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No. Name Faculty Position Specialities
1 ABE SOICHIRO Faculty of Letters, Institute of Human and Social Sciences Professor Wei,Jin,Northern and Southern Dynasties, "HouHanShu", ZouMaLou bamboo slips
2 IIYAMA, Koichi Faculty of Frontier Engineering,Institute of Science and Engineering Professor Optical measurements, Optical communications, Optical fiber, Optical waveguide
3 INOMATA, Yayoi Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology Associate Professor Aerosol,Environmental Radioactivity,Atmospheric Environmetal Science, Meteorology, Earch science
4 USUI Soichiro University Hospital Associate Professor Caldiology, heart failure, Cardiac remodeling
5 URIU, Koichiro Faculty of Biological Science and Technology,Institute of Science and Engineering Assistant Professor
6 Ooi Kazuhiro University Hospital Associate Professor Oral and maxillofacial Surgery Dentofacial Deformity Temporomandibular Joint
7 OI MANABU Research Center for Child Mental Development Professor Communication Disorders communication disorders
8 OISHI, Masahiro University Hospital Assistant Professor
9 OGAI Aoi Faculty of Law, Institute of Human and Social Sciences Associate Professor the criminal procedure law the criminal Policy the juvenile delinquent act
10 Koichi KAWAI Faculty of Law, Institute of Human and Social Sciences Associate Professor Public Administration, Local Government, Policy Process, Bureaucracy

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