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Researcher Information

last modified:2022/03/18

Professor YAMAZAKI Toshiaki


Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Health Sciences, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences

College and School Educational Field

Division of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medical Science
Division of Health Sciences,Graduate School of Medical Science
Department of Physical Therapy,School of Health Sciences, College of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences


Department of Physical Therapy, School of Health Sciences. TEL:076-265-2619 FAX:076-234-4372

Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Kanazawa University Master Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences 200203 Completed
Kanazawa University Doctor Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences 200503 Completed
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Toyama University 198203
Al. Med. Prof. Kanazawa Univ. 198703
Master of Health Sciences
PhD(Health Sciences)


Kanazawa University(1989/04/01-)
Kanazawa University(1995/10/01-)
Kanazawa University(2004/10/01-)
Kanazawa University(2006/11/01-)
Kanazawa University(2008/04/01-)

Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society

Japan Therapeutic Exercise Society
The Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine


○Ishikawa Physical therapy Association(2007/05/20)


Physical Therapy

Speciality Keywords

Physical Therapy

Research Themes

Prevention of disuse muscle atrophy

My research focuses on the effects of intermittent weight-bearing or stretching to prevent the progression of disuse muscle atrophy. In experiments using an animal (rat) model of hindlimb suspension, I have been conducting the following analyses:
1) Morphometric analyses (muscle length, circumference, ROM of joint)
2) Physiological analyses (contractile properties; twitch tension, etc. in vitro)
3) Biochemical analyses (protein concentrations; myofibrillar protein, etc.)
4) Histological analyses (HE staining)
5) Histochemical analyses (ATPase staining; classification of muscle fiber type)
6) Immuno-cytochemical analyses (labeling of BrdU, TUNEL, etc.)

Prevention of disuse muscle atrophy


  •  Clinical Reasoning Part 4 2007/04


  •  Effect of electro-motor stimulation on the power production of a maximally stretched muscle Scand J Rehab Med 21 147-150 1989/09
  •  Effect of short duration stretching for prevention of disuse muscle atrophy in mature rats. Yamazaki T, Tachino K, Haida N, Musha S. 23 6 349-354 1996/09
  •  Effects of weight bearing intervals on disuse atrophy of rat soleus muscle. J Jpn Phys Ther Assoc 1 1 19-24 1998/06
  •  The influence of calf muscle pumping and resting position on the volume of the lower leg during and/or whirlpool therapy. 金大医保紀要 23 1 1-7 1999/07
  •  Non-task-specific training to the latissimi dorsi and oblique abdominal muscles. 金大医保紀要 23 1 9-13 1999/07

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  •  Preventive effect of passive range of motion exercise on denervation- induced muscle atrophy. 金大医保紀要 23 1 55-58 1999/07
  •  Effect of posture on maximal expiratory pressure. 金大医保紀要 23 2 97-101 1999/12
  •  Bilateral and unilateral measurement of chest excursion. 金大医保紀要 24 1 1-6 2000/12
  •  Transient postural away following treadmill walking. 金大医保紀要 24 1 7-13 2000/12
  •  Adaptation of slow soleus and fast gastrocnemius to isometric exercise in rat. 金大医保紀要 24 1 39-44 2000/12
  •  Effect of hindlimb re-weighting, low-and high-intensity exercise on disuse atrophy of rat soleus muscle. 金大医保紀要 24 2 1-7 2001/03
  •  Chest excursion and breathing patterns in the aged. 金大医保紀要 24 2 9-13 2001/03
  •  Relationship of tibialis anterior muscle reaction time and gait characteristics. 金大医保紀要 24 2 15-19 2001/03
  •  Effect of electromyographic biofeedback therapy for idiopathic facial palsy. 金大医保紀要 24 2 33-38 2001/03
  •  Influence of the time when weight bearing is started on disuse atrophy in rat soleus muscle. J Jpn Phys Ther Assoc 4 1 13-18 2001/03
  •  Influence of weight bearing intervals on the prevention of disuse atrophy in rat soleus muscle J. Tsuruma Health Sci. Soc. 26 1 45-50 2002/12
  •  Effect of stretch frequency per day in retarding disuse atrophy in rat soleus muscle 3 1 3-7 2003/03
  •  Influence of hindlimb unweighting and intermittent weight bearing on dynamics of nuclei in rat soleus muscle. 6 1-8 2003/03
  •  Comparison of the effects of intermittent weight bearing and short duration stretching on disuse atrophy of rat soleus muscles. J Tsuruma Health Sci Med Kanazawa Univ 28 91-96 2004/12
  •  Effects of intermittent weight-bearing and clenbuterol on disuse atrophy of rat hindlimb muscles. 8 9-20 2005/03
  •  Effects of short duration weight-bearing on disuse atrophy of rat soleus muscle. 40 6 491-493 2006/06
  •  Uptake behavior of thallium-201 in hindlimb muscles of rtas J Phys Ther Sci 20 117-122 2008/05
  •  Age-associated changes in atrophy of the extensor digitorum longus muscle in hindlimb-suspended rats J Phys Ther Sci 20 129-133 2008/05
  •  Effects of combined stretching and clenbuterol on disuse atrophy in rat soleus muscle. Yamazaki T, Yokogawa M, Tachino K J Jpn Phys Ther Assoc 12 1 13-19 2009/03
  •  MyoD, myogenin and myosin heavy chain mRNA expression in rat skeletal muscle after a single session of low-intensity treadmill exercise Miyata T, Tanaka S, Yamazaki T J Phys Ther Sci 21 379-383 2009/11
  •  Effects of walking and weight-bearing exercise on soleus muscle in hindlimb-suspended rat.  J Phys Ther Sci 23 385-389 2011/06
  •  The effect of reloading on disuse muscle atrophy. Time course of hypertrophy and regeneration focusing on the myofiber cross-sectional area and myonuclear change. Zushi K, Yamazaki T  J Jpn Phys Ther Assoc 15 1-8 2012/12
  •   Influence of passive stretching on inhibition of disuse atrophy and hemodynamics of rat soleus muscle. Kimura S, Inaoka PT, Yamazaki T J Jpn Phys Ther Assoc 15 9-14 2012/12
  •  Effects of isokinetic passive exercise and isometric muscle contraction on passive stiffness Terada S, Miaki H, Uchiyama K, Hayakawa S, Yamazaki T J Phys Ther Sci 25 1347-1352 2013/10
  •  The effect of the abdominal drawing-in manoeuvre during forward steps. Madokoro S, Miaki H, Yamazaki T. J Phys Ther Sci 26 6 889-893 2014/06
  •  Effects of static interventions on disuse atrophy of the rat soleus muscle at different sites along its longitudinal axis.  Miyachi R, Yamazaki T.  J Phys Ther Sci  27 2317-2321 2015/07
  •  Effect of hindlimb unloading and reloading on the soleus and plantaris muscles in diabetic rats. Madokoro S, Inaoka PT, Tanaka S, Yamazaki T. J Phys Ther Sci  30 1150-1155 2018/09/04
  •  Morphological changes of lower leg muscles according to ankle joint position during sitting evaluated by gravity mri in young females. Miyachi R, Yamazaki T, Ohno N, Miyati T. J Phys Ther Sci  31 488-492 2019/06/01
  •  Relationship between muscle cross-sectional area by MRI and muscle thickness by ultrasonography of the triceps surae in the sitting position. Miyachi R, Yamazaki T, Ohno N, Miyati T. Healthcare 8 2 166 2020/06/30
  •  Fast repetitive stretch suppresses denervation‐induced muscle fibrosis. Tanaka S, Inaoka PT, Yano A, Nakagawa T, Yamazaki T. Muscle Nerve 62 746-756 2020/09/07
  •  Contributions of muscle elasticity and lateral slide of the transversus abdominis to lumbar stability Shimizu I, Miaki H, Mizuno K, Azuma N, Nakagawa T, yamazaki T J Sport Rehabil 2020/11/23
  •  Morphological changes in the long axis of the lower leg muscles during isometric contraction in the sitting position.  Miyachi R, Yamazaki T, Ohno N, Miyati T. J Phys Ther Sci 32 828-832 2020/12/11
  •  Blood lipid profile changes in type 2 diabetic rats after tail suspension and reloading Tanaka S, Madokoro S, Inaoka PT, Yamazaki T  Lipids in Health and Disease 20 2021/08/01
  •  Preventive effect of weight-bearing in disuse muscle atrophy of diabetic rats Madokoro S, Inaoka PT, Tanaka S, Yamazaki T. J Wellness Health Care 45 1 33-40 2021/08/02

Conference Presentations

  • The effect of the abdominal drawing-in manoeuvre during forward steps.(conference:17th International WCPT Congress)(2015/05/03)
  • Time-course influence of weight-bearing stimulation on muscle fibers with disuse muscle atrophy: based on longitudinal regions in rat soleus muscle.(conference:17th International WCPT Congress.)(2015/05/04)
  • Effects of static interventions on disuse atrophy of rat soleus muscle depend on the longitudinal sites.(conference:17th International WCPT Congress)(2015/05/04)
  • Time-course changes in disuse atrophy of the soleus muscle induced by intermittent short-time stretching in rats.(conference:WCPT-AWP & PTAT Congress 2017)(2017/06/28)
  • Analysis of gastrocnemius muscle morphology with changes in the ankle joint position while sitting in adult women using Gravity MRI.(conference:WCPT-AWP & PTAT Congress 2017)(2017/06/29)

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  • The effects of hindlimb unloading and reloading on the soleus and plantaris muscles in diabetic rats.(conference:13th International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine World Congress (ISPRM 2019).)(2019/06/09)
  • Effects of a gradually increased load on the progression of disuse muscle atrophy of the rat soleus muscle. (conference:ACPT Congress 2016)(2016/10/07)


Arts and Fieldwork


Theme to the desired joint research

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research


Competitive research funding,Contribution

Collaborative research,Consignment study

Classes (Bachelors)

○Activities of Daily Living 2(2021)
○Measurement and Evaluation 2(2021)
○Measurement and Evaluation 1(2021)
○Measurement and Evaluation 3(2021)
○Activities of Daily Living 1(2021)
○Environmental and the Physical Therapist(2021)
○Clinical Internship 2(2020)
○Clinical Internship 1(2020)
○Environmental and the Physical Therapist(2020)
○Activities of Daily Living 2(2020)
○Activities of Daily Living 1(2020)
○Activities of Daily Living 1(2020)
○Measurement and Evaluation 1(2020)
○Measurement and Evaluation 3(2020)
○Measurement and Evaluation 2(2020)
○Introduction to Region-studies(2019)
○Freshman Seminar I(2019)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2019)
○Activities of Daily Living 2(2019)
○Activities of Daily Living 1(2019)
○Measurement and Evaluation 3(2019)
○Measurement and Evaluation 1(2019)
○Measurement and Evaluation 2(2019)
○Measurement and Evaluation 2(2018)
○Measurement and Evaluation 1(2018)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2018)
○Activities of Daily Living 2(2018)
○Activities of Daily Living 1(2018)
○Measurement and Evaluation 3(2018)
○Activities of Daily Living 2(2017)
○Measurement and Evaluation 3(2017)
○Measurement and Evaluation 1(2017)
○Measurement and Evaluation 2(2017)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2017)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2017)
○Activities of Daily Living 1(2017)
○Measurement and Evaluation 2(2016)
○Measurement and Evaluation 1(2016)
○Measurement and Evaluation 3(2016)
○Activities of Daily Living 1(2016)
○Activities of Daily Living 2(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Preventive Medicine(2021)
○Impairment Advanced Analysis:Research(2020)
○Adv. Tech. for Functional Restoration: Seminar(2020)
○Adv. Tech. for Functional Restoration: Lecture(2020)
○Impairment Analysis Science:Reseach(2020)
○Preventive Medicine(2020)
○Adv. Therapeutics in Functional Restoration: Semi.(2020)
○Adv. Therapeutics in Functional Restoration: Lec.(2020)
○Research Design in Physical Therapy: Lecture(2020)
○Impairment Advanced Analysis:Research(2019)
○Adv. Tech. for Functional Restoration: Seminar(2019)
○Adv. Tech. for Functional Restoration: Lecture(2019)
○Impairment Analysis Science:Reseach(2019)
○Adv. Therapeutics in Functional Restoration: Semi.(2019)
○Adv. Therapeutics in Functional Restoration: Lec.(2019)
○Research Design in Physical Therapy: Lecture(2019)
○Preventive Medicine(2019)
○Impairment Advanced Analysis:Research(2018)
○Adv. Tech. for Functional Restoration: Seminar(2018)
○Adv. Tech. for Functional Restoration: Lecture(2018)
○Impairment Analysis Science:Reseach(2018)
○Adv. Therapeutics in Functional Restoration: Semi.(2018)
○Adv. Therapeutics in Functional Restoration: Lec.(2018)
○Research Design in Physical Therapy: Lecture(2018)
○Preventive Medicine(2018)
○Impairment Analysis Science:Reseach(2017)
○Adv. Therapeutics in Functional Restoration: Semi.(2017)
○Adv. Therapeutics in Functional Restoration: Lec.(2017)
○Research Design in Physical Therapy: Lecture(2017)
○Impairment Advanced Analysis:Research(2017)
○Adv. Tech. for Functional Restoration: Lecture(2017)
○Adv. Tech. for Functional Restoration: Seminar(2017)
○Research Design in Physical Therapy: Lecture(2016)
○Adv. Therapeutics in Functional Restoration: Lec.(2016)
○Adv. Therapeutics in Functional Restoration: Semi.(2016)
○Impairment Analysis Science:Reseach(2016)
○Adv. Tech. for Functional Restoration: Lecture(2016)
○Adv. Tech. for Functional Restoration: Seminar(2016)
○Impairment Advanced Analysis:Research(2016)

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