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Researcher Information

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Professor MAEDA Katsuhiro

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Faculty, Affiliation

WPI Nano Life Science Institute

College and School Educational Field

Division of Material Chemistry, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Division of Material Sciences, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
School of Chemistry, College of Science and Engineering


Macromolecular Synthesis TEL:076-234-4783 FAX:076-234-4783

Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Nagoya University Doctor Department of Applied Chemistry 199803 Completed
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
Nagoya University Department of Applied Chemistry 199303
Doctor of Engineering


Assiatant Professor, School of Engineering, Nagoya University School of Engineering Assiatant Professor(1998/04/01-2002/04/30)
Associate Professor, School of Engineering, Nagoya University School of Engineering Associate Professor(2002/05/01-2007/01/31)
Designated Associate Professor, Institute for Advanced Research, Nagoya University Institute for Advanced Research Designated Associate Professor(2007/02/01-2008/02/29)
Associate Professor, School of Engineering, Kanazawa University School of Engineering(2008/03/01-)

Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society

the Society of Polymer Science, Japan
the Chemical Society of Japan
The American Chemical Society


The American Chemical Society
○Thomson Reuters Research Front Award 2012(2012/02/21)
○The Excellent Presentation Award for Young Scientists(2005/07)
○Award for Encouragement of Research in Polymer Science(2002/05/25)


Polymer chemistry

Speciality Keywords

polymer synthesis

Research Themes

Development of Novel Chiral π-Conjugated (Macro)molecular Systems

The purpose of this study is to develop novel chiral π-conjugated (macro)molecular systems, which can detect the chirality of target molecules as changes in their absorption, luminescence, visible color, or electrical properties.

Synthesis and Application of Functional Materials by Using Dynamic Helical Polymers

Synthesis and Application of Functional Materials by Using Dynamic Helical Polymers Dynamic helical polymers can cooperatively change their conformation, such as helical pitch and helical sense, in response to various chiral and achiral external stimuli. In this study, we aim to develop functional materials based on dynamic helical polymers, which can electrically or spectroscopically detect various external stimuli with high sensitivity.

Development of Novel Conjugated Polymer Photovoltaic Materials

Development of Novel Conjugated Polymer Photovoltaic Materials The key factor for achieving higher power-conversion efficiency (PCE) in organic thin film solar cells (OSCs) is to develop novel photovoltaic materials used in active layers as electron donors. The conjugated polymers used in OSCs as electron donor materials at present, such as poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT), absorb only a small part of the sunlight. This mismatch between absorption spectra of the conjugated polymers and the solar irradiance spectrum limits the utility of the sunlight, resulting in low PCE of OSCs. In order to attain the realization of practical application of OSCs, we have been developing novel conjugated polymers with small-bandgap, which can effectively harvest photons from the sunlight. This work is performed in collaboration with Prof. K. Takahashi's group in the same department.


  •  E. Yashima, K. Maeda  Fullerene Polymers: Synthesis, Properties and Applications Wiley-VCH 2009/12


  •  Synthesis and Characterization of Thieno[3,4-b]thiophene-Based Copolymers Bearing 4-Substituted Phenyl Ester Pendants: Facile Fine-Tuning of HOMO Energy Levels T. Yamamoto, T. Ikai, M. Kuzuba, T. Kuwabara, K. Maeda, K. Takahashi, S. Kanoh  MACROMOLECULES 44 17 6659 2011/08
  •  Synthesis of Polysaccharide Derivatives Bearing Pyridine N-Oxide Groups and Their Use as Asymmetric Organocatalysts T. Ikai, M. Moro, K. Maeda, S. Kanoh  REACTIVE & FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS 71 10 1055 2011/07
  •  Amplification of Macromolecular Helicity of Dynamic Helical Poly(phenylacetylene)s Bearing Nonracemic Alanine Pendants in Dilute Solution, Liquid Crystal, and Two-Dimensional Crystal E. Yashima, S. Ohsawa, S. Sakurai, K. Nagai K. Maeda, J. Kumaki  POLYMER JOURNAL
  •  Stimuli-Responsive Helical Poly(phenylacetylene)s Bearing Cyclodextrin Pendants that Exhibit Enantioselective Gelation in Response to Chirality of a Chiral Amine and Hierarchical Super-Structured Helix Formation K. Maeda, H. Mochizuki, K. Osato, E. Yashima  MACROMOLECULES 44 9 3217 2011/05
  •  Enantioselective Adsorption of Chiral Amines on an Induced Helical Poly(bis(4-carboxyphenoxy)phosphazene): Chiral Filter Effect K. Maeda, K. Kuroyanagi, S. Sakurai, T. Yamanaka, E. Yashima  MACROMOLECULES 44 8 2457 2011/04

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  •  Hierarchical Amplification of Macromolecular Helicity of Dynamic Helical Poly(phenylacetylene)s Composed of Chiral and Achiral Phenylacetylenes in Dilute Solution, Liquid Crystal, and Two-Dimensional Crystal S. Ohsawa, S. Sakurai, K. Nagai, M. Banno, K. Maeda, J. Kumaki, E. Yashima  JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 133 1 108 2011/01
  •  Helical Polymers: Synthesis, Structures and Functions E. Yashima, K. Maeda, H. Iida, Y. Furusho, K. Nagai  CHEMICAL REVIEWS 109 11 6102 2009/12
  •  Mechanism of Memory of Macromolecular Helicity of Poly(phenyl isocyanide)s and Their Helical Structures Y. Hase, K. Nagai, K. Okoshi, N. Ochi, K. Sawabe, H. Iida, K. Maeda, E. Yashima JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 131 30 10719-10732 2009/08
  •  Chiral Self-aggregate Formation of an Optically Active Phosphonate Derivative H. Yamada, K. Maeda, E. Yashima CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 11 28 6794-6798 2009/07
  •  Synthesis of Functional Poly(phenyl isocyanide)s with Macromolecular Helicity Memory and Their Use as Asymmetric Organocatalysts K. Miyabe, Y. Hase, H. Iida, K. Maeda, E. Yashima CHIRALITY 21 1 44-50 2009/01
  •  Single- and Double-Stranded Helical Polymers: Synthesis, Structures and Functions E. Yashima, K. Maeda, Y. Furusho ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH 41 9 1166 2008/09
  •  Chemical Modification of a Luminescent Amylose-Poly(phenylenevinylene) Composite K. Tamura, K. Maeda, E. Yashima MACROMOLECULES 41 13 5065-5069 2008/07
  •  Helicity Induction and Memory of the Macromolecular Helicity in a Polyacetylene Bearing a Biphenyl Pendant K. Maeda, S. Tamaki, K. Tamura, E. Yashima Chemistry-An Asian Journal 3 3 614-624 2008/03
  •  Synthesis of Thieno[3,4-b]thiophene-Based Donor Molecules with Phenyl Ester Pendants for Organic Solar Cells: Control of Photovoltaic Properties via Single Substituent Replacement Y. Wada, Y. Asada, T. Ikai, K. Maeda, T. Kuwabara, K. Takahashi, S. Kanoh ChemistrySelect  1 703-709 2016/03/16
  •  Chiral Recognition Ability of an Optically Active Poly(diphenylacetylene) as a Chiral Stationary Phase for HPLC K. Maeda, M. Maruta, K. Shimomura, T. Ikai, S. Kanoh Chemistry Letters 45 9 1063-1065 2016/05/31
  •  Chiral fluorescent sensors based on cellulose derivatives bearing terthienyl pendants T. Ikai, D. Suzuki, Y. Kojima, C. Yun, K. Maeda, S. Kanoh Polymer Chemistry 7 4793-4801 2016/06/25
  •  Dual Memory of Enantiomeric Helices in Poly(phenylacetylene)s Induced by a Single Enantiomer through Helix Inversion and Dual Storage of the Enantiomeric Helicity Memories K. Maeda, T. Miyagawa, A. Furuko, H. Onouchi, E. Yashima Macromolecules  48 13 4281-4293 2015/06/29
  •  Influence of 4-fluorophenyl pendants in thieno[3,4-b]thiophene-benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b′]dithiophene-based polymers on the performance of photovoltaics T. Yamamoto, T. Ikai, S. Katori, T. Kuwabara, K. Maeda, T. Koganezawa, K. Takahashi, S. Kanoh Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 53 1586-1593 2015/01/31
  •  Efficient and rapid direct transesterification reactions of cellulose with isopropenyl acetate in ionic liquids R. Kakuchi, M. Yamaguchi, T. Endo, Y. Shibata, K. Ninomiya, T. Ikai, K. Maeda, K. Takahashi, RSC Advances 5 88 72071-72074 2015/08/20
  •  Macromolecular Helicity Induction and Memory in a Poly(biphenylylacetylene) Bearing an Ester Group and Its Application to a Chiral Stationary Phase for High-performance Liquid Chromatography R. Ishidate, K. Shimomura, T. Ikai, S. Kanoh, K. Maeda 44 946-948 2015/04/17
  •  Synthesis of polyisocyanides bearing oligothiophene pendants: higher-order structural control through pendant framework design T. Ikai, Y. Takagi, K.-i. Shinohara, K. Maeda, S. Kanoh Polym Journal 47 9 625-630 2015/05/11
  •  Thieno[3,4-b]thiophene–benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b′]dithiophene-based polymers bearing optically pure 2-ethylhexyl pendants: Synthesis and application in polymer solar cells T. Ikai, R. Kojima, S. Katori, T. Yamamoto, T. Kuwabara, K. Maeda, K. Takahashi, S. Kanoh Polymer  56 171-177 2014/11/11
  •  Chiral Amplification in Polymer Brushes Consisting of Dynamic Helical Polymer Chains through the Long-Range Communication of Stereochemical Information K. Maeda, S. Wakasone, K. Shimomura, T. Ikai, S. Kanoh Macromolecules 47 19 6540-6546 2014/09/25
  •  Synthesis of polysaccharide derivatives bearing bromobenzoate pendants for use as chiral auxiliaries T. Ikai, K. Kimura, K. Maeda, S. Kanoh Reactive & Functional Polymers 82 52-57 2014/06/02
  •  Switchable enantioseparation based on macromolecular memory of a helical polyacetylene in the solid state K. Shimomura, T. Ikai, S. Kanoh, E. Yashima, K. Maeda Nature Chemistry 6 5 429-434 2014/03/05
  •  Fine Tuning of Frontier Orbital Energy Levels in Dithieno[3,2-b:2',3'-d]silole-Based Copolymers Based on the Substituent Effect of Phenyl Pendants T. Ikai, T. Kudo, M. Nagaki, T. Yamamoto, K. Maeda, S. Kanoh Polymer  55 2139-2145 2014/03/13
  •  Amplification of macromolecular helicity of dynamic helical poly(phenylacetylene)s bearing non-racemic alanine pendants in dilute solution, liquid crystal and two-dimensional crystal POLYMER JOURNAL 44 42-50 2012/01
  •  Synthesis of Seleno[3,4-c]pyrrole-4,6-dione-based Polymers for Polymer Solar Cells SYNTHETIC METALS 162 1707-1712 2012/07
  •  Helical Polymer Brushes with a Preferred-handed Helix-sense Triggered by a Terminal Optically Active Group in the Pendant CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 48 3342-3344 2012/02

Conference Presentations

  • Development of chiral stationary phases capable of reversible switching of the elution order(2016/01/27)
  • Function of Chirality-Responsive Dynamic Helical Polymers(conference:The 8th Japan-China Joint Symposium on Functional Supramolecular Architectures)(2014/12)
  • Chirality Control and Chiral Amplification in Polyacetylenes Bearing Dynamically Chiral Pendants (conference:International Symposium on Polymer Materials 2015)(2015/07)
  • Function of a Polyacetylene Bearing 2,2’-Biphenol-Derived Pendants Based on Helicity Induction and Memory Effect(conference:International Science & Nature Congress 2015)(2015/09)
  • Function of Chirality-Responsive Polyacetylenes Possessing 2,2’-Biphenol-Derived Pendants(conference:EMN Meeting on Polymer)(2016/01)

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  • Development of Chiral Materials Utilizing Structural Features of Helical Polymers(2016/09/16)

Arts and Fieldwork


Theme to the desired joint research

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

○「コアにらせん高分子鎖を有する機能性ミセルの創成と応用              」(2009-2010) 

Classes (Bachelors)

○Laboratory Course V(2017)
○Introduction of Chemistry A(2017)
○Synthetic Polymer Chemistry(2017)
○Laboratory Course V(2017)
○Introduction to Region-studies(2016)
○Laboratory Course V(2016)
○Chemistry for Education(2016)
○Chemistry for Education(2016)
○Laboratory Course V(2016)
○Fundamental Laboratory Course in Applied Chemistry(2016)
○Synthetic Polymer Chemistry(2016)
○Technical English(2016)
○Lecture on Life in Campus and Society(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Precision Macromolecular Synthesis(2017)
○Precision Macromolecular Synthesis(2017)
○Precision Macromolecular Synthesis(2017)
○Solar Cell Engineering(2017)
○Synthetic Chemistry of Polymeric Materials(2017)
○Fine Synthetic Polymer Chemistry(2017)
○Introduction of Material Program(2017)
○Precision Macromolecular Synthesis(2017)
○Precision Macromolecular Synthesis(2016)
○Solar Cell Engineering(2016)
○Fine Synthetic Polymer Chemistry(2016)
○Synthetic Chemistry of Polymeric Materials(2016)
○Introduction of Material Program(2016)

International Project

International Students

Lecture themes

Others (Social Activities)

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