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Researcher Information

last modified:2017/07/11

Associate Professor Nakayama Takahiro

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Faculty, Affiliation

Bio-AFM Frontier Research Center  Bio-AFM Frontier Research Center

College and School Educational Field


Imaging Research Division

Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Tokyo Institute of Technology Doctor 200803 Completed
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Hiroshima University
Doctor of Science


Bio-AFM Frontier Research Center, Kanazawa University
Tokyo Institute of Technology Postdoctoral Researcher(2008/04/01-2012/03/31)
Japan Science and Technology Agency(2004/04/01-2005/03/01)
Tokyo Institute of Technology Chemical Resources Laboratory(2003/04/01-2004/03/30)

Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society



Biophysics、Molecular biology

Speciality Keywords

Single molecule observation, Atomic force microscopy

Research Themes


  •  Watanabe-Nakayama T, Machida S, Saito M, Afrin R, Ikai A. Cells, Forces, and the Microenvironment CRC Press 2015/03/02
  •  Ikai A, Afrin R, Watanabe-Nakayama T, Machida S. Atomic Force Microscopy in Liquid: Biological Applications Wiley Online Library 2012/04/10


  •  High-speed atomic force microscopy reveals strongly polarized movement of clostridial collagenase along collagen fibrils Watanabe-Nakayama T, Itami M, Kodera N, Ando T, Konno H Scientific Reports 6 28975 2016/07/04
  •  High-speed atomic force microscopy reveals structural dynamics of amyloid β1-42 aggregates Watanabe-Nakayama T, Ono K, Itami M, Takahashi R, Teplow DB, Yamada M Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113 21 5835-40 2016/05/24
  •  Spectrin-ankyrin interaction mechanics: A key force balance factor in the red blood cell membrane skeleton Saito M, Watanabe-Nakayama T, Machida S, Osada T, Afrin R, Ikai A Biophysical Chemistry 200-201 1-8 2015/03/28
  •  Fabrication of electron beam deposited tip for atomic-scale atomic force microscopy in liquid Miyazawa K, Izumi H, Watanabe-Nakayama T, Asakawa H, Fukuma T Nanotechnology 26 10 105707 2015/03/13
  •  Significant improvements in stability and reproducibility of atomic-scale atomic force microscopy in liquid Akrami SM, Nakayachi H, Watanabe-Nakayama T, Asakawa H, Fukuma T Nanotechnology 25 45 455701 2014/11/14

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  •  Requirement of LIM domains for the transient accumulation of paxillin at damaged stress fibres Watanabe-Nakayama T, Saito M, Machida S, Kishimoto K, Afrin R, Ikai A. Biology Open 2 7 667-674 2013/05/23
  •  Fabricated cantilever for AFM measurements and manipulations: Pre-stress analysis of stress fibers Machida S, Watanabe-Nakayama T, Saito M, Afrin R, Ikai A. Micron 43 12 1380-9 2012/04/21
  •  Thermodynamic efficiency and mechanochemical coupling of F1-ATPase Toyabe S, Watanabe-Nakayama T, Okamoto T, Kudo S, Muneyuki E. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108 44 17951-6 2011/11/01
  •  Mechanics of Intracellular Stress Fibers: A Short Review. Ikai A, Watanabe-Nakayama T, Machida S, Saito M, Afrin R. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 50 8 08LA04-08LA04-8 2011/08/22
  •  Direct detection of cellular adaptation to local cyclic stretching at the single cell level by atomic force microscopy. Watanabe-Nakayama T, Machida S, Harada I, Sekiguchi H, Afrin R, Ikai A. Biophysical Journal 100 3 564-72 2011/02/02
  •  Microscoop for manipulation of micro-objects: use of fabricated cantilever with atomic force microscope. Watanabe-Nakayama T, Machida S, Afrin R, Ikai A. Small 6 24 2853-7 2010/12/20
  •  Direct manipulation of intracellular stress fibres using a hook-shaped AFM probe. Machida S, Watanabe-Nakayama T, Harada I, Afrin R, Nakayama T, Ikai A. Nanotechnology 21 38 385102 2010/09/24
  •  Nonequilibrium energetics of a single F1-ATPase molecule. Toyabe S, Okamoto T, Watanabe-Nakayama T, Taketani H, Kudo S, Muneyuki E. Physical Review Letters 104 19 198103 2010/05/14
  •  Atomic force microscopy for cellular level manipulation: imaging intracellular structures and DNA delivery through a membrane hole. Afrin R, Zohora US, Uehara H, Watanabe-Nakayama T, Ikai A. Journal of Molecular Recognition 22 5 363-72 2009/07/21
  •  Effect of external torque on the ATP-driven rotation of F1-ATPase. Watanabe-Nakayama T, Toyabe S, Kudo S, Sugiyama S, Yoshida M, Muneyuki E.  Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 366 4 951-7 2008/02/22
  •  Single molecule energetics of F1-ATPase motor. Muneyuki E, Watanabe-Nakayama T, Suzuki T, Yoshida M, Nishizaka T, Noji H. Biophysical Journal 92 5 1806-12 2007/03/01
  •  Probing the ubiquinol-binding site in cytochrome bd by site-directed mutagenesis. Mogi T, Akimoto S, Endou S, Watanabe-Nakayama T, Mizuochi-Asai E, Miyoshi H. Biochemistry 45 25 7924-30 2006/06/27
  •  VanabinP, a novel vanadium-binding protein in the blood plasma of an ascidian, Ascidia sydneiensis samea. Yoshihara M, Ueki T, Watanabe T, Yamaguchi N, Kamino K, Michibata H. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1730 3 206-14 2005/09/25

Conference Presentations

  • High-speed atomic force microscopy directly visualizes amyloidogenic protein structural dynamics(conference:The 39th annual meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan)(2016/11/30)
  • Nano-space video imaging of fibrous assembly of protein and relevant enzyme molecule dynamics(conference:The 4th Kanazawa Bio-AFM Workshop)(2016/10/06)
  • Video imaging of structural dynamics in amyloid fibril polymorphism(conference:The 72nd annual meeting of Japanese Society of Microscopy)(2016/06/14)
  • Nano-space video imaging of collagen degradation with collagenases(conference:The 72nd annual meeting of Japanese Society of Microscopy)(2016/06/14)

Arts and Fieldwork


Theme to the desired joint research

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research


Classes (Bachelors)

○Plant Physiology Lab(2017)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2017)
○Research Seminar in Biology (1)(2017)
○Plant Physiology Lab(2017)
○Research Work in Biology(2)(2017)
○Research Work in Biology(1)(2017)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2017)
○Freshman Seminar I(2017)
○Research Seminar in Biology (2)(2017)
○Research Work in Biology(2)(2016)
○Research Seminar in Biology (2)(2016)
○Research Work in Biology(1)(2016)
○Research Seminar in Biology (1)(2016)
○Plant Physiology Lab(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

International Project

International Students

Lecture themes

Others (Social Activities)

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