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Researcher Information

last modified:2024/01/08

Associate Professor BABA Tomohisa


Faculty, Affiliation

Cancer Research Institute

College and School Educational Field

Division of Medicine, Graduate School of Medical Science


Molecular Bioregulation TEL:076-265-2768 FAX:076-234-4520

Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Hokkaido University Doctor Gradually School of Medicine 200603 Completed
Doctor of philosophy


postdoctoral fellow(2006/04/01-2007/03/31)
Assistant Professor Cancer Research Institute(2007/04/01-)

Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society

Japanese Society for Immunology
Japanese Cancer Association




Speciality Keywords


Research Themes

Mechanism of induction of central tolerance by thymic dendritic cells



  •  MIP-1alpha/CCL3-mediated maintenance of leukemia-initiating cells in the initiation process of chronic myeloid leukemia Journal of Experimental Medicine 210 12 2661 2013/11
  •  Novel process of intrathymic tumor-immune tolerance through CCR2-mediated recruitment of Sirpα+ dendritic cells: a murine model. Baba T,Badr Mel S,Tomaru U,Ishizu A,Mukaida N PLoS One 7 7 e41154 2012/07
  •  Crucial contribution of thymic Sirp alpha+ conventional dendritic cells to central tolerance against blood-borne antigens in a CCR2-dependent manner. Baba T,Nakamoto Y,Mukaida N J Immunol 183 5 3053-63 2009/09
  •  Rat CD4+ CD8+ macrophages kill tumor cells through an NKG2D- and granzyme/perforin-dependent mechanism Tomohisa Baba, Sari Iwasaki, Akihiro Ishizu The journal of immunology 180 2999-3006 2008/03
  •  CD4+/CD8+ macrophages infiltrating at inflammatory sites: a population of monocytes/macrophages with a cytotoxic phenotype Baba Tomohisa, Ishizu Akihiro, Iwasaki Sari Blood 107 2004-2012 2006/03

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  •  Chronic graft-versus-host disease-like autoimmune disorders spontaneously occurred in rats with neonatal thymus atrophy Baba Tomohisa, Ishizu Akihiro, Yoshiki Takashi Eur J Immunol 35 1731-1740 2005/05
  •  Crucial involvement of the CX3CR1-CX3CL1 axis in dextran sulfate sodium-mediated acute colitis in mice. Kostadinova FI,Baba T,Ishida Y,Kondo T,Popivanova BK,Mukaida N J Leukoc Biol 88 1 133-43 2010/07

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Classes (Bachelors)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Seminars on Cytokines(2017)
○Seminars on Cytokines(2017)
○Seminar on Tumor Biology(2016)

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