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Researcher Information

last modified:2023/01/29

Assistant Professor Takuya Kurihara

Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Chemistry, Institute of Science and Engineering

College and School Educational Field

Division of Material Chemistry, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Division of Material Chemistry, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
School of Chemistry, College of Science and Engineering


Academic Background


Kyoto University Institute of Advanced Study Postdoctoral researcher(2019/06-2020/03)
JSPS Research fellowship for young scientists(2018/04-2019/05)

Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society

The Chemical Society of Japan

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Society of Japan



Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance、

Speciality Keywords

Solid-state NMR,Physical science,Metal-organic framework,Coordination polymer,molecular dynamics,Semiconductor nanoparticle

Research Themes



  •  Slow CO2 Diffusion Governed by Steric Hindrance of Rotatory Ligands in Small Pores of a Metal–Organic Framework Takuya Kurihara,Munehiro Inukai,Motohiro Mizuno The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 13 30 7023 2022/08/04 
  •  Network Size Control in Coordination Polymer Glasses and Its Impact on Viscosity and H+ Conductivity Tomohiro Ogawa,Kazuki Takahashi,Takuya Kurihara,Sanjog S. Nagarkar,Koji Ohara,Yusuke Nishiyama,Satoshi Horike Chemistry of Materials 34 13 5832 2022/06/21 
  •  Polyoxocationic antimony oxide cluster with acidic protons Yuki Watanabe,Kim Hyeon-Deuk,Takafumi Yamamoto,Masayoshi Yabuuchi,Olesia M. Karakulina,Yasuto Noda,Takuya Kurihara,I-Ya Chang,Masanobu Higashi,Osamu Tomita,Cédric Tassel,Daichi Kato,Jingxin Xia,Tatsuhiko Goto,Craig M. Brown,Yuto Shimoyama,Naoki Ogiwara,Joke Hadermann,Artem M. Abakumov,Sayaka Uchida,Ryu Abe,Hiroshi Kageyama Science Advances 8 24 2022/06/17
  •  Encapsulating Ultrastable Metal Nanoparticles within Reticular Schiff Base Nanospaces for Enhanced Catalytic Performance Xinchun Yang,Liyu Chen,Hangyu Liu,Takuya Kurihara,Satoshi Horike,Qiang Xu Cell Reports Physical Science 2 1 100289 2021/01
  •  Five-Minute Mechanosynthesis of Hypercrosslinked Microporous Polymers Jet-Sing M. Lee,Takuya Kurihara,Satoshi Horike Chemistry of Materials 32 18 7694 2020/09/22 

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  •  Probing dynamics of carbon dioxide in a metal–organic framework under high pressure by high-resolution solid-state NMR Munehiro Inukai,Takuya Kurihara,Yasuto Noda,Weiming Jiang,Kiyonori Takegoshi,Naoki Ogiwara,Hiroshi Kitagawa,Koichi Nakamura Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 26 14465 2020 
  •  Rotational Motion of Ligand-Cysteine on CdSe Magic-Sized Clusters Takuya Kurihara,Akihiro Matano,Yasuto Noda,Kiyonori Takegoshi The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 14993 2019/03
  •  Capping Structure of Ligand-Cysteine on CdSe Magic-Sized Clusters Takuya Kurihara,Yasuto Noda,Kiyonori Takegoshi ACS Omega 4 3476 2019/02
  •  Quantitative Solid-State NMR Study on Ligand-Surface Interaction in Cysteine-Capped CdSe Magic-Sized Clusters Takuya Kurihara,Yasuto Noda,K. Takegoshi The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 2555 2017/05

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