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Researcher Information

last modified:2021/08/03

Assistant Professor Takashi Ikeda

Faculty, Affiliation

Research Center for Child Mental Development

College and School Educational Field


Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Kyoto University Master Graduate School of Letters 200503 Completed
Kyoto University Doctor Graduate School of Letters 200803 Completed
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Kyoto University 200303


Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Postdoctoral Fellow(2008/04-2009/03)
Kyoto University Graduate School of Letters Assistant Research Staff(2009/04-2009/09)
Osaka University Support Office for Large-Scale Education and Research Projects Specially Appointed Assistant Professor(2009/10-2010/03)
Osaka University Graduate School of Human Sciences Specially Appointed Assistant Professor(2010/04-2013/03)
Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering Specially Appointed Assistant Professor(2013/04-2016/03)
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine Specially Appointed Assistant Professor(2013/04-2016/03)
Kanazawa University Research Center for Child Mental Development Specially Appointed Assistant Professor(2016/04-2017/12)
Kanazawa University Research Center for Child Mental Development Assistant Professor(2018/01-)

Year & Month of Birth

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Speciality Keywords

Research Themes



  •  Differential Roles for Parietal and Occipital Cortices in Visual Working Memory Daisuke Matsuyoshi,Takashi Ikeda,Nobukatsu Sawamoto,Ryusuke Kakigi,Hidenao Fukuyama,Naoyuki Osaka PLOS ONE 7 6 e38623 2012/06
  •  Dissociable Neural Activations of Conscious Visibility and Attention Hiroyuki Tsubomi,Takashi Ikeda,Takashi Hanakawa,Nobuyuki Hirose,Hidenao Fukuyama,Naoyuki Osaka JOURNAL OF COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE 24 2 496 2012/02
  •  High working memory performers have efficient eye movement control systems under Reading Span Test Miyuki Azuma,Takashi Ikeda,Takehiro Minamoto,Mariko Osaka,Naoyuki Osaka JOURNAL OF EYE MOVEMENT RESEARCH 5 3 1 2012
  •  Anterior Medial Prefrontal Cortex Exhibits Activation during Task Preparation but Deactivation during Task Execution Hideya Koshino,Takehiro Minamoto,Takashi Ikeda,Mariko Osaka,Yuki Otsuka,Naoyuki Osaka PLOS ONE 6 8 e22909 2011/08
  •  Individual differences in the theory of mind and superior temporal sulcus Yuki Otsuka,Naoyuki Osaka,Takashi Ikeda,Mariko Osaka NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS 463 2 150 2009/10

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  •  Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) applied to left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex disrupts verbal working memory performance in humans Naoyuki Osaka,Yuki Otsuka,Nobuyuki Hirose,Takashi Ikeda,Tatsuya Mima,Hidenao Fukuyama,Mariko Osaka NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS 418 3 232 2007/05
  •  Motion implied by static line-drawing image of visual art activates the human motion-sensitive cortex: An fMRI study N. Osaka,D. Matsuyoshi,T. Ikeda,M. Osaka PERCEPTION 40 16 2011
  •  Cortical brain network for intention-based mentalisation in the perception of animated patterns: An event-related fMRI study N. Osaka,T. Ikeda,M. Osaka PERCEPTION 35 106 2006
  •  Implied motion because of instability in Hokusai Manga activates the human motion-sensitive extrastriate visual cortex: an fMRI study of the impact of visual art Naoyuki Osaka,Daisuke Matsuyoshi,Takashi Ikeda,Mariko Osaka NEUROREPORT 21 4 264 2010/03
  •  Connectivity and signal intensity in the parieto-occipital cortex predicts top-down attentional effect in visual masking: An fMRI study based on individual differences Hiroyuki Tsubomi,Takashi Ikeda,Takashi Hanakawa,Nobuyuki Hirose,Hidenao Fukuyama,Naoyuki Osaka NEUROIMAGE 45 2 587 2009/04
  •  Neural basis of visual aesthetic judgment: a neuroaesthetic approach 池田 尊司,苧阪 直行 心理学評論 51 2 318 2008
  •  Task-irrelevant memory load induces inattentional blindness without temporo-parietal suppression Daisuke Matsuyoshi,Takashi Ikeda,Nobukatsu Sawamoto,Ryusuke Kakigi,Hidenao Fukuyama,Naoyuki Osaka NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA 48 10 3094 2010/08
  •  PPA and OFC correlates of beauty and ugliness: An event-related fNMI study N. Osaka,T. Ikeda,I. Rentschler,M. Osaka PERCEPTION 36 174 2007
  •  Influence of Focal Color on Color Memory IKEDA Takashi,OSAKA Naoyuki ITE technical report 27 41 13 2003/07
  •  Hyperscanning MEG for understanding mother-child cerebral interactions Masayuki Hirata,Takashi Ikeda,Mitsuru Kikuchi,Tomoya Kimura,Hirotoshi Hiraishi,Yuko Yoshimura,Minoru Asada FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE 8 118 2014/03
  •  How are colors memorized in working memory? A functional magnetic resonance imaging study Takashi Ikeda,Naoyuki Osaka NEUROREPORT 18 2 111 2007/01
  •  The influence of working memory capacity on experimental heat pain. Aya Nakae,Kaori Endo,Tomonori Adachi,Takashi Ikeda,Satoshi Hagihira,Takashi Mashimo,Mariko Osaka The journal of pain : official journal of the American Pain Society 14 10 1088 2013/10
  •  The influence of verbal label on color memory Ikeda, T,Osaka, N 29 52 2005/05
  •  Differential Contributions of the Intraparietal Sulcus and the Inferior Parietal Lobe to Attentional Blink: Evidence from Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Ken Kihara,Takashi Ikeda,Daisuke Matsuyoshi,Nobuyuki Hirose,Tatsuya Mima,Hidenao Fukuyama,Naoyuki Osaka JOURNAL OF COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE 23 1 247 2011/01
  •  Neural Representation of Color Working Memory Osaka Naoyuki,Ikeda Takashi Journal of the Color Science Association of Japan 30 4 197 2006/12
  •  Effect of Intentional Bias on Agency Attribution of Animated Motion: An Event-Related fMRI Study Naoyuki Osaka,Takashi Ikeda,Mariko Osaka PLOS ONE 7 11 e49053 2012/11
  •  Primary Visual Cortex Scales Individual's Perceived Brightness With Power Function: Inner Psychophysics With fMRI Hiroyuki Tsubomi,Takashi Ikeda,Naoyuki Osaka JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY-HUMAN PERCEPTION AND PERFORMANCE 38 6 1341 2012/12
  •  The impact of robotic intervention on joint attention in children with autism spectrum disorders. Hirokazu Kumazaki,Yuichiro Yoshikawa,Yuko Yoshimura,Takashi Ikeda,Chiaki Hasegawa,Daisuke N Saito,Sara Tomiyama,Kyung-Min An,Jiro Shimaya,Hiroshi Ishiguro,Yoshio Matsumoto,Yoshio Minabe,Mitsuru Kikuchi Molecular autism 9 46 2018
  •  Mu rhythm suppression reflects mother-child face-to-face interactions: a pilot study with simultaneous MEG recording. Chiaki Hasegawa,Takashi Ikeda,Yuko Yoshimura,Hirotoshi Hiraishi,Tetsuya Takahashi,Naoki Furutani,Norio Hayashi,Yoshio Minabe,Masayuki Hirata,Minoru Asada,Mitsuru Kikuchi Scientific reports 6 34977 2016/10/10
  •  Path Analysis for the Halo Effect of Touch Sensations of Robots on Their Personality Impressions Yuki Yamashita,Hisashi Ishihara,Takashi Ikeda,Minoru Asada SOCIAL ROBOTICS, (ICSR 2016) 9979 502 2016
  •  Atypical Bilateral Brain Synchronization in the Early Stage of Human Voice Auditory Processing in Young Children with Autism. Toshiharu Kurita,Mitsuru Kikuchi,Yuko Yoshimura,Hirotoshi Hiraishi,Chiaki Hasegawa,Tetsuya Takahashi,Tetsu Hirosawa,Naoki Furutani,Haruhiro Higashida,Takashi Ikeda,Kouhei Mutou,Minoru Asada,Yoshio Minabe PloS one 11 4 e0153077 2016
  •  Altered Gamma Oscillations during Motor Control in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Kyung-Min An,Takashi Ikeda,Yuko Yoshimura,Chiaki Hasegawa,Daisuke N Saito,Hirokazu Kumazaki,Tetsu Hirosawa,Yoshio Minabe,Mitsuru Kikuchi The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience 38 36 7878 2018/09/05
  •  Changes in maternal feelings for children with autism spectrum disorder after childbirth: The impact of knowledge about the disorder. Sarah Tomiyama,Mitsuru Kikuchi,Yuko Yoshimura,Chiaki Hasegawa,Takashi Ikeda,Daisuke N Saito,Hirokazu Kumazaki,Nobushige Naito,Yoshio Minabe PloS one 13 8 e0201862 2018
  •  Android Robot-Mediated Mock Job Interview Sessions for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot Study Hirokazu Kumazaki,Zachary Warren,Blythe A. Corbett,Yuichiro Yoshikawa,Yoshio Matsumoto,Haruhiro Higashida,Teruko Yuhi,Takashi Ikeda,Hiroshi Ishiguro,Mitsuru Kikuchi FRONTIERS IN PSYCHIATRY 8 169 2017/09
  •  Robust order representation is required for backward recall in the Corsi blocks task Katsuki Higo,Takehiro Minamoto,Takashi Ikeda,Mariko Osaka FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 5 1285 2014/11
  •  Effects of sedation on subjective perception of pain intensity and autonomic nervous responses to pain: A preliminary study Hongling Kang,Aya Nakae,Hiroshi Ito,Piyasak Vitayaburananont,Takehiro Minamoto,Takashi Ikeda,Mariko Osaka,Takashi Mashimo,Yuji Fujino,Satoshi Hagihira PLOS ONE 12 9 e0183635 2017/09
  •  Raise two effects with one scene: scene contexts have two separate effects in visual working memory of target faces Azumi Tanabe-Ishibashi,Takashi Ikeda,Naoyuki Osaka FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY 5 400 2014/05
  •  Influences of Humanlike Appearance of a Robot on Causal Relationships between its Touch Sensation and Personality Impression 石原尚,山下裕基,池田尊司,浅田稔 認知科学 25 4 435 2018/12 
  •  Investigation of causal relationship between touch sensations of robots and personality impressions by path analysis. Yamashita Y,Ishihara H,Ikeda T,Asada T International Journal of Social Robotics 1 2018/06
  •  Moderate sedation induced by general anaesthetics disrupts audio-spatial feature binding with sustained P3 components in healthy humans. Minamoto T,Ikeda T,Kang H,Ito H,Vitayaburananont P,Nakae A,Hagihira S,Fujino Y,Mashimo T,Osaka M Neuroscience of Consciousness 2018 1 niy002 2018/03
  •  Modulation of Motor Learning Capacity by Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation. Hisato Sugata,Kazuhiro Yagi,Shogo Yazawa,Yasunori Nagase,Kazuhito Tsuruta,Takashi Ikeda,Kojiro Matsushita,Masayuki Hara,Kenji Kawakami,Keisuke Kawakami Neuroscience 391 131 2018/11/01
  •  Gamma-band auditory steady-state response after frontal tDCS: A double-blind, randomized, crossover study Yoshiaki Miyagishi,Takashi Ikeda,Tetsuya Takahashi,Kiwamu Kudo,Hirofumi Morise,Yoshio Minabe,Mitsuru Kikuchi PLoS ONE 13 2 e0193422 2018/02/01
  •  Band-specific atypical functional connectivity pattern in childhood autism spectrum disorder. Tetsuya Takahashi,Teruya Yamanishi,Sou Nobukawa,Shinya Kasakawa,Yuko Yoshimura,Hirotoshi Hiraishi,Chiaki Hasegawa,Takashi Ikeda,Tetsu Hirosawa,Toshio Munesue,Haruhiro Higashida,Yoshio Minabe,Mitsuru Kikuchi Clinical neurophysiology : official journal of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology 128 8 1457 2017/08
  •  Color harmony represented by activity in the medial orbitofrontal cortex and amygdala Takashi Ikeda,Daisuke Matsuyoshi,Nobukatsu Sawamoto,Hidenao Fukuyama,Naoyuki Osaka FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE 9 382 2015/07
  •  Developmental Trajectory of Infant Brain Signal Variability: A Longitudinal Pilot Study. Chiaki Hasegawa,Tetsuya Takahashi,Yuko Yoshimura,Sou Nobukawa,Takashi Ikeda,Daisuke N Saito,Hirokazu Kumazaki,Yoshio Minabe,Mitsuru Kikuchi Frontiers in neuroscience 12 566 2018
  •  Altered human voice processing in the frontal cortex and a developmental language delay in 3- to 5-year-old children with autism spectrum disorder. Yuko Yoshimura,Mitsuru Kikuchi,Norio Hayashi,Hirotoshi Hiraishi,Chiaki Hasegawa,Tetsuya Takahashi,Manabu Oi,Gerard B Remijn,Takashi Ikeda,Daisuke N Saito,Hirokazu Kumazaki,Yoshio Minabe Scientific reports 7 1 17116 2017/12/07
  •  Subthalamic nucleus detects unnatural android movement Takashi Ikeda,Masayuki Hirata,Masashi Kasaki,Maryam Alimardani,Kojiro Matsushita,Tomoyuki Yamamoto,Shuichi Nishio,Hiroshi Ishiguro SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7 1 17851 2017/12
  •  Anodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Induces High Gamma-Band Activity in the Left Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex During a Working Memory Task: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Crossover Study. Takashi Ikeda,Tetsuya Takahashi,Hirotoshi Hiraishi,Daisuke N Saito,Mitsuru Kikuchi Frontiers in human neuroscience 13 136 2019 
  •  Effect of individual food preferences on oscillatory brain activity. Nachie Tashiro,Hisato Sugata,Takashi Ikeda,Kojiro Matsushita,Masayuki Hara,Kenji Kawakami,Keisuke Kawakami,Minoru Fujiki Brain and behavior 9 5 e01262 2019/05
  •  Brief Report: A Novel System to Evaluate Autism Spectrum Disorders Using Two Humanoid Robots. Hirokazu Kumazaki,Taro Muramatsu,Yuichiro Yoshikawa,Yuko Yoshimura,Takashi Ikeda,Chiaki Hasegawa,Daisuke N Saito,Jiro Shimaya,Hiroshi Ishiguro,Masaru Mimura,Mitsuru Kikuchi Journal of autism and developmental disorders 49 4 1709 2019/04
  •  Neural Decoding of Multi-Modal Imagery Behavior Focusing on Temporal Complexity. Naoki Furutani,Yuta Nariya,Tetsuya Takahashi,Haruka Ito,Yuko Yoshimura,Hirotoshi Hiraishi,Chiaki Hasegawa,Takashi Ikeda,Mitsuru Kikuchi Frontiers in psychiatry 11 746 2020 
  •  Atypical body movements during night in young children with autism spectrum disorder: a pilot study. Nobushige Naito,Mitsuru Kikuchi,Yuko Yoshimura,Hirokazu Kumazaki,Sachiko Kitagawa,Takashi Ikeda,Chiaki Hasegawa,Daisuke N Saito,Sarah Tomiyama,Yoshio Minabe Scientific reports 9 1 6999 2019/05/06
  •  Transcranial static magnetic stimulation over the primary motor cortex alters sequential implicit motor learning. Nojima I,Watanabe T,Gyoda T,Sugata H,Ikeda T,Mima T Neuroscience letters 696 33 2019/03
  •  Auditory steady-state response at 20Hz and 40Hz in young typically developing children and children with autism spectrum disorder. Yasuki Ono,Kiwamu Kudoh,Takashi Ikeda,Tetsuya Takahashi,Yuko Yoshimura,Yoshio Minabe,Mitsuru Kikuchi Psychiatry and clinical neurosciences 2020/03/10
  •  The maturation of the P1m component in response to voice from infancy to 3 years of age: A longitudinal study in young children. Yuko Yoshimura,Chiaki Hasegawa,Takashi Ikeda,Daisuke N Saito,Hirotoshi Hiraishi,Tetsuya Takahashi,Hirokazu Kumazaki,Mitsuru Kikuchi Brain and behavior 10 8 e01706 2020/08
  •  Role of beta-band resting-state functional connectivity as a predictor of motor learning ability. Hisato Sugata,Kazuhiro Yagi,Shogo Yazawa,Yasunori Nagase,Kazuhito Tsuruta,Takashi Ikeda,Ippei Nojima,Masayuki Hara,Kojiro Matsushita,Kenji Kawakami,Keisuke Kawakami NeuroImage 210 116562 2020/04/15
  •  Brief Report: Odour Awareness in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Hirokazu Kumazaki,Masako Okamoto,Yuko Yoshimura,Takashi Ikeda,Chiaki Hasegawa,Daisuke N Saito,Ryoichiro Iwanaga,Sara Tomiyama,Kyung-Min An,Yoshio Minabe,Mitsuru Kikuchi Journal of autism and developmental disorders 50 5 1809 2020/05

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