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Researcher Information

last modified:2020/08/05

Professor Yoshihiro Watanabe


Faculty, Affiliation

Hospital Innovative Clinical Research Center Innovative Clinical Research Center, Kanazawa University
Professor & Division Director

College and School Educational Field


Inovative Clinical Research Center TEL:076-265-2871 FAX:076-234-4309

Academic Background

Ph. D.


JT Inc.(1983-1999)
Corixa Corporation Immunology Dep. Senior Scientist(1999-2002)
CPRI, JT Inc. Frontier Research Lab., Biology & Pharamcology Lab. GL, Vice Director(2002-2013)
Torii Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Research Lab.(2013-2018)

Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society



Drug development chemistry、Immunology、Tumor biology

Speciality Keywords

Drug discovery (Immunology, Allergy, Cancer, Small molecule drug, Chemical biology, Biologics, mAb, Vaccine) Drug development (Target Validation, Drug Discovery,Pre-clinical development, Clinical research, Research regulation)

Research Themes



  •  The novel multi-cytokine inhibitor TO-207 specifically inhibits pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion in monocytes without affecting the killing ability of CAR T cells M. Futami, K. Suzuki, S. Kato, S. Ohmae, Y. Tahara, M. Nojima, Y. Imai, T. Mimura, Y. Watanabe, A. Tojo PlosOne 15 e0231896 2020
  •  Therapeutic Targeting of Monokine Production Is a Promising Strategy to Attenuate Cytokine-Release Syndrome in CAR-T Cell Therapy M. Futami, K. Suzuki, S. Kato, S. Ohmae, Y. Tahara, M. Nojima, Y. Imai, T. Mimura, Y. Watanabe, A. Tojo.  Blood 134 Supplement 1 2067 2019
  •  (低分子医薬品) Defective immune responses in mice lacking LUBAC-mediated linear ubiquitination in B cells. Sasaki Y, Sano S, Nakahara M, Murata S, Kometani K, Aiba Y, Sakamoto S, Watanabe Y, Tanaka K, Kurosaki T, Iwai K EMBO J. 32 18 2463-76 2013
  •  Suppressive effect of an orally active MEK1/2 inhibitor in two different animal models for rheumatoid arthritis: a comparison with leflunomide. Yamaguchi T, Kakefuda R, Tanimoto A, Watanabe Y, Tajima N. Inflamm Res. 61 5 445-54 2012
  •  Identification and characterization of a novel chemotype MEK inhibitor able to alter the phosphorylation state of MEK1/2. Yoshida T, Kakegawa J, Yamaguchi T, Hantani Y, Okajima N, Sakai T, Watanabe Y, Nakamura M Oncotarget 3 12 1533-45 2012

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  •  The cannabinoid receptor-2 is involved in allergic inflammation. Mimura T, Ueda Y, Watanabe Y, Sugiura T. Life Sci 90 21-22 862-866 2012
  •  Discovery of a highly potent and selective MEK inhibitor GSK1120212(JTP-74057 DMSO Solvate). Abe T, Kikuchi S, Hayakawa K, Iida T, Nagahashi N, Maeda K, Sakamoto J, Matsumoto N, Miura T, Matsumura K, Seki N, Inaba T, Kawasaki H, Yamaguch T, Kakefuda R, Nanayama T, Kurachi H, Hori Y, Yoshida T, Kakegawa J, Watanabe Y, Gilmartin AG, Richter MC, Moss KL, Laquere SG. ACS Med Chem Lett 2 4 320-24 2011
  •  JTE-607, a multi cytokine production inhibitor, induce apoptosis accompanied by an increase in p21 waf1/cip1 in acute myelogeneous leukemia cells. Tajima N, Fukui K, Uesato N, Maruhashi J, Yoshida T, Watanabe Y, Tojo A. Cancer Sci. 101 3 774-81 2010
  •  A simple preparation method for mouse eosinophils and their responses to anti-allergic drugs. Ebihara S, Kurachi H, Watanabe Y. Inflamm Res 56 3 112-117 2007
  •  Protein disulfide isomerase suppresses the transcriptional activity of NF-kappaB. Higuchi T, Watanabe Y, Waga I. BBRC 318 1 46-52 2004
  •  Characterization of preexisting humoral immunity specific for two cancer-testis antigens overexpressed at the mRNA level in non-small cell lung cancer. Watanabe Y, LePage S, Elliot M, Secrist H, Tanaka T, Kawahara M, Matsumura A, Hosoe S, Ogawara M, Okada M, Repasky B, Sleath P, Wang T, Henderson R. Cancer Immunity 10 6 3-10 2006
  •  Molecular and immunological evaluation of the transcription factor SOX-4 as a lung tumor vaccine antigen. Friedman RS, Bangur CS, Zasloff EJ, Fan L, Wang T, Watanabe Y, Kalos M. J. Immunol. 172 5 3319-27 2004
  •  (生物薬) JTA-009, a fully human antibody against human AILIM/ICOS, ameliorates grft-vs-host reaction in SCID mice grafted with human PBMCs. Tajima N, Tezuka K, Tanimoto A, Miyai A, Tanimoto M, Maruhashi J, Watanabe Y. Exp. Hematpl. 36 11 1514-23 2008
  •  Critical role of activation-inducible lymphocyte immunomomediatory molecule/inducible costimulator in the effector function of human T cells: a comparative in vitro study of effects of its blockade and CD28 blockade in human beings and monkeys. Tajima N, Tezuka K, Tanaka M, Tanimoto M, Miyai A, Takeshima H, Watanabe Y. Hum Immunol. 69 7 399-408 2008
  •  L523S, an RNA-binding protein as a potential therapeutic target for lung cancer. Wang T, Fan L, Watanabe Y, McNeil PD, Moulton GG, Bangur C, Fanger GR, Okada M, Inoue Y, Persing DH, Reed SG. Br. J. Cancer 88 6 887-94 2003
  •  Characterization of KLK4 expression and detection of KLK4-specific antibody in prostate cancer patient sera. Day CH, Fanger GR, Retter MW, Hylander BL, Penetrante RB, Houghton RL, Zhang X, McNeil PD, Filo AM, Nolasco M, Badaro R, Cheever MA, Reed SG, Dillon DC, Watanabe Y. Oncogene 21 46 7114-20 2002
  •  L552S, an alternatively spliced isoform of XAGE-1, is over-expressed in lung adenocarcinoma. Wang T, Fan L, Watanabe Y, McNeill P, Fanger GR, Persing DH, Reed SG. Oncogene 20 53 7699-7709 2001
  •  CD34high+ CD38(low/-) cells generated in a xenogenic coculture system are capable of both long-term hematopoiesis and multiple differentiation. Tsuji T, Itoh K, Nishimura-Morita Y, Watanabe Y, Hirano D, Mori KJ, Yatsunami K leukemia 13 9 1409-1419 1999
  •  A murine stromal cell line promotes the expansion of CD34high+-primitive progenitor cells isolated from human umbilical cord blood in combination with human cytokines. Tsuji T, Nishimura-Morita Y, Watanabe Y, Hirano D, Nakanishi S, Mori KJ, Yatsunami K Growth Factors 16 3 225-140 1999
  •  Requirement of dendritic cells and B cells in the clonal deletion of Mls-reactive T cells in the thymus. Mazda O, Watanabe Y, Gyotoku J, Katsura Y. J Exp Med 173 3 539-547 1991
  •  Interleukin 7 preferentially supports the growth of gamma delta T cell receptor-bearing T cells from fetal thymocytes in vitro. Watanabe Y, Sudo T, Minato N, Ohnishi A, Katsura Y. Int Immunol 3 11 1067-1075 1991
  •  T cell progenitors in the murine fetal liver: differences from those in the adult bone marrow. Watanabe Y, Aiba Y, Katsura Y. Cell. Immunol. 177 1 18-25 1997
  •  A novel culture system for induction of T cell development: modification of fetal thymus organ culture. Dou YM, Watanabe Y, Aiba Y, Wada K, Katsura Y. Thymus 23 3-4 195-207 1994
  •  Development of T cell receptor alpha beta-bearing T cells in the submersion organ culture of murine fetal thymus at high oxygen concentration. Watanabe Y, Katsura Y. Eur. J. Immunol. 23 1 200-5 1993
  •  A murine thymic stromal cell line which may support the differentiation of CD4-8- thymocytes into CD4+8- alpha beta T cell receptor positive cells.  Watanabe Y, Mazda O, Aiba Y, Iwai K, Gyotoku J, Ideyama S, Miyazaki J, Katsura Y. Cell. Immunol. 142 2 385-97 1992
  •  Analysis of the development of T cells by transferring precursors into cultured fetal thymus with a microinjector. Watanabe Y, Gyotoku J, Katsura Y. Thymus 13 1-2 57-71 1989

Conference Presentations

  • Clinical Success Stories: Discovery of Trametinib as a MEK-Inhibitor Able to Alter Phosphorylation State of MEK (conference:Keystone Symposia:Phenotypic Drug Discovery)(2019/03/04)


Arts and Fieldwork


○Pharmaceutical composition for treating immune diseases(country:US, others)
○Compositions and methods for therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer.
○Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of prostate cancer(No:US 6,943,236 B2)
○Amide compounds and use of the same(No:WO1997008133A1)
○Novel oxazinone derivative(No:WO1992018488A1)
○2'-bromo-2',3'-didehydro-2',3'-dideoxycytidine and production thereof(No:JPH0798833B2)

Theme to the desired joint research

○Strategic setting of seed/lead discovery, pre-clinical research, clinical research and research using human materials on the process of drug R&D
○Basic to clinical research relating Ras/Raf/MEK pathway-dependent tumor growth with/without Trametinib.
○Discovery of novel chemotype of anti-cancer drug and others upon chemical biology technology and informatin.
○R&D of epitope vaccine

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

○Immunology「IgG-affinity maturation on SLIT」(2020-2022) 

Competitive research funding,Contribution

Collaborative research,Consignment study

○Discovery of novel CAR/TCR-T therapy for various cancers(2019-2020)

Classes (Bachelors)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

International Project

International Students

Lecture themes

Others (Social Activities)

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