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Researcher Information

last modified:2018/04/02

Associate Professor KOBAYASHI Shunichi


Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Geosciences and civil Engineering,Institute of Science and Engineering

College and School Educational Field

Division of Environmental Engineering Design, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Division of Environmental Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
School of Environmental Design, College of Science and Engineering


Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering Labo TEL:076-234-4624 FAX:076-234-4624

Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Kyoto University Master Department of Civil Engineering Completed
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Kyoto University Department of Civil Engineering
Doctor of Engineering


1992-2008 Kyoto University Department of Civil Engineering Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor, School of Science and Technology, Kanazawa University(2009/04/01-2010/09/30)

Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society

Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Japan Geotechnical Society
The Japan Society of Computational Engineering and Science


○2007 Best paper award, Soils and Foundation, JGS(2007/05)
○Best research award, JGS Kansai branch(2008/04)


Geotechnical engineering

Speciality Keywords

Geotechnical Engineering, Applied Mechanics

Research Themes

Numerical Plastic Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering


  •  Introduction to Performance-based Design in Geotechnical Engineering Japanese Geotechnical Society 2012/09


  •  The Experimental Study on Applicability of Similarity Law for The Shaking Table Test On The Centrifuge 987-992 1990/12
  •  Measurement of shear wave velocities of sand in a centrifuge K. Kita, T. Shibata, A. Yashima and S. Kobayashi Soils and Foundations 32 2 134-140 1992/06
  •  Stability of caisson structures subjected to wave loads 8 81-86 1992/06
  •  Failure locus of a caisson-rubble mound system subject to combined loads 9 349-354 1993/06
  •  Limit analysis on the bearing capacity characteristics of near shore structures on clay deposit 195-202 1994/11

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  •  Geotechnical Disasters on the Waterfront M. Kamon, T. Wako, K. Isemura, K. Sawa, M. Mimura, K. Tateyama and S. Kobayashi Soils and Foundations Special Issue 137-147 1996/01
  •  Hybrid type rigid plastic finite element analysis for bearing capacity characteristics of surface uniform loading Soils and Foundations 45 2  17-27 2005/04
  •  Performance of shaking table tests and measurement of shear wave velocities in a centrifuge T. Shibata, K. Kita, A. Yashima and S. Kobayashi Proc of Int. Conf. Centrifuge 1991 391-398 1991/06
  •  Sliding of Caissons on Rubble Mound by Wave Forces H. Sekiguchi and S. Kobayashi Proc. of the 13th Int. Conf. on Soil Mech. and Found. Eng. 1137-1140 1994/01
  •  Bearing capacity of circular footing on Tresca material - Limit analysis approach H. Sekiguchi and S. Kobayashi Proc. of the 5th NKK Seminar 236-239 1995/11
  •  X-ray observation of granular material in a plane-strain compression S. Kobayashi, N. Yoshida, H. Sekiguchi and G. Ito Proc of the 6th KKN Saeminar 271-276 1996/11
  •  Limit analysis of bearing capacity for a circular footing subjected to eccentric loads H. Sekiguchi and S. Kobayashi Proc. of the 14th Int. Conf. Soil Mech. and Found Eng. 1029-1032 1997/09
  •  X-ray observation of granular material in a plane-strain hopper S. Kobayashi, H. Sekiguchi and T. Ohshima Prof. of the 7th NKK Seminar 319-324 1997/11
  •  Basic properties of rigid plastic analysis S. Kobayashi Proc. of the 8th KKNN Seminar 350-355 1998/11
  •  Some plastic solution of a sheet pile - ground system S. Kobayashi Proc. of the 12th KKNN Seminar 295-300 1999/08
  •  Teaching earth pressure problems and stability problems from the point of applied mechanics S. Kobayashi Proc. of the 1st ICGEET 289-296 2000/06
  •  Limit analysis of sheet pile type retaining walls S. Kobayashi Proc.of IS-Yokohama 1  315-320 2000/09
  •  Rigid plastic shakedown analysis and its applicationfor a bearing capacty problem of a multi-footing system S. Kobayashi and N. Genjo Proc. of the 15th Int. Conf. Soil Mech. Geotech. Eng. 1  715-718 2001/08
  •  Extension of upper bound method to plastic hardening S. Kobayashi Proc. of the 14th KKNN Seminar 485-490 2001/11
  •  Limit analysis of soil structures subjected to constraints by reinforcement S. Kobayashi, A. Tanaka and T. Tamura Proc.of IS-Kyushu 2001 387-392 2001/11
  •  Limit analysis of a stability problem of soil mass - sheet pile anchor system S. Kobayashi and T. Sakai Proc. of the 12th Asian Regional Conf. Soil Mech. Geotech. Eng. 797-800 2003/08
  •  Development of primal-dual rigid-plastic finite element method based on the interior point method S. Kobayashi Proc. of IWS-Athens 121-124 2003/10
  •  An algorithm of hybrid type shakedown analysis S. Kobayashi and M. Nishikawa Proc. of the 6th World Conf. Computational Mech. 2004/09
  •  Theoretical aspects of direct methods - for the application to geotechnical design - S. Kobayashi Proc. of IWS-Fortaleza 145-152 2004/09
  •  Mechanics and mathematics of rigid-plastic analysis - from the point of design methods - S. Kobayashi Proc. of the 16th Int. Conf. Soil Mech. Geotech. Eng. 917-920 2005/09
  •  Shakedown analysis on a bearing capacity problem subjected to vertical moving loads S. Kobayashi, M. Nishikawa and T. Tamura Proc. of IWS-Xian 131-138 2006/11
  •  Shakedown analysis of two-layer system subjected to moving loads S. Kobayashi and M. Nishikawa Proc. of the 13th Asian Regional Conf. Soil Mech. Geotech. Eng. 219-222 2007/12
  •  Rigid plastic bearing capacity analysis of a shallow foundation subject to combined loads S. Kobayashi, R. Izawa and T. Tamura Proc. of APCOM '07 2007/12
  •  Bearing capacity of Mohr-Coulomb soils subject to moving surface loads S. Kobayashi, S. Sawai and T. Tamura Proc. of ASEM 08 2008/05
  •  Behavior and modeling of sheet pile retaining walls at open excavation tunneling S. Kobayashi, M. Kimura, A. Shimura and M. Shinohara Proc. of CE2008 811-820 2008/09
  •  Direct evaluation of a permanent deformation theory and formulation Proc. Of 4th IWS on New Frontiers in Computational Geotechnics 65-67 2008/10
  •  Rigid plastic analysis for bearing capacity of strip footings subjected to combined loads R. Izawa Proc. of 17th ICSMGE 1  626-629 2009/10
  •  Analysis of embankment failures associated with 2007 Noto Peninsula earthquake Y. Nishiki T. Matsumoto S. Kobayashi T. Shimominami Proc. of the 17th SEAGC 2010/05
  •  Risk assessment of highway embankments based on embankment failures caused by 2007 Noto Peninsula earthquake T. Matsumoto S. Kobayashi Y. Nishiki H. Kawai Proc. of IGCGCM 2010/06
  •  DEM simulations of push-up load tests of sand plugs in steel pile pile S. Thongmunee T. Matsumoto S. Kobayashi Proc. of ISGG 2010/10
  •  An essay on typification of verification methods used in the design procedure of geotechnical structures S. Kobayashi, K. Aita, T. Fujiyama, M. Honda, T. Kaneko, A. Morikage, A. Murakami, M. Nabetani and M. Nozu 131-138 2006/10
  •  Foundations Kusakabe, O., Kobayashi, S. 50 6 903-913 2010/12
  •  A study on optimal strength distribution of rigid-plastic body J. Saito, T. Asakura, T. Tamura and S. Kobayashi 2008/07
  •  Fundamental study on shape optimization of a rigid-plastic structure S. Kobayashi, K. Yanagimoto and T. Tamura 2008/07
  •  Experimental and numerical studies on push-up load tests of sand plug in a steel pipe pile Thongmunee, S., Matsumoto, T., Kobayashi, S., Kitiyodom, P. and Kurosawa, K. Soils and Foundations 51 5 959-974 2011/10
  •  A study on the formulation of dynamic problems by time domain finite element method using displacements and velocities as unknowns and its numerical stability Journal of JSCE, Ser. A2 (Applied Mechanics) A2(応用力学), Vol. 68 No. 2 139-147 2012/08
  •  An estimation method for the behavior of retaining structures considering interactions between a retaining wall and a ground Journal of JSCE, Ser. F1 (Tunnel Engineering) Vol. 69 No. 1 39-53 2013/03
  •  Push-up load tests of uncrushable soil plugs in a pipe pile and its DEM analyses Thongmunee, S., Kobayashi, S., Matsumoto, T. Geotechnical Engineering Journal of the SEAGS & AGSSEA Vol. 42 No. 2 pp.43-55 2011/06
  •  A wave propagation analysis in an open-ended pipe pile using finite difference method with matrix Form Phan Ta, L., Matsumoto, T., Kobayashi, S. Proc. GEOTEC HANOI 2011 pp. 369-379 2011/10
  •  Effect of soil-pile friction coefficient on soil plug capacity  Thongmunee, S., Kobayashi, S., Matsumoto, T. Proc. GEOTEC HANOI 2011, pp. 791-798 2011/10
  •  A matrix method of wave propagation analysis in an open-ended pipe pile based on equation of motion Phan, T.L., Matsumoto, T. and Kobayashi, S. Proc. of IS-Kanazawa, pp. 105-112 2012/09
  •  Rapid load testing of rigid plates on dry sand model ground Kemelov, D., Matsumoto, T., Kobayashi, S., Phan, T.L., Shimono, S. and Zhussupbekov, A. Proc. of IS-Kanazawa, pp. 331-339 2012/09
  •  A numerical study on group efficiency for settlement of piled foundations subjected to vertical loading Nitta, K., Matsumoto, T. and Kobayashi, S. Proc. of IS-Kanazawa, pp. 545-552 2012/09
  •  Plugging mechanism of soil column within pipe pile using uncrushable uniform particle assembly Thongmunee, S., Kobayashi, S. and Matsumoto, T. Proc. of IS-Kanazawa, pp. 565-572 2012/09
  •  Push-up load tests of soil pluggs using two different spherical sizes assemblies Thongmunee, S., Kobayashi, S., Matsumoto, T. and Kakitani, Y. Proc. of IS-Kanazawa, pp. 573-580 2012/09
  •  Stability of a trapdoor in a modified Cam-clay soil with varying strength S. Kobayashi, N. Sakata, R. Sasaki and T. Matsumoto Proc of IWS-Takayama, pp. 111-116 2013/03
  •  Fundamental experimental study on behaviours of piled foundations and surrounding dry sand ground subjected to cyclic horizontal loading Proc. 4th IPA Int. Workshop pp. 15-31 2013/06
  •  On the stability of a trap door evaluated by upper bound method Proc. of 18th ICSMGE 2013/09

Conference Presentations

Arts and Fieldwork


Theme to the desired joint research

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research


Classes (Bachelors)

○Practice of Environmental Design(2017)
○Soil Mechanics 2(2017)
○Soil Mechanics 1(2017)
○Graduation thesis Or Design(2017)
○Experiment in Civil Engineering(2017)
○Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering(2017)
○Experiments in Fundamental Physics(2016)
○Graduation thesis Or Design(2016)
○Soil Mechanics 2(2016)
○Experiment in Civil Engineering(2016)
○Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering(2016)
○Soil Mechanics 1(2016)
○Graduation thesis Or Design(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Numerical Methods in Geomechanics(2017)
○Theme Project(2017)
○Numerical Methods in Geomechanics(2017)
○Numerical Methods in Geomechanics(2017)
○Numerical Methods in Geomechanics(2017)
○Advanced Geotechnical Engineering(2017)
○Theme Project(2017)
○Design and Management in Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering(2017)
○Exercise on Civil Engineering(2017)
○Theme Project(2016)
○Theme Project(2016)
○Numerical Methods in Geomechanics(2016)
○Design and Management in Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering(2016)
○Advanced Geotechnical Engineering(2016)
○Exercise on Civil Engineering(2016)

International Project

International Students

Lecture themes

Others (Social Activities)

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