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last modified:2022/06/03

Associate Professor KOGA, Norimitsu

Laboratory Website

Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Science and Engineering

College and School Educational Field

Division of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Course in Mechanical Creation Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, College of Science and Engineering


Academic Background


Yokohama national university(2014/04-2019/03)

Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society



Structural/Functional materials、Physical properties of metals/Metal-base materials、Material processing/Microstructural control engineering

Speciality Keywords

Steel, Metal material, Mechanical property, Deformation and fracture behavior, Phase transformation, Microstructure control

Research Themes

Generation mechanism of inhomogeneous strain distribution introduced by deformation. Relation between mechanical property and inhomogeneous strain distribution. Development of duplex stainless steel with superior tensile property at cryogenic temperature.



  •  Deformation and fracture behaviors of spheroidized pearlitic steel under tensile loading Norimitsu Koga, Yuto Yajima, Chihiro Watanabe ISIJ International 62 10 In press 2022
  •  Effects of vanadium addition on strain distribution, crack initiation and propagation during low-cycle fatigue test in ferrite and martensite dual-phase steel N. Koga, A. Kaseya, O. Umezawa, H. Nakata, S. Toyoda ISIJ Int 62 10 In press 2022/10
  •  Statistical Analysis of Influential Factors on the Stability of Retained Austenite in Low Alloy TRIP steel  N. Koga, T. Yamashita, K. Ogawa, O. Umezawa Materials Transactions 63 5 693-702 2022/05
  •  Role of ferrite and austenite phases on the deformation behavior and mechanical properties in the heterogeneous-nano structured duplex stainless steel aged at different temperatures N.Koga, S. Suzuki, H. Jiang, T. Watanabe, C. Watanabe, Y. Miyajima, H. Miura Journal of Materials Science 57 5606-5619 2022
  •  Deformation structure around a crack in γ’-Fe4N layer of nitrided extra-low-carbon steel subjected to cyclic tensile test N.Koga, K.Tanahara, O.Umezawa Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 53 1150-1155 2022

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  •  Crack initiation and propagation behavior in γ’-Fe4N layer during monotonic and cyclic tensile deformation in the nitrided ultra-low carbon steel N. Koga, S. Saito, O. Umezawa Journal of Materials Science 57 2194-2207 2022
  •  Visualization of strain distribution around fatigue crack developed by low cycle fatigue test in high-strength steels using digital image correlation method for replica films N. Koga, Y. Sakamaki, A. Kaseya, O. Umezawa, H. Nakata, S. Toyoda Materials Characterization 185 111731 2022
  •  Effects of grain size and strain rate on the low-temperature tensile properties of ferrite-austenite duplex stainless steel N.Koga, T.Nameki, O.Umezawa IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering In press 2022
  •  Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Cu-38mass%Zn Alloy Fabricated by Different Rolling Pass Schedules Y. Li, N. Koga, C. Watanabe, H. Miura Materials Transactions 63 1 11-15 2022/01
  •  Deformation behavior of heterogeneous nanostructured austenitic stainless steel at cryogenic temperature H. Jiang, T. Watanabe, C. Watanabe, N.Koga, H. Miura Materials Science and Engineering A 840 142871 2022
  •  Visualization of Microscopic-Scale Strain Distributions in Martensitic Steel over a Wide Range of Tensile Strain by Using Digital Image Correlation Method on Replica Film N. Koga, M. Fujita, C. Watanabe Materials Transactions 62 9 1424-1427 2021
  •  Effect of aging on low-temperature tensile properties of ultra-low carbon steel N. Koga, Y. Kanehira, P. Huyen, K. Hori, O. Umezawa ISIJ International 61 8 2308-2316 2021
  •  Influential factors on the deformability of colonies in pearlitic steel Y. Yajima, N. Koga, C. Watanabe Materials Characterization Vol.177 111197 2021/06
  •  Low-temperature tensile properties of Cu-Fe laminated sheets with various number of layers Norimitsu Koga, Shohei Tomono, Osamu Umezawa Materials Science and Engineering A 811 141066 2021/04/15
  •  Influence of layer thickness on tensile deformation and fracture in the ferrite + martensite fine multi-layered steel sheets N. Koga, M. Suzuki, O. Umezawa Materials Science & Engineering A 806 140599 2021
  •  Effect of solute carbon on the characteristic hardening of steel at high temperature N.Koga, O.Umezawa, M. Yamamoto, T. Yamamoto, T. Yamashita, S. Morooka, T. Kawasaki, S. Harjo Metallurgical Materials Transactions A 52 897-901 2021
  •  Microstructure and Low Temperature Tensile Properties in Cu-50mass%Fe Alloy  N. Koga, W. Zhang, S. Tomono, and O. Umezawa Materials Transactions 62 57-61 2021
  •  Crystallographic orientation on raft-like structure developed by tensile deformation in Cu-Fe dual phase alloy sheet N. Koga, S. Tomono, O. Umezawa IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 1121 012006 2021
  •  Tensile properties and deformation behavior of ferrite and austenite duplex stainless steel at cryogenic temperatures Norimitsu Koga, Tatsuya Nameki, Osamu Umezawa, Valentin Tschan, Klaus-Peter Weiss Materials Science and Engineering A 801 140442 2021
  •  Work hardening behavior of dual phase copper-iron alloy at low temperature T. Yamashita, N. Koga, T. Kawasaki, S. Morooka, S. Tomono, O. Umezawa, S. Harjo Materials Science and Engineering A 819 141509 2021
  •  Effects of cross-slip activity on low-cycle fatigue behavior and dislocation structure in pure aluminum single crystals with single-slip orientation C. Watanabe, N. Koga Materials Science and Engineering A 815 141221 2021
  •  Rearrangement of Fatigue Dislocation Structure in a Pure-Aluminium Single Crystal Associated with Change in Deformation Temperature Chihiro Watanabe, Hailun Zhou, Norimitsu Koga Philosophical Magazine In press 2021
  •  Stress Partitioning Behavior of Duplex Alloys Consisting of BCC and FCC Phases at Low Temperature T. Yamashita, S. Tomono, S. Morooka, S. Harjo, T. Kawasaki, T. Nameki, N. Koga and O. Umezawa JPS conference proceedings 33 011063 2021
  •  Characterization of heterogeneous–nano structure in austenitic stainless steel: crystal orientations and hardness distribution Norimitsu Koga, Shinya Suzuki, Hua Jiang, Chihiro Watanabe, Yoshiteru Aoyagi, Masakazu Kobayashi & Hiromi Miura  Journal of Materials Science, 55(22), 9299-9310 55 22 9299-9310 2020/04
  •  Strain distribution and deformation induced martensitic transformation in tension for a TRIP steel plate N.Koga, T.Yamashita, O.Umezawa ISIJ International 60 9 2083-2089 2020/09
  •  Role of retained austenite in low alloy steel at low temperature monitored by neutron diffraction Takayuki Yamashita, Satoshi Morooka, Stefanus Harjo, Takuro Kawasaki, Norimitsu Koga, Osamu Umezawa Scripta Materialia 177 pp.6-10 2020/03
  •  Effects of rolling-pass reduction on microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of SUS316LN stainless steel Hiromi Miura, Masakazu Kobayashi, Norimitsu Koga, Chihiro Watanabe Procedia Manufacturing 50 765-770 2020
  •  Crystal orientation analysis on stress corrosion cracking facets in austenitic stainless steels Ryo Wakinaga, Norimitsu Koga, Osamu Umezawa, Motoaki Morita, Shinichi Motoda, Tadashi Shinohara Key Engineering Materials 810 pp.64-69 2019
  •  Analysis of Subsurface Fatigue Crack Generation in Ti–Fe–O Alloy at Low Temperature W.Li, O.Umezawa, N.Koga ISIJ International 58 2 pp.359-363 2018
  •  Influence of deformability of retained austenite on martensitic transformation in tension for low alloy steel at low temperatures T.Yamashita, N.Koga, O.Umezawa ISIJ International 58 6 pp.1155-1161 2018
  •  Martensitic transformation of retained austenite in ferrite matrix for low alloy steel T.Yamashita, N.Koga, O.Umezawa Materials Transactions 59 5 pp.712-716 2018
  •  Temperature dependence on tensile properties of Cu-40mass%Fe dual phase alloy N.Koga, W.Zhang, O.Umezawa, V.Tschan, J.Sas, K.P.Weiss IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 279 p.012004 2018
  •  Visualization of strain distribution in tensile test of ferrite + martensite multilayered steel sheet by digital image correlation method N.Koga, M.Suzuki, O.Umezawa Procedia Manufacturing 15 pp.1656-1662 2018
  •  Effects of slip ratio on damage and microcracks in carburized SCM420 steel under rolling contact fatigue J.Sanekata, N.Koga, O.Umezawa Key Engineering Materials 741 pp.94-98 2017
  •  Mechanical stability and deformation-induced transformation of retained austenite in TRIP steels at low temperature T.Yamashita, N.Koga, O.Umezawa Key Engineering Materials 741 pp.36-41 2017
  •  Effects of cross-rolling on deformation texture evolution in unalloyed titanium O.Umezawa, N.Koga Materials Science Forum 879 pp.2014-2019 2017
  •  Local Cementite Cracking Induced by Heterogeneous Plastic Deformation in Lamellar Pearlite T.Teshima, M.Kosaka, K.Ushioda, N.Koga, N.Nakada Materials Science & Engineering A 679 pp.223-229 2017
  •  Effect of oxidation temperature on photo-catalytic properties of stainless steel coated by copper oxide M.Morita, K.Kishihara, S.Motoda, N.Koga, T.Shinohara ISIJ International 57 9 pp.1609-1616 2017
  •  Visualization of Strain Distribution on Deformed Steels Using Digital Image Correlation Method N.Koga,O.Umezawa Key Engineering Materials 741 pp.138-143 2017
  •  Effects of Strain Rate on Mechanical Properties of Heterogeneous Nano-Structured SUS316LN Stainless Steel: Revealed by In-Situ X-Ray Diffraction at Synchrotron Radiation Facility H. Jiang, C. Watanabe, Y. Miyajima, N. Koga, Y. Aoyagi, M. Kobayashi, H.Miura Materials Science and Engineering A 815 141251 2021

Conference Presentations

  • Low-temperature tensile properties of aged ultra-low carbon steels(conference:ICAS2022)(2022/05/30)
  • Temperature dependence of tensile properties in bcc + fcc dual phase materials(conference:Materials Science World Forum 2021)(2021/11/05)
  • Visualization of strain distribution during tensile deformation in a martensitic steel by using digital image correlation method on replica films (2021/09/04)
  • Effect of grain size and strain rate on the low-temperature tensile properties of ferrite-austenite duplex stainless steel(conference:CEC/ICMC2021)(2021/07/23)


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