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山口 (Target:Name)

6 faculty members found.Click on a name for details.

No. Name Faculty Position Specialities
1 YAMAGUCHI TAKAHIRO Faculty of Chemistry, Institute of Science and Engineering Associate Professor Electrochemistry
2 YAMAGUCHI, Naoya Nanomaterials Research Institute Assistant Professor Computational materials science, First-principles calculation
3 YAMAGUCHI, Hiromichi Faculty of Geosciences and civil Engineering,Institute of Science and Engineering Assistant Professor Transportation, Disaster prevention and mitigation, Long distance travel, Data science
4 YAMAGUCHI, Masaaki Faculty of Biological Science and Technology,Institute of Science and Engineering Professor Echinoderms, Developmental biology, Evolutionary developmental biology
5 YAMAGUCHI, Mitsugu Advanced Manufacturing Technology Institute Assistant Professor
6 YAMAGUCHI, Yoshinari Faculty of Letters, Institute of Human and Social Sciences Associate Professor early national American literature and culture, footnote and translation and creative writing, shipwreck/castaway narrative

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