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last modified:2024/06/20

Associate Professor IZUMI, Kouji

Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences

College and School Educational Field


Academic Background


Kanazawa University(2001/04-2002/03)
University of Rochester, NY(2010/10-2012/09)
Kanazawa University(2012/10-)

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Speciality Keywords

Research Themes



  •  Serum chemokine (CC motif) ligand 2 level as a diagnostic, predictive, and prognostic biomarker for prostate cancer Oncotarget 2016
  •  Aplastic anemia associated with severe hemorrhagic cystitis after radiotherapy for prostate cancer Mol Clin Oncol 2016
  •  The relationship between prostate-specific antigen and TNM classification or Gleason score in prostate cancer patients with low prostate-specific antigen levels Prostate 2015
  •  Editorial comment to Clinical outcomes of patients with prostate cancer in Yokosuka city Japan: A comparative study between patients detected by PSA-based population screening in Yokosuka and those detected by other than the screening Int J Urol 2015
  •  Outcomes and predictive factors of prostate cancer patients with extremely high prostate-specific antigen level. Izumi K et al J Cancer Res Clin Oncol 2014

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  •  Optimal treatment for castration-resistant prostate cancer. Asian J Androl 2014
  •  The role of procalcitonin in differentiation between bacterial infection and neoplastic fever in patients with advanced urological cancer Int J Urol 2014
  •  Editorial Comment to Predictors of benign histology in clinical T1a renal cell carcinoma tumors undergoing partial nephrectomy Int J Urol 2014
  •  Efficacy of Tegafur-uracil in Advanced Urothelial Cancer Patients after the Treatment Failure of Platinum-based Chemotherapy Anticancer Res 2014
  •  The predictive factor and antihypertensive usage for tyrosine kinase inhibitor-induced hypertension in kidney cancer patients Oncol Lett 2014
  •  Effects of bethanechol chloride and distigmine bromide on post-voiding residual volume in patients with underactive bladder Minerva Urol Nefrol 2014
  •  Targeting the androgen receptor promotes prostate cancer metastasis through enhanced macrophage recruitment via CCL2/CCR2-induced STAT3 activation. EMBO Mol Med 2013
  •  Targeting inflammatory cytokines-androgen receptor (AR) signaling with ASC-J9® to better battle prostate cancer progression. Oncoimmunology 2013
  •  Infiltrating macrophages promote prostate tumorigenesis via modulating androgen receptor-mediated CCL4-STAT3 signaling. Cancer Res 2013
  •  Androgen receptor roles in the benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) development. Am J Pathol 2013
  •  Anti-androgen receptor of ASC-J9® vs anti-androgens Casodex® or MDV3100 leads to opposite effects on prostate cancer metastasis via differential modulation of macrophage infiltration and STAT3-CCL2 signaling. Cell Death Dis 2013
  •  Factors Predictive of Oncological Outcome After Nephroureterectomy: Comparison Between Laparoscopic and Open Procedures Anticancer Res 2013
  •  Increases in bone turnover marker levels at an early phase after starting zoledronic acid predicts skeletal-related events in bone metastatic prostate cancer patients. BJU Int 2012
  •  Current outcome of patients with ureteral stents in the management of malignant ureteral obstruction. J Urol 2011
  •  Risedronate prevents persistent bone loss in prostate cancer patients treated with androgen deprivation therapy: results of a 2-year follow-up study. Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 2011
  •  Ethinylestradiol improves prostate-specific antigen levels in pretreated castration-resistant prostate cancer patients. Anticancer Res 2010
  •  Preliminary results of tranilast treatment for patients with advanced castration-resistant prostate cancer. Anticancer Res 2010
  •  The role of percutaneous needle biopsy in differenciation of renal tumors Jpn J Clin Oncol 2010
  •  Role of Surgical Resection in Adult Urological Soft Tissue Sarcoma: 25-year Experience Urol Int 2010
  •  Cranial nerve deficit caused by skull metastasis of prostate cancer: three Japanese castration-resistant prostate cancer cases Int J Clin Oncol 2010
  •  Tranilast inhibits hormone refractory prostate cancer cell proliferation and suppresses transforming growth factor beta1-associated osteoblastic changes. Prostate 2009
  •  Risedronate recovers bone loss in patients with prostate cancer undergoing androgen-deprivation therapy. Urology 2009
  •  Editorial comment to Influence of prior oral ethinylestradiol use on the efficacy of enzalutamide for the treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer in men Int J Urol 2018
  •  Ectopic ureter accompanied by giant ureteral stone and pyonephrosis Int J Urol 2007
  •  Incarcerated intestinal hernia in a hernia sac of reversed ileal conduit wall protruding through the stoma Int J Urol 2007
  •  Seminal vesicle-rectal fistula with preceeding right acute epididymitis Urol Int 2007
  •  Tumor-associated macrophages promote prostate cancer migration through activation of the CCL22–CCR4 axis  Oncotarget 2017
  •  Androgen replacement therapy for cancer-related sympoms in male advanced cancer patients: study protocol for a randomized prospective trial (ARTFORM study) J Med Invest 2017
  •  Androgen and androgen receptor in kidney cancer.  2015
  •  A case of metanephric adenoma treated with laparoscopic nephrectomy. Mol Clin Oncol 2017
  •  CCL5 promotes migration of prostate cancer cells in the prostate cancer bone metastasis microenvironment Cancer Sci 2018
  •  Enzalutamide versus abiraterone as a first-line endocrine therapy for castration-resistant prostate cancer (ENABLE study for PCa): a study protocol for a multicenter randomized Phase III trial BMC Cancer 2017
  •  Both High and Low Serum Total Testosterone Levels Indicate Poor Prognosis in Patients with Prostate Cancer Anticancer Res 2017

Conference Presentations

  • Tumor-associated macrophages promote prostate cancer metastasis via CCL2-CCR2 axis-induced CCL22-CCR4 axis(conference:American Urological Association Annual meeting)(2017)


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○Studies on Integrative Cancer Therapy(2017)
○Studies on Integrative Cancer Therapy(2017)
○Studies on Integrative Cancer Therapy(2016)
○Advanced Course for Global Cancer Therapeutics(2016)
○Studies on Integrative Cancer Therapy(2016)
○Advanced Course for Global Cancer Therapeutics(2016)

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