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Researcher Information

last modified:2022/04/13

Associate Professor ASAI Akiko


Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Education, Institute of Human and Social Sciences
Associate Professor

College and School Educational Field

Course in Curriculum Studies, School of Teacher Education, College of Human and Social Sciences


Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
New York University Master Music and Performing Arts Professions Music Composition 200405 Completed
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Tokyo University of the Arts Department of Composition 200103
Master of Arts


Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society

The Japan Federation of Composers Inc.
Japan Music Expression Society




Speciality Keywords

Composition, Contemporary Music

Research Themes

The contemporary vocal music in Japanese

Composition of the contemporary instrumental music

Composition of the contemporary performing arts

The influences of ethnicity on the musical language of contemporary composers


  •  CD "The Tradition of Kshano Hideo Kikuchi" Zipangu 2021/01
  •  Akiko Asai, Yoshiko Uchida, Masanobu Shinoda, Daijiro Tabuchi, Mayuko Fukami,Mikayo Hojo CD『Contemporary works for accordion solo Composer Group Cue × Tomomi Ota』 ALM Record 2011/11
  •  Akiko Asai, Yoshiko Uchida, Masanobu Shinoda, Daijiro Tabuchi, Mayuko Fukami,Mikayo Hojo CD『Composer Group Cue Works』 ALM RECORDS 2006/01


  •  Design Study of Learning Music with a goal of Acquiring Conducting Akiko Asai Bulletin of the Faculty of Education 13 31-37 2021/03

Conference Presentations


  •  Composer Group Cue Works Akiko Asai, Mikayo Hojo  ALM Records, Inc. 2007//1

Arts and Fieldwork

○Disney Medley for two voices of Kotos and Jazz Orchestra(2021/09-2021/09)(place:Kanazawa)(result:The arrangement was performed by Junior ensemble of Japanese music and Junior Jazz Orchestra JAZZ-21)
○The Entangled Stairways for solo Clarinet(2021/01-2021/01)
○Opera "ASAHINA"(2019/01/18-2019/01/20)(place:Kanazawa, Ishikawa)(result:Performance of Opera work)
○Cultural Resource - Contemporary Music(2012/09-2012/09)(place:New York)(result:Lecture and Performing works)
○『N-opera Macbeth』(2006/03-)
○Prelude for Cage's Melody for 4 glassharp players (2017/11/12-2017/11/12)
○The premier performance of "Tsukareta Shonen no Tabi" for Viola and Reading(2016/09-2016/10)(place:Tokyo, Mie)(result:The premier performance of "Tsukareta Shonen no Tabi" for Viola and Reading)
○The premier performance of "dis-communication 1.5" between Clarinet and Violin(2016/06-)(place:Kanazawa)(result:The premier performance of "dis-communication 1.5" between Clarinet and Violin)
○Piano performance for Duo concert(2016/04-)(place:Nonoichi-shi)(result:Piano performance for Duo concert)
○Music Performance at the Tea ceremony "Hyaku shiki"(2016/03-)(place:Kanazawa)(result:The music performance for the tea ceremony "Hyaku Shiki")
○The Air Sculpture by Guitar and Ondes Martenot(2016/02-)(place:Tokyo)(result:The work was premiered in the concert produced by The Japan Federation of Composers Inc.)
○Composition for the national event in Ishikawa(2015/01-2015/05)(place:Komatsu-city (Recorded in Kanazawa))(result:Composed four musical works including Orchestra and Choral music.)


Theme to the desired joint research

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

Competitive research funding,Contribution

Collaborative research,Consignment study

Classes (Bachelors)

○Studies in Teaching of Music I(2020)
○Fundamentals of Piano Performance(2020)
○Music Theory II(2020)
○Seminar in Composition II(2020)
○Seminar in Composition I(2020)
○Music Theory I(2020)
○Conducting Technique(2020)
○Arts and Self-Expression(2020)
○Arts and Self-Expression(2020)
○Arts and Self-Expression(2017)
○Arts and Self-Expression(2017)
○Seminar in Composition II(2017)
○Conducting Technique(2017)
○Music Theory I(2017)
○Seminar in Composition I(2017)
○Studies in Teaching of Music I(2017)
○Arts and Self-Expression(2017)
○Arts and Self-Expression(2017)
○Music Theory II(2017)
○Arts and Self-Expression(2016)
○Arts and Self-Expression(2016)
○Conducting Technique(2016)
○Fundamentals of Piano Performance(2016)
○Music Theory II(2016)
○Seminar in Composition I(2016)
○Seminar in Composition II(2016)
○Fundamentals of Solfege(2016)
○Music Theory I(2016)
○Studies in Teaching of Music I(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Topics in Curriculum Content of Music D(2016)
○Seminar in Curriculum Content of Music D(2016)

International Project

○2014 Ishikawa Music AdacemyIshikawa prefecture , Kanazawa cityKorea and other country(2014-2016)JapanAs an interpreter for the Piano Class
○A New York Summit: The Future of the Japanese Music Heritage: Strategies for Nurturing Japanese Traditional Instrumental Genres and New MusicColumbia UniversityU.S.A(2013-)U.S.A., JapanAs a panelist for the discussion

International Students

Lecture themes

Others (Social Activities)

○Kanazawa Zonta Club(2008-)

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