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Researcher Information

last modified:2021/04/16

Assistant Professor HASHIMOTO, Yohei

Laboratory Website

Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Science and Engineering Manufacturing Systems Lab.

College and School Educational Field

Division of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Course in Mechanical Creation Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, College of Science and Engineering


Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Nagoya University Doctor Graduate school of engineering Mechanical Systems Engineering 201003
Nagoya University Master Graduate school of engineering Mechanical Systems Engineering 200703
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Nagoya University Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 200503
Doctor of Engineering


Kanazawa University College of Science and Engineering Research associate(2015/04/01-)
Nagoya University School of engineering Postdoctoral researcher(2014/01/01-2015/03/31)
Makita Corporation(2010/04/01-2013/12/31)

Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society



Production engineering/Processing studies

Speciality Keywords

Polishing, Lapping, CMP(Chemical Mechanial Polishing),Double-sided polishing, Abrasive machining, Analysis of contact problem, Friction damping

Research Themes



  •  Dynamic Finite Element Analysis of Contact Stress in CMP Process Yohei Hashimoto, Norikazu Suzuki, Rei Hino, Eiji Shamoto Journal of Japanease Society of Presicion Engineering 77 5 513-519 2011/11
  •  Elasto Hydrodynamic Lubrication Analysis of CMP Process with Consideration of Micro Asperity Contact of Polishing Pad Yohei Hashimoto, Norikazu Suzuki, Masakazu Asaba, Rei Hino, Eiji Shamoto Journal of Japanease Society of Precision Engineering 79 1 73-80 2013/01
  •  Analytical prediction of contact stiffness and friction damping in bolted connection Eiji Shamoto, Yohei Hashimoto, Miki Shinagawa, Burak Sencer CIRP Annals – Manufacturing Technology 63 1 353-356 2014/01
  •  Tool Failure Mechanism in High-Speed Milling of Inconel 718 by Use of Ceramic Tools Norikazu Suzuki, Risa Enmei, Yohei Hashimoto, Eiji Shamoto, Yuki Hatano International Journal of Automation Technology 8 6 837-846 2014/06
  •  Evaluation of the Minimum Quantity Lubrication in Orthogonal Cutting with the Application of Finite Element Method A. S. Jamaludin, A. Hosokawa, T. Furumoto, T. Koyano, Y. Hashimoto International Journal of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering 17 01 2017/01

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  •  Development of Highly Accurate Simulation Model of Wafer Behavior Considering Contact Between Wafer and Carrier during Double-sided Lapping  Yohei Hashimoto, Ryota Kondo, Tatsuaki Furumoto, Akira Hosokawa Journal of Japanease Society of Precision Engineering 83 5 2017/05
  •  Development an identification method of friction coefficient between wafer and carrier in double-sided lapping Yohei Hashimoto, Tomoya Sano, Tatsuaki Furumoto, Akira Hosokawa Precision Engineering In Press In Press In Press 2019/02/07
  •  Estimation of material removal rate distribution in double-sided polishing of thick square workpiece considering workpiece attitude Yohei HASHIMOTO, Tomoya SANO, Tatsuaki FURUMOTO, Akira HOSOKAWA Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing 13 1 JAMDSM0020 2019/03/07
  •  CO2 laser cleavage of chemically strengthened glass  Tatsuaki Furumoto, Yohei Hashimoto, Hisashi Ogi, Tomoya Kawabe, Mitsugu Yamaguchi, Tomohiro Koyano, Akira Hosokawa  Journal of Materials Processing Technology 289 3 116961 2020/11/05
  •  Fundamental investigation of gyro barrel finishing - Experimental investigation of contact force between cylindrical workpiece and abrasive media under dry conditions - Yohei Hashimoto, Takuma Ito, Yugo Nakayama, Tatsuaki Furumoto, Akira Hosokawa Precision Engineering 67 1 123-136 2021/01

Conference Presentations

  • Investigation of Contact Force between Cylindrical Workpiece and Abrasive Media in Gyro Finishing Process(conference:ISAAT2019 (The 22nd International Symposium on Advances in Abrasive Technology))(2019/12)
  • Investigation on force acting on workpiece with respect to actual amount of abrasive media on the workpiece in dry gyro barrel finishing(conference:8th International Conference of ASPEN (ASPEN2019))(2019/11)
  • MOMENT DEPENDENT SHIFT IN TRAILING EDGE CONTACT POSITION AGAINST RETAINER RING IN CMP(conference:2019 international conference on planarization/CMP technology (ICPT 2019))(2019/09)
  • Improvement in prediction accuracy of polishing pressure distribution in CMP process(conference:International Conference on Planarization/CMP Technology 2018)(2018/10/14)


Arts and Fieldwork


Theme to the desired joint research

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

Competitive research funding,Contribution

Collaborative research,Consignment study

Classes (Bachelors)

○Machining Exercise(2018)
○Introduction to Machine Analysis B(2018)
○Introduction to Machine Analysis B(2017)
○Machining Exercise(2017)
○Introduction to Machine Analysis B(2017)
○Introduction to Machine Analysis B(2016)
○Machining Exercise(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Machining Technology(2017)
○Machining Technology(2016)

International Project

International Students

Lecture themes

Others (Social Activities)

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