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Researcher Information

last modified:2022/05/30

Associate Professor YOKOGAWA Masami


Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Health Sciences, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences

College and School Educational Field

Division of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medical Science
Division of Health Sciences,Graduate School of Medical Science
Department of Physical Therapy,School of Health Sciences, College of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences


Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Tohoku University Master Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences 1998
Kanazawa University Doctor Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences 200509 Completed


Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society



Rehabilitation science/Welfare engineering

Speciality Keywords

Physical therapy, health promotion

Research Themes

basic research in physical performance of elderly

Effects of therapeutic exercise for the prevention of dementia



  •  Effect of cognitive and aerobic training intervention on older adults with mild or no cognitive impairment: a derivative study of the nakajima project. Sugano K, Yokogawa M, Yuki S, Dohmoto C, Yoshita M, Hamaguchi T, Yanase D, Iwasa K, Komai K, Yamada M DEMENTIA AND GERIATRIC COGNITIVE DISORDERS 2 26-80 2012/03
  •  Uptake Behavior of Thallium-201 in Hindlimb Muscles of Rats Inaoka PT Tachino K, Amano R, Yamazaki T, Yokogawa M, Tanaka S  Journal of Physical Therapy Science 20 2 117-122 2008/05
  •  Age-Associated Changes in Atrophy of the Extensor Digitorum Longus Muscle in Hindlimb-Suspended Rats Yokogawa M, Yamazaki T, Inoue K, Inaoka PT, Tsuji K, TachinoK Journal of Physical Therapy Science 20 2 129-133 2008/05
  •  Effects of Food Intake on Physiological Responses to Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing :Yokogawa M, Ueda K, Murase J, Miaki H, Sasaki M, Inoue K, Susaki T, Tachino K Journal of Physical Therapy Science 19 2 145-150 2007/05
  •  Effects of Combined Stretching and Clenbuterol on Disuse Atrophy in Rat Soleus Muscle Yamazaki T, Yokogawa M, Tachino K Journal of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association 12 1 13-19 2006/03

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  •  Age-related differences in the effect of weight bearing on the rat soleus muscle subjected to hindlimb suspension Jouranal of the Tsuruma Health Sci Med Kanazawa Univ 29 1 35-50 2005/08
  •  Measurements of isometric hip extension force with a hand-held dynamometer 4 1 17-20 2004/03
  •  Relationship between lower extremity strength and time for rising from a chair in elderly women 32 2 175-180 2004/02
  •  Comparison of skeletal muscle oxygenation and cardiopulmonary responses during intermittent and continuous exercises Physiotherapy Singapore 4 2 114 2001/06
  •  筋電図バイオフィードバック療法の効果 特発性顔面神経麻痺に対する治療 金沢大学医学部保健学科紀要 24 2 33-38 2001/03
  •  高齢者の胸郭可動域と呼吸様式 金沢大学医学部保健学科紀要 24 2 9-13 2001/03
  •  前脛骨筋の反応時間と歩行速度,歩幅,歩行率の関係 金沢大学医学部保健学科紀要 24 2 15-19 2001/03
  •  トレッドミル歩行による平衡機能の一時的低下 金沢大学医学部保健学科紀要 24 1 7-13 2000/12
  •  胸郭可動域の対称性・非対称性測定 金沢大学医学部保健学科紀要 24 1 1-6 2000/12
  •  脱神経筋萎縮に対する他動的関節運動の効果 金沢大学医学部保健学科紀要 23 1 55-58 1999/07
  •  The effect of physical activity on glucose and lipid metabolism in stroke patients World confederation for physical therapy 13 596 1999
  •  Muscle damage induced by experimental hypoglycemia Metabolism 47 12 1472-1476 1998/12
  •  Examination of characteristics of diabetic patients requireing frequent exercise intervention based on the transtheoretical model. Matsui N, Yokogawa M, Washida K Int J Physiother 7 14-19 2020
  •  Yokogawa M, Kurebayashi T, Soma K, Miaki H, Nakagawa T: Investigating deep breathing through measurement of ventilatory parameters and observation of breathing patterns.  Yokogawa M, Kurebayashi T, Soma K, Miaki H, Nakagawa T J Vis Exp 151 e60062 2019
  •  Aim at human resources development through hearing disorders with the various complex problems: Center of Community work report of Kanazawa University in 2014  39 133-135 2015
  •  Relationship between dermal structural changes on ultrasonographic images and skin viscoelasticity in overweight and obese Japanese males Matsumoto M, Ogai K, Aoki M, Yokogawa M, Tawara M, Sugama J, Minematsu T, Dai M, Sanada H, Nakagami G Health 8 2015
  •  Changes in the thickness of transversus abdominis muscle during “drawing-in” of the abdominal wall and expiratory threshold loading according to posture 30 385-388 2015
  •  Differences in the Prevalence of Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment and Cognitive Functions between Early and Delayed Responders in a Community-Based Study of the Elderly Noguchi-Shinohara M, Yuki S, Dohmoto C, Ikeda Y, Samuraki M, Iwasa K, Yokogawa M, Asai K, Komai K, Nakamura H, Yamada M J Alzheimers Dis 37 691-698 2013
  •  Consumption of green tea, but not black tea or coffee, is associated with reduced risk of cognitive decline Noguchi-Shinohara, Moeko; Yuki, Sohshi; Dohmoto, Chiaki; Ikeda, Yoshihisa; Samuraki, Miharu; Iwasa, Kazuo; Yokogawa, Masami; Asai, Kimiko; Komai, Kiyonobu; Nakamura, Hiroyuki; Yamada, Masahito PLoS ONE 9 5 2014/05/14 

Conference Presentations

  • Effects of deep breathing methods on ventilation efficiency and autonomic nerve activity(conference: 17th WCPT)(2015/05/01)
  • Effects of moderate aerobic exercise on cognitive function and cerebral blood flow.(conference: INS 2015 Mid-Year Meeting)(2015/07/01)


Arts and Fieldwork


Theme to the desired joint research

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research


Competitive research funding,Contribution

Collaborative research,Consignment study

Classes (Bachelors)

○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2018)
○Treatment Techniques for Metabolic Disorders(2018)
○Treatment Techniques for Thoracic Conditions 1(2018)
○Treatment Techniques for Thoracic Conditions 2(2018)
○Practical Application of Mobilising Techniques(2018)
○Introduction to Mobilising Techniques(2018)
○Introduction to Region-studies(2018)
○Freshman Seminar I(2018)
○Treatment Techniques for Thoracic Conditions 1(2017)
○Treatment Techniques for Thoracic Conditions 2(2017)
○Treatment Techniques for Orthopaedic Conditions 2(2017)
○Treatment Techniques for Orthopaedic Conditions 1(2017)
○Practical Application of Mobilising Techniques(2017)
○Introduction to Mobilising Techniques(2017)
○Treatment Techniques for Metabolic Disorders(2017)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2017)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2017)
○Treatment Techniques for Thoracic Conditions 1(2016)
○Treatment Techniques for Thoracic Conditions 2(2016)
○Treatment Techniques for Orthopaedic Conditions 2(2016)
○Treatment Techniques for Metabolic Disorders(2016)
○Practical Application of Mobilising Techniques(2016)
○Treatment Techniques for Orthopaedic Conditions 1(2016)
○Introduction to Mobilising Techniques(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Adv. Tech. for Functional Restoration: Seminar(2018)
○Adv. Tech. for Functional Restoration: Lecture(2018)
○Care, Rehabilitation, Community Support, and Ethics for Dementia(2018)
○Impairment Analysis Science:Reseach(2018)
○Adv. Therapeutics in Functional Restoration: Semi.(2018)
○Adv. Therapeutics in Functional Restoration: Lec.(2018)
○Research Design in Physical Therapy: Lecture(2018)
○Research Design in Physical Therapy: Lecture(2017)
○Adv. Therapeutics in Functional Restoration: Lec.(2017)
○Care, Rehabilitation, Community Support, and Ethics for Dementia(2017)
○Care, Rehabilitation, Community Support, and Ethics for Dementia(2017)
○Adv. Tech. for Functional Restoration: Seminar(2017)
○Adv. Tech. for Functional Restoration: Lecture(2017)
○Impairment Analysis Science:Reseach(2017)
○Adv. Therapeutics in Functional Restoration: Semi.(2017)
○Research Design in Physical Therapy: Lecture(2016)
○Adv. Tech. for Functional Restoration: Seminar(2016)
○Adv. Tech. for Functional Restoration: Lecture(2016)
○Impairment Analysis Science:Reseach(2016)
○Adv. Therapeutics in Functional Restoration: Semi.(2016)
○Adv. Therapeutics in Functional Restoration: Lec.(2016)
○Care, Rehabilitation, Community Support, and Ethics for Dementia(2016)
○Care, Rehabilitation, Community Support, and Ethics for Dementia(2016)

International Project

International Students

Lecture themes

Others (Social Activities)

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