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Researcher Information

last modified:2022/03/24

Assistant Professor ISHIKAWA, Tatsuya

Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences

College and School Educational Field


Department of Functional Anatomy

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General anatomy (including histology/embryology)、Pain science

Speciality Keywords

Research Themes



  •  Phase-specific plasticity of synaptic structures in the somatosensory cortex of living mice during neuropathic pain. Kim Sk, Kato G, Ishikawa T, Nabekura J Mol Pain 2011
  •  in vivo imaging of enteric neurogenesis in the deep tissue of mouse small intestine Goto, K, Kato G, Kawahara I, Luo Y, Obata K, Misawa H, Ishikawa T, Kuniyasu H, Nabekura J, Takaki M PLoS One. 2013
  •  Early-life stress increases the motility of microglia in adulthood. Takatsuru Y, Nabekura J, Ishikawa T, Kohsaka S, Koibuchi N. J Physiol Sci. 2015
  •  Cortical astrocytes rewire somatosensory cortical circuits for peripheral neuropathic pain. Kim SK, Hayashi H, Ishikawa T, Shibata K, Shigetomi E, Shinozaki Y, Inada H, Roh SE, Kim SJ, Lee G, Bae H, Moorhouse AJ, Mikoshiba K, Fukazawa Y, Koizumi S, Nabekura J J Clin Invest. 2016
  •  Microglial Contact Prevents Excess Depolarization and Rescues Neurons from Excitotoxicity. Kato G, Inada H, Wake H, Akiyoshi R, Miyamoto A, Eto K, Ishikawa T, Moorhouse AJ, Strassman AM, Nabekura J eNeuro 2016

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  •  Cortical astrocytes prime the induction of spine plasticity and mirror image pain Ishikawa T, Eto K, Kim SK, Wake H, Takeda I, Horiuchi H, Moorhouse AJ, Ishibashi H, Nabekura J Pain 159 8 1592-1606 2018
  •  Microglial SIRPα regulates the emergence of CD11c+ microglia and demyelination damage in white matter. 1. Sato-Hashimoto M, Nozu T, Toriba R, Horikoshi A, Akaike M, Kawamoto K, Hirose A, Hayashi Y, Nagai H, Shimizu W, Saiki A, Ishikawa T, Elhanbly R, Kotani T, Murata Y, Saito Y, Naruse M, Shibasaki K, Oldenborg PA, Jung S, Matozaki T, Fukazawa Y, Ohnishi H. Elife 2019
  •  Region‐ and neuronal‐subtype‐specific expression of Na,K‐ATPase alpha and beta subunit isoforms in the mouse brain. 1. Murata K, Kinoshita T, Ishikawa T, Kuroda K, Hoshi M, Fukazawa Y. The Journal of Comparative Neurology 528 16 2654-2678 2020
  •  Antihypersensitivity effect of betanin (red beetroot extract) via modulation of microglial activation in a mouse model of neuropathic pain. 5. Kwankaew N, Okuda H, Aye-Mon A, Ishikawa T, Hori K, Sonthi P, Kozakai Y, Ozaki N. European Journal of Pain 2021
  •  Differences in cellular and microstructural properties of the semitendinosus muscle tendon between young and adult patients. 1. Asai K, Nakase J, Ishikawa T, Yoshimizu R, Kimura M, Ozaki N, Tsuchiya H. Journal of Orthopaedic Science 21 51 58 2021

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Classes (Bachelors)

○Human Anatomy(2020)
○Human Anatomy(2019)
○Human Anatomy(2018)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Human Body: Structures b(2020)
○Human Body: Structures a(2020)
○Principles of AnatomyⅠ(2020)
○Principles of AnatomyⅡ(2020)
○Principles of AnatomyⅡ(2020)
○Principles of AnatomyⅠ(2020)
○Functional Anatomy(2020)
○Functional Anatomy(2020)
○Human Body: Structures(2019)
○Functional Anatomy(2019)
○Functional Anatomy(2019)
○Principles of Anatomy(2019)
○Principles of Anatomy(2019)
○Functional Anatomy(2018)
○Functional Anatomy(2018)

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