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Researcher Information

last modified:2017/05/23

Assistant Professor WADA Naoki

Mail Laboratory Website

Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Natural System, Institute of Science and Engineering

College and School Educational Field

Division of Natural Sciences, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
School of Natural System, College of Science and Engineering



Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Kyoto University Doctor Department of Polymer Chemistry 200703 Completed
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Kyoto University Faculty of Industrial Chemistry 200203


Research Worker Kyoto University Research Worker(2007/04/01-2007/07/31)
Assistant Professor(2007/08/01-2008/03/31)
Assistant Professor(2008/04/01-)

Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society

The Chemical Society of Japan
The Society of Polymer Science, Japan
Society for Free Radical Research Japan



Speciality Keywords

Research Themes



  •  Novel Conjugated Polymers Containing [2.2]Paracyclophane and Carbazole Units with Efficient Photoluminescence. Y. Morisaki, Y. Chujo Polymer Bulletin 53 2 73-80 2005/01
  •  Novel pi-Conjugated Cyclophane Polymers Containing Phenylamine Moieties with Strong Blue-light Emission. Y. Morisaki, Y. Chujo POLYMER 46 16  5884-5889 2005
  •  Synthesis and Application of Fluorescent Substrates for Lipoamidase Assay. S. Matsugo, Y. Nakajima, T. Konishi J. Clin. Biochem. Nutr. 43 1  468-472 2008
  •  The Effect of Biothiol on UV Irradiated a-Lipoic Acid Naoki Wada, Hirotaka Wakami, Tetsuya Konishi, Seiichi Matsugo Biofactors in press 2008/01
  •  The Degradation and Regeneration of a-Lipoic Acid under the Irradiation of UV Light in the Existence of Homocysteine. Naoki Wada, Hirotaka Wakami, Tetsuya Konishi, Seiichi Matsugo J. Clin. Biochem. Nutr. 44 3 218-222 2009

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  •  Synthesis of Through-space Conjugated Polymers Containing the Pseudo-ortho-linked [2.2]Paracyclophane Moiety. Yasuhiro Morisaki, Naoki Wada, Manabu Arita, Yoshiki Chujo Polym. Bull. 62 3 305-314 2009
  •  Polymethylenes Containing [2.2]Paracyclophane in the Side Chain Naoki Wada, Yasuhiro Morisaki, Yoshiki Chujo Macromolecules 42 5 1439-1442 2009
  •  Simple HPLC evaluation of lipoamidase activity in tissue using a newly synthesized fluorescent substrate, dansyl-α-lipoyllysine. R. Motafakkerazad, M.-Y. Wang, N. Wada, S. Matsugo, T. Konishi 57 377-382 2011/01
  •  Multiple Roles of Photosynthetic and Sunscreen Pigments in Cyanobacteria Focusing on the Oxidative Stress. N. Wada, T. Sakamoto, S. Matsugo Metabolites 3 463-483 2013
  •  Glycosylated Porphyra-334 and Palythine-Threonine from the Terrestrial Cyanobacterium Nostoc commune. E. Nazifi, N. Wada, M. Yamaba, T. Asano, T. Nishiuchi, S. Matsugo, T. Sakamoto Marine Drugs 105 1 81-89 2013
  •  Characterization of the chemical diversity of glycosylated mycosporine-like amino acids in the terrestrial cyanobacterium Nostoc commune. E. Nazifi, N. Wada, T. Asano, T. Nishiuchi, Y. Iwamura, S. Chinaka, S. Matsugo, T. Sakamoto J. Photochem. Photobiol. B 142 154-168 2015/01

Conference Presentations

Arts and Fieldwork


Theme to the desired joint research

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research


Classes (Bachelors)

○Introduction of Biochemical Engineering 1(2017)
○Freshman Seminar I(2017)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2017)
○Experiments in Biochemical Engineering A(2017)
○Instrumental Analytical Chemistry 2(2017)
○Instrumental Analytical Chemistry 1(2017)
○Organic Chemistry 2A(2017)
○Organic Chemistry 2B(2017)
○Biomedical Engineering(2017)
○Organic Chemistry 1B(2017)
○Experiments in Biochemical Engineering B(2017)
○Organic Chemistry 1A(2017)
○Introduction of Biochemical Engineering 2(2017)
○Basic Laboratory in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering(2017)
○Biomolecular Functions(2017)
○Biomedical Engineering(2017)
○Biomedical Engineering(2017)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2017)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2016)
○Freshman Seminar I(2016)
○Introduction of Biochemical Engineering(2016)
○Instrumental Analytical Chemistry(2016)
○Experiments in Biochemical Engineering B(2016)
○Organic Chemistry 2(2016)
○Experiments in Biochemical Engineering A(2016)
○Organic Chemistry 1(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

International Project

International Students

Lecture themes

Others (Social Activities)

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