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Researcher Information

last modified:2018/05/01

Professor NAGAO Seiya

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Faculty, Affiliation

Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology

College and School Educational Field

Division of Material Chemistry, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Division of Material Sciences, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology


Low Level Radioactivity Laboratory TEL:0761-51-4440 FAX:0761-51-5528

Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Hokkaido University Doctor 199003 Accomplished credits for doctoral program
Hokkaido University Master 198603 Completed


Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute(1990/04/01-1999/03/31)
Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute(1999/04/01-2001/03/31)
Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute(2001/04/01-2001/09/30)
Hokkaido University Associate Professor(2001/10/01-2005/03/31)
Hokkaido University Associate Professor(2005/04/01-2007/03/31)
Hokkaido University(2007/04/01-2008/12/31)
Kanazawa University Inst. of Nature and Environ. Technol,(2009/01/01-)

Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society

Atomic Energy Society of Japan
The Japan Society of Nuclear and Radochemical Sciences
The Geochemical Society of Japan
The Ocenographic Society of Japan
Japan Society on WAter Environment
The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry
American Geophysical Union
International Humic Substances Society


International Humic Substances Society
International Humic Substances Society


Environmental dynamic analysis

Speciality Keywords

Environmental monitoring, Organic matter, Radionuclides

Research Themes

Characteristics of organic matter and its transport in river systems

Characteristics of dissolved organic matter in groundwaters and their complexation properties with radionuclides

Migration behavior of materials in Satoyama and Satoumi


  •  S.Nagao, T.Aramaki, N.Fujitake, T.Matsunaga, Y.Tkachenko Radiocarbon of dissolved humic substances in river waters from the Chernobyl area 223-224  848-853 2004


  •  Association of dissolved radionuclides released by the Chernobyl accident with colloidal materials in surface water T.Matsunaga, S.Nagao, T.Ueno, S.Takeda, H.Amano, Yu.Tkachenko APPLIED GEOCHEMISTRY 19  1581-1599 2004
  •  Combined use of d14C and d13C values to trace transportation and deposition processes of terrestrial particulate organic matter in coastal marine environments S.Nagao, T.Usui, M.Yamamoto, M.Minagawa, T.Iwatsuki, A.Noda CHEMICAL GEOLOGY 218  63-72 2005
  •  Distribution and sources of organic matter in surficial sediments on shelf and slope off Tokachi, western North Pacific, inferred from C and N stable isotopes and C/N ratios T.Usui, S.Nagao, M.Yamamoto, K.Suzuki, I.Kudo, S.Montani, A.Noda, M.Minagawa MARINE CHEMISTRY 98  241-259 2006
  •  N2 fixation variability in the oligotrophic Sulu Sea, western Equatorial Pacific region over the past 83kyr K.Horikawa, M.Minagawa, Y.Kato, M.Murayama, S.Nagao Journal of Oceanography 62  427-440 2006
  •  Changes in elemental composition, molecular weight and 1H NMR spectra of the water-extractable hudrophobic acid fraction in Cambisol with season and soil depth D.Asakawa, H.Mochizuki, Y.Yanagi, T.Suzuki, S.Nagao, N.Fujitake SOIL SCIENCE AND PLANT NUTRITION 52  361-370 2006

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  •  Effects of operational conditions for extraction and sample storage on the structural properties of water-extractable humic substances in soil D.Asakawa, H.Mochizuki, Y.Yanagi, T.Suzuki, S.Nagao, N.Fujitake Humic Substances Society 3  15-24 2006
  •  Molecular size distribution of Pu in the presence of humic substances in river and groundwaters S.Nagao, Y.Sakamoto, T.Tanaka, R.R.Rao JOURNAL OF RADIOANALYTICAL AND NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY 273  15-24 2007
  •  Study on transporation of particulate organic matter in the Ishikari River waters from spring to summer season Md.J.Alam, S.Nagao, T.Aramaki, Y.Shibata, M.Yoneda NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION B-BEAM INTERACTIO 259  513-517 2007
  •  Variations in d14C of humic substances in the Lake Biwa waters S.Nagao, H.Kodama, T.Aramaki, N.Fujitake, K.Yonebayashi NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION B-BEAM INTERACTIO 259  513-517 2007
  •  Diffusive transport of Neptunium and Plutonium through compacted sand-bentonite mixtures under anaerobic conditions T.Yamaguchi, S.Nakayama, S.Nagao RADIOCHIMICA ACTA 95  115-125 2007
  •  Solubilization of [60]Fullerene in water by aquatic humic substances M.Terashima, S.Nagao CHEMISTRY LETTERS 36  302-303 2007
  •  Effects of fulvic concentration and molecular size on complexation of Am and Pu with aquatic fulvic acids S.Nagao, T.Tanaka, Y.Sakamoto, R.R.Rao Journal of Nuclear Radiochemical Science 8  127-131 2007
  •  Processes influencing iron distribution in the coastal waters of the Tsugaru Strait, Japan Y.Saitoh, K.Kuma, Y.Isoda, H.Kuroda, H.Matsuura, T.Wagawa, H.Tanaka, N.Kobayashi, S.Nagao, T.Nakatsuka Journal of Oceanography 64  629-635 2008
  •  Role of allochtonous organic matter in Lake Bikal investigated using a 3-dimensional fluorescence excitation-emission matrix spectroscopy and high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry T.Suzuki, Y.Sugiyama, C.Wada, T.Kumagai, S.Nagao, T.Kitano, S.Nakano, O.Mitamura, Y.Matsuura, V.V.Drucker, V.A.Fialkov, M.Sugiyama Verhandlungen 30  469-476 2008
  •  Carbon isotopic composition of dissolved humi and fulvic acids in the Tokachi River system S. Nagao, H. Kodama, T. Aramaki, N. Fujitake, M. Uchida, Y. Shibata RADIATION PROTECTION DOSIMETRY 146 1-3 322-325 2011/07
  •  Influence of halogen substituents on the catalytic oxidation of 2,4,6-halogenated phenols by Fe(III)-tetrakis(p-hydroxyphenyl) porphyrins and potassium monopersulfate M.Fukuhsima, Y.Mizutani, S.Maeno, Q.Zhu, H.Kuramitz, S.Nagao  MOLECULES 17 48-60 2012/01
  •  Europium-binding abilities of dissolved humic substances isolated from deep groundwater in Horonobe area, Hokkaido, Japan M.Terashima, S.Nagao et al. JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 49 8 804-815 2012/08
  •  Spatial variations of 226Ra, 228Ra, and 228Th activities in seawater from the eastern East China Sea M.Inoue, K.Yoshida, M.Minakawa, Y.Kiyomoto,H.Kofuji, S.Nagao et al. GEOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 46 429-422 2012/07
  •  An early survey of the radioactive contamination of soil due to the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident, with emphasis on plutonium analysis M.Yamamoto, T.Takada, S.Nagao et al. GEOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 46 341-353 2012/07
  •  Low level of 134Cs and 137CS surface seawaters around the Japanese archipelago after the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident in 2011 M.Inoue, H.Kofuji, S.Nagao et al. GEOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 46 311-320 2012/07
  •  Spatial distribution of 226Ra, 228Ra, 137Cs, and 228Th activities in the southwestern Okhotsk Sea M.Inoue, K. Yoshida, M.Minakawa, H.Kofuji, S.Nagao, Y.Hamajima, M.Yamamoto JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RADIOACTIVITY 104 75-80 2012/01
  •  Geochemical behavior of dissolved iron in rivers and estuary environment 34 1 42-48 2012/02
  •  Factors affecting vertical distribution of Fukushima accident-derived radiocesiumin soil under different land-use conditions J.Koarashi, M. Atarashi-Andoh, M.Matsunaga, T.Sato, S.Nagao, H.Nagai SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 431 392-401 2012/01
  •  Variation of D14C and d13C values of dissolved humic and fulvic acids in the Tokachi River system in northern Japan S.Nagao et al. RADIOCARBON 55 2-3 1007-1016 2013/08
  •  Comparison of the vertical distributions of Fukushima nuclear accident radiocesium in soil before and after the first rainy season, with physicochemical and mineralogical interpretations T.Matsunaga, J. Koarashi, M. Atarashi-Andoh, S. Nagao, T. Sato, H. Nagai  SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 447 301-314 2013/02

Conference Presentations

Arts and Fieldwork


Theme to the desired joint research

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research


Classes (Bachelors)

○Introduction of Chemistry B(2017)
○Chemistry for Education(2016)
○Chemistry for Education(2016)
○Radiochemistry III(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Seminar in Material Analysis(2017)
○Advanced Course in Biogeochemistry(2017)
○Advanced Course in Biogeochemistry(2017)
○Advanced Course in Biogeochemistry(2017)
○Advanced Course in Biogeochemistry(2017)
○Seminar in Material Analysis(2017)
○Nuclear Geochemistry(2017)
○Material Analysis Chemistry IV(2017)
○Material Analysis Chemistry IV(2016)
○Nuclear Geochemistry(2016)
○Seminar in Material Analysis(2016)
○Seminar in Material Analysis(2016)
○Advanced Course in Biogeochemistry(2016)

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