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Researcher Information

last modified:2021/03/29

Assistant Professor SASAGAWA, Yasuo

Faculty, Affiliation

University Hospital Department of Neurosurgery

College and School Educational Field


Academic Background


Kanazawa University(2015-)
Kanazawa Medical University(2000-2015)

Year & Month of Birth

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Speciality Keywords

Research Themes



  •  Progressively Enlarged Convexity Arachnoid Cysts in Elderly Patients: A Report of 2 Cases Kimura R, Hayashi Y, Sasagawa Y, Kobayashi M, Oishi M, Kinoshita M, Nakada M. World Neurosurg.  135 253-258 2020/03
  •  Oculomotor nerve palsy in pituitary apoplexy associated with pituitary adenoma: a radiological analysis with fast imaging employing with steady-state acquisition.  Sasagawa Y, Aburano H, Ooiso K, Oishi M, Hayashi Y, Nakada M. Acta Neurochir (Wien) 163 383-389 2021/02
  •  Method for the Detection of Tumor Blood Vessels in Neurosurgery Using a Gripping Force Feedback System. Yokota H, Yoneyama T, Watanabe T, Sasagawa Y, Nakada M. Sensors 2019
  •  Directional Regulation of Extrasellar Extension by Sellar Dura Integrity and Intrasphenoidal Septation In Pituitary Adenomas. Hayashi Y, Sasagawa Y, Oishi M, Kita D, Tanaka S, Ueda F, Tachibana O, Nakada M. World Neurosurg.  2019

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