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Researcher Information

last modified:2020/04/10

Assistant Professor NISHIYAMA, Akihiro

Faculty, Affiliation

Cancer Research Institute

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clinical oncology, molecular target therapy, respiratory medicine

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Conference Presentations

  • Foretinib overcomes entrectinib resistance associated with the NTRK1 G667C mutation in NTRK1 fusion-positive tumor cells in a brain metastasis model(conference:Tenth AACR-JCA Joint Conference on Breakthroughs in Cancer Research: From Biology to Therapeutics)(2019/02/16)
  • Analysis of entrectinib resistance in NTRK1 fusion positive tumor and developing to overcome that resistance(conference:2018 the Japanese Society of Medical Oncology Annual Meeting)(2018/07/19)
  • Inter-tumor heterogeneity and osimertinib resistance(conference:The 6th JCA-AACR Special Joint Conference)(2018/07/10)
  • 臓器間heterogeneityとosimertinib耐性(conference:The 22nd Annual Meeting of Japanese Association for Molecular Taget Therapy of Cancer)(2018/05/16)


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