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Researcher Information

last modified:2024/07/16

Assistant Professor OBATA, Masao


Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Institute of Science and Engineering

College and School Educational Field

Division of Mathematical and Physical Science, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
School of Mathematics and Physics, College of Science and Engineering


Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Kanazawa University Doctor 201609 Completed
Kanazawa University Master 201403 Completed
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Kanazawa Universiy 2012


Kanazawa University(2017/04-)
JSPS Kanazawa University Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC2)(2015/04-2017/03)

Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society



Condensed matter physics I、Computational science、Condensed matter physics II

Speciality Keywords

First-principles approach, Density functional theory, magnetic material, molecular crystal,shape memory alloy

Research Themes

First-principles study of magnetic shape memory alloys

Development and application of spin-dependent van der Waals density functional theory



  •  Improving the Description of Nonmagnetic and Magnetic Molecular Crystals via the van der Waals Density Functional Masao Obata,Makoto Nakamura,Ikutaro Hamada,Tatsuki Oda JOURNAL OF THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN 84 2 2015/02
  •  Implementation of magnetic dipole interaction in the planewave-basis approach for slab systems Tatsuki Oda,Masao Obata Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 87 6 2018
  •  Noncollinear Magnetic Structure with Spin-dependent van der Waals Density Functional Approach: β-phase Solid Oxygen Mega Christivana,Masao Obata,Tatsuki Oda Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 88 10 104601 2019/10/15 
  •  Investigation of magnetic dipole-dipole interaction using magnetic density on solid oxygen based on first-principles approach Masao Obata,Masao Obata,Mega Christivana,Tatsuki Oda,Tatsuki Oda AIP Advances 8 10 2018/10/01 
  •  Effect of electron localization in theoretical design of Ni-Mn-Ga based magnetic shape memory alloys Martin Zelený,Petr Sedlák,Oleg Heczko,Hanuš Seiner,Petr Veřtát,Masao Obata,Takao Kotani,Tatsuki Oda,Ladislav Straka Materials and Design 209 2021/11/01

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  •  Tunneling electroresistance of MgZnO-based tunnel junctions Mohamed Belmoubarik,Muftah Al-Mahdawi,Masao Obata,Daiki Yoshikawa,Hideyuki Sato,Tomohiro Nozaki,Tatsuki Oda,Masashi Sahashi APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 109 17 2016/10
  •  Possible origin of nonlinear magnetic anisotropy variation in electric field effect in a double interface system Daiki Yoshikawa,Masao Obata,Yusaku Taguchi,Shinya Haraguchi,Tatsuki Oda APPLIED PHYSICS EXPRESS 7 11 113005 2014/11
  •  Ab initio study of martensitic transition in Ni2MnGa T. Koubský,P. Sedlák,H. Seiner,J. Fojtíková,M. Obata,T. Oda,L. Kalvoda Acta Physica Polonica A 134 3 804 2018/09
  •  A Comprehensive Study of Sign Change in Electric Field Control Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy Energy at Fe/MgO Interface: First Principles Calculation Indra Pardede,Tomosato Kanagawa,Nurul Ikhsan,Itsuki Murata,Daiki Yoshikawa,Masao Obata,Tatsuki Oda IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 55 2 2018/08/14 
  •  Density functional study on positively charged six-coordinate FeO2 porphyrin complex for a trigger of O-2 dissociation Naohiro Kitagawa,Masao Obata,Tatsuki Oda CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 643 119 2016/01
  •  First principles study on solid oxygen using van der Waals density functional Masao Obata,Ikutaro Hamada,Tatsuki Oda 20TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MAGNETISM, ICM 2015 75 771 2015
  •  An ab initio approach to free-energy reconstruction using logarithmic mean force dynamics Makoto Nakamura,Masao Obata,Tetsuya Morishita,Tatsuki Oda JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 140 18 184110 2014/05
  •  Implementation of van der Waals Density Functional Approach to the Spin-Polarized System: Interaction Potential between Oxygen Molecules Masao Obata,Makoto Nakamura,Ikutaro Hamada,Tatsuki Oda JOURNAL OF THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN 82 9 2013/09
  •  Finite electric-field approach to evaluate the vertex correction for the screened Coulomb interaction in the quasiparticle self-consistent GW method Hirofumi Sakakibara,Takao Kotani,Masao Obata,Tatsuki Oda Physical Review B 101 20 2020/05/15 
  •  Large nonvolatile control of interfacial magnetic anisotropy in CoPt by a ferroelectric ZnO-based tunneling barrier Al-Mahdawi Muftah,Belmoubarik Mohamed,Obata Masao,Yoshikawa Daiki,Sato Hideyuki,Nozaki Tomohiro,Oda Tatsuki,Sahashi Masashi PHYSICAL REVIEW B 100 5 2019/08/19 
  •  Shape Magnetic Anisotropy From Spin Density in Nanoscale Slab Systems Oda Tatsuki,Pardede Indra,Kanagawa Tomosato,Ikhsan Nurul,Yoshikawa Daiki,Obata Masao IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS 55 2 2019/02
  •  Anatomy of large perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in free-standing Co/Ni (1 1 1) multilayer Indra Pardede,Daiki Yoshikawa,Tomosato Kanagawa,Nurul Ikhsan,Itsuki Murata,Masao Obata,Tatsuki Oda Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 500 166357 2020/04
  •  Anatomy of Magnetic Anisotropy and Voltage-Controlled Magnetic Anisotropy in Metal Oxide Heterostructure from First Principles Indra Pardede,Daiki Yoshikawa,Tomosato Kanagawa,Nurul Ikhsan,Masao Obata,Tatsuki Oda Crystals 10 12 1118 2020/12/08 
  •  Density Functional Approach under External Magnetic Field Afrioni Roma Rio,Indra Pardede,Achmad Maulana Gani,Mega Christivana,Masao Obata,Tatsuki Oda Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 89 3 035002 2020/03/15 

Conference Presentations


Arts and Fieldwork


Theme to the desired joint research

○Study on electronic and magnetic states of magnetic shape memory alloys

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research


Competitive research funding,Contribution

Collaborative research,Consignment study

Classes (Bachelors)

○Computer Experiments 1(2018)
○Exercise in Thermodynamics Statistical Mechanics 2A(2018)
○Exercise in Thermodynamics Statistical Mechanics 2B(2018)
○Physics Experiments 1(2018)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Topics in Computational Science b(2021)
○Topics in Computational Science a(2021)

International Project

International Students

Lecture themes

Others (Social Activities)

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