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Researcher Information

last modified:2024/03/27

Associate Professor KIKUTANI, Mariko


Faculty, Affiliation

Institute of Liberal Arts and Science

College and School Educational Field

Division of Humanities, Graduate School of Human and Socio-Environmental Studies
Graduate School of Human and Socio-Environmental Studies
Faculty of Global Standard Education, Institute of Liberal Arts and Science


Academic Background


Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society



Experimental psychology

Speciality Keywords

cognitive psychology, emotion psychology, cross-cultural psychology

Research Themes


  •  Kollareth, D., Kikutani, M., Russell, J. A.  Interdisciplinary perspectives on shame: Methods, theories, norms, cultures, and politics. Lexington Books 2019/10/09
  •  An invitation to psychology 2021/03/31


  •  Cognitive and Behavioral Variations within the Collectivistic Cultural Sphere: Comparing Japanese and Koreans’ Self/Other Views and the Influence on Emotion Processing Mariko Kikutani, Machiko Ikemoto, Eun-Joo Park, Keith Rogers Online Readings in Psychology and Culture 4 2 2024/02/01
  •  Development of leisure scores according to mental, physical, and social components and investigation of their impacts on mental health Yuta Takiguchi, Mie Matsui, Mariko Kikutani, Kota Ebina Leisure Studies 2023/09/19
  •  EVALUATING POSITIVE EFFECTS OF LEISURE FROM A LIFE-COURSE PERSPECTIVE: A LITERATURE REVIEW Yuta TAKIGUCHI, Mariko Kikutani, Mie Matsui Psychologia: an international journal of psychology in the Orient 62 1 35-57 2023/04/21
  •  Detecting emotion in speech expressing incongruent emotional cues through voice and content: Investigation on dominant modality. IEICE Technical Report 122 326 56-64 2022/12/15
  •  Development of the Japanese version of the Beliefs About Crying Scale Mariko Shirai, Juri Kato, Mariko Kikutani The Japanese Journal of Psychology 2023/03/10

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  •  The Relationship between daily behavior changes and vaccine attitudes at the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic among Japanese people from different demographics: A retrospective and exploratory examination using a free-response survey Mariko Kikutani, Mie Matsui, Yuta Takiguchi Vaccines 11 1 192 2023/01/16
  •  The relationship between leisure activities and mental health: The impact of resilience and COVID‐19. Yuta Takiguchi, Mie Matsui, Mariko Kikutani, Kota Ebina Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being 15 131-151 2022/08/15
  •  Perception of Hidden Confidence in Neutral Expressions: Interactions of Facial Attractiveness, Self-Esteem, and Names to Be Addressed by Ritsuko Azami, Mariko Kikutani, Hideya Kitamura  Languages 7 2 88 2022/04/06
  •  Effects of orthography in the picture-word task: Evidence from Japanese scripts  Alexandra S. Dylman, Mariko Kikutani, Miho Sasaki, Christopher Barry  Reading and Writing 35 1 55-91 2021/06/13
  •  Detecting emotion in speech expressing incongruent emotional cues through voice and content: investigation on dominant modality and language  Mariko Kikutani, Machiko Ikemoto  Cognition and Emotion 2022/01/03
  •  Properties of Central and Peripheral Concepts of Emotion in Japanese and Korean: An Examination Using a Multi-Dimensional Model  Eun-Joo Park, Mariko Kikutani, Naoto Suzuki, Machiko Ikemoto, Jang-Han Lee  Frontiers in Psychology 13 2022/02/15
  •  The Interactive Influence of Life Stressor and Sleep Disturbance on Depression: A Cross-Sectional Examination on Chinese and Japanese University Students  Eiko Matsuda, Mariko Kikutani  Sage Open 2022/03/22

Conference Presentations

  • A new script memory test and its relationship with personality, daily functioning, and cognitive abilities.(conference:Society for Personality and Social Psychology 2023 Annual Convention)(2023/02/25)
  • Detecting emotion in speech expressing incongruent emotional cues through voice and content: Investigation on dominant modality and language. (conference:4th International Webinar on Cognitive and Behavioral Neurosciences)(2022/09/22)
  • The structure of emotion concepts in Japanese revealed through the relationship between emotional situations and emotion words(conference:Asian Conference on Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences)(2019/03/27)
  • The impact of sleep disturbances and life stressors on depression among workers in Japan and China (conference:International Congress of Psychology)(2021/07/21)


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