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last modified:2018/06/12

Assistant Professor MIYATA Kazuki

Faculty, Affiliation

WPI Nano Life Science Institute

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○Young Scientist Presentation Award(2014/03)


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  •  Understanding 2D atomic resolution imaging of the calcite surface in water by frequency modulation atomic force microscopy J. Tracey, K. Miyazawa, P. Spijker, K. Miyata, B. Reischl, F. F. Canova, A. L. Rohl, T. Fukuma, A. S. Foster Nanotechnology 27 415709 2016/09
  •  Improvements in fundamental performance of liquid-environment atomic force microscopy with true atomic resolution K. Miyata, K. Miyazawa, S. M. R. Akrami, T. Fukuma Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 54 08LA03 2015/07
  •  High-speed Z tip scanner with screw cantilever holding mechanism for atomic-resolution atomic force microscopy in liquid S M R Akrami, K. Miyata, H. Asakawa, T. Fukuma Review of Scientific Instruments 85 126106 2014/12
  •  Real-time atomic-resolution imaging of crystal growth process in water by phase modulation atomic force microscopy at one frame per second K. Miyata, H. Asakawa, T. Fukuma Applied Physics Letters 103 203104 2013/11
  •  Separate-type scanner and wideband high-voltage amplifier for atomic-resolution and high-speed atomic force microscopy K. Miyata, S. Usho, S. Yamada, S. Furuya, K. Yoshida, H. Asakawa, T. Fukuma Review of Scientific Instruments 84 043705 2013/04

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