23B interacts with XPA-RPA in the recognition of triplex-directed psoralen DNA interstrand crosslinks. Thoma, BS., Wakasugi, M.,Christensen, J., Reddy, M. C.,Vasquez, K. M. Nucleic Acids Res 33 9 2993-3001 2005/10
  •  DDB1 gene disruption causes a severe growth defect and apoptosis in chicken DT40 cells Wakasugia. M., Matsuura. K., Nagasawa, A., Fu, D. -T., Shimizu, H., Yamamoto, K., Takeda,S., and Matsunaga, T. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 364 4 771-777 2007/10
  •  Cleavage-mediated activation of Chk1 during apoptosis. Matsuura, K., Wakasugi, M., Yamashita, K., Matsunaga, T. The Journal of biological chemistry 283 25485-25491 2008/09
  •  Physical and functional interaction between DDB and XPA in nucleotide excision repair Wakasugi, M., Kasashima, H., Fukase, Y., Imura, M., Imai, R., Yamada, S., Cleaver, J. E., and Matsunaga, T. Nucleic Acids Res 37 2 516-525 2009/02
  •  The Molecular Basis of CRL4DDB2/CSA Ubiquitin Ligase Architecture, Targeting, and Activation. Fischer E. S., Scrima1, A., Böhm, K., Matsumoto, S., Lingaraju, G. M., Faty,M., Yasuda, T., Cavadini, S., Wakasugi, M., Hanaoka, F., Iwai, S., Gut, H., Sugasawa, K., Thomä. N. H.  CELL 147 1024 2011/11
  •  Role of interaction of XPF with RPA in nucleotide excision repair. Fisher, LA., Bessho M., Wakasugi M., Matsunaga, T., and Bessho,T. JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 413 337 2011/08
  •  Establishment of a Microplate-Formatted Cell-Based Immunoassay for Rapid Analysis of Nucleotide Excision Repair Ability in Human Primary Cells. Nishinaga, M., Kurata, R., Onishi, K., Kuriyama, K., Wakasugi, M., and Matsunaga, T. PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY 88 356-362 2012/01
  •  The scaffold protein JLP plays a key role in regulating ultraviolet B-induced apoptosis in mice Enkhtuya, R., Sato, T., Wakasugi, M., Tuvshintugs, B., Miyata, H., Sakurai, T., Matsunaga, T., and Yoshioka, K Genes to cells 289 28730-28737 2014
  •  Nucleotide excision repair-dependent DNA double-strand break formation and ATM signaling activation in mammalian quiescent cells Wakasugi, Mitsuo; Sasaki, Takuma; Matsumoto, Megumi; Nagaoka, Miyuki; Inoue, Keiko; Inobe, Manabu; Horibata, Katsuyoshi; Tanaka, Kiyoji; Matsunaga, Tsukasa Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 41 28730-28737 2014/10/10 
  •  PDIP38/PolDIP2 controls the DNA damage tolerance pathways by increasing the relative usage of translesion DNA synthesis over template switching Masataka Tsuda, Saki Ogawa, Masato Ooka, Kaori Kobayashi, Kouji Hirota, Mitsuo Wakasugi, Tsukasa Matsunaga, Tetsushi Sakura, Takashi Yamamoto, Shunsuke Chikuma, Hiroyuki Sasanuma, Michelle Debatisse; Aidan J Doherty, Robert P. Fuchs, Shunichi Takeda
 PLOS ONE 2018
  •  Spironolactone-induced XPB degradation depends on CDK7 kinase and SCFFBXL18 E3 ligase Masanobu Ueda, Kenkyo Matsuura, Hidehiko Kawai, Mitsuo Wakasugi and Tsukasa Matsunaga Genes to Cells 2019
  •  DCAF7 is required for maintaining the cellular levels of ERCC1-XPF and nucleotide excision repair Kawara, H., Akahori, R., Wakasugi, M., Sancar, A., Matsunaga, T. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 519 204-210 2019
  •  Topoisomerase I-driven repair of UV-induced damage in NER-deficient cells Saha, L. K., Wakasugi, M., Akter, S., Prasad, R., Wilson, S. H., Shimizu, N., Sasanuma, H., Huang, S. N., Agama, K., Pommier, Y., Matsunaga, T., Hirota, K., Iwai, S., Nakazawa, Y., Ogi, T., Takeda, S Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 117 25 14412-14420 2020

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Classes (Bachelors)

○Molecular and Cellular Biology 3(2017)
○Advanced Molecular Cell Biology(2017)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2017)
○Molecular and Cellular Biology 3(2016)
○Advanced Molecular Cell Biology(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Advanced Seminar on Biopharmaceutical Sciences(2017)

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