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Researcher Information

last modified:2022/07/04

Professor KOBAYASHI Masato


Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Health Sciences, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences

College and School Educational Field

Division of Health Sciences,Graduate School of Medical Science
Department of Radiological Technology,School of Health Sciences, College of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences


Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Kanazawa University Doctor Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences Division of health sciences 200609 Completed
Master of health sciences
Doctor of health sciences


Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation(2004/04/01-2005/03/31)
University of Fukui Biomedical Imaging Research Center COE research associate(2006/10/01-2007/03/30)
University of Fukui Biomedical imaging research center Assistant professor(2007/04/01-2009/02/28)
Kanazawa university Faculty of Health Sciences Assistant Professor(2009/03/01-2013/03/31)
Kanazawa university Wellness Promotion Science Center Tenure-track Assistant Professor(2014/04/01-2019/03/31)
Kanazawa University Faculty of Health sSciences Associate Professor(2019/04/01-)
University of Fukui Biomedical imaging research center Visiting Researcher(2009/04/01-2021/03/31)
National Institutes of Health Research Fellow
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Visiting Assistant Professor

Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society

The Japanese society of nuclear medicine
Japanese society for molecular imaging
Society of Nuclear Medicine
Japanese society of radiological technology
Japan society of medical physics
The Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine Technology



Radiation science

Speciality Keywords

Nuclear medicine.Biomedical imaging

Research Themes

Combined biomedical functional imaging



  •  Biological distribution of orally administrated [123I]MIBG for estimation of gastrointestinal tract absorption. Kobayashi M, Mizutani A, Muranaka Y, Nishi K, Komori H, Nishii R, Shikano N, Nakanishi T, Tamai I, Kawai K. Pharmaceutics 14 1 61 2021/12/28
  •  Exercise inhibits Doxorubicin-induced damage to cardiac vessels and activation of Hippo/YAP-mediated apoptosis. Rong-Hua T, Kobayashi M, Yang Y, Kleinerman E. Cancers(Basel) 13 11 2740 2021/06/01
  •  Inhibition of the hepatic uptake of 99mTc-tetrofosmin using an organic cation transporter blocker. Nishi K, Kobayashi M, Kikuchi M, Mizutani A, Muranaka Y, Tamai I, Kawai K, Kudo T.  Pharmaceutics 13 7 1073 2021/07/13
  •  Differentiation between non-small cell lung cancer and radiation pneumonitis after carbon-ion radiotherapy by 18F-FDG PET/CT texture analysis. Suga M, Nishii R, Miwa K, Kamitaka Y, Yamazaki K, Tamura K, Yamamoto N, Kohno R, Kobayashi M, Tanimoto K, Tsuji H, Higashi T. Scientific Reports 11 1 11509 2021/06/01
  •  Assessment of drug transporters involved in the urinary secretion of [99mTc]dimercaptosuccinic acid. Kobayashi M, Mizutani A, Okamoto T, Muranaka Y, Nishi K, Nishii R, Shikano N, Nakanishi T, Tamai I, Kleinerman ES, Kawai K. Nuclear Medicine and Biology 94-95 92-97 2021/02/05

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  •  Clinical Value of PET/CT with Carbon-11 4DST in the Evaluation of malignant and benign lung tumors. Nishii R, Saga T, Sudo H, Togawa T, Kuyama J, Tani T, Maeda T, Kobayashi M, Iizasa T, Shingyoji M, Itami M, Kawamura K, Hashimoto H, Yamazaki K, Kentaro Tamura K, Higashi T. Annuls of Nuclear Medicine 35 2 211-222 2021/01/02
  •  [131I]MIBG exports via MRP transporters and inhibition of the MRP transporters improves accumulation of [131I]MIBG in neuroblastoma.  Kobayashi M, Mizutani A, Nishi K, Muranaka Y, Nishii R, Shikano N, Nakanishi T, Tamai I, Kleinerman ES, Kawai K.  Nuclear Medicine and Biology 90-91 49-54 2020/09/28
  •  Transport mechanism and affinity of [99mTc]mercaptoacetyltriglycine ([99mTc]MAG3) on the apical membrane of renal proximal tubule cells. Kobayashi M, Nishi K, Mizutani A, Okudaira H, Nakanishi T, Shikano N, Nishii R, Tamai I, Kawai K. Nuclear Medicine and Biology 84-85 33-37 2020/01/15
  •  Longitudinal investigation of Propionibacterium acnes burden and skin physiological function during menstruation in healthy women. Mukai K, Ogai K, Kobayashi M, Ueda T, Nakajima Y, Nakatani T.  Structure and Function 18 1 20-30 2019/11/09
  •  Imaging of hepatic drug transporters with [131I]6-β-iodomethyl-19-norcholesterol. Kobayashi M, Nishi K, Mizutani A, Hokama T, Matsue M, Tsujikawa T, Nakanishi T, Nishii R, Tamai I, Kawai K. Scientific Reports 9 1 13413 2019/09/03
  •  The pharmacological properties of 3-arm or 4-arm DOTA constructs for conjugation to a-melanocyte-stimulating hormone analogues for melanoma imaging Kobayashi M, Kato T, Washiyama K, Ihara M, Mizutani A, Nishi K, Flores LG 2nd, Nishii R, Kawai K. PLOS ONE 2019/02/04
  •  Comparison of wiping methods for the removal of cleaning agent residue from hair follicles. Aoki M, Ogai K, Matsumoto M, Susa H, Yamada K, Yamatake T, Kobayashi M, Sugama J. Skin Res Technol 2019/01/03
  •  Different efflux transporter affinity and metabolism of 99mTc-2-methoxyisobutylisonitrile and 99mTc-tetrofosmin for multidrug resistance monitoring in cancer. Kobayashi M, Tsujiuchi T, Mizutani A, Nishi K, Nakanishi T, Nishii R, Fukuchi K, Tamai I, Kawai K. Pharm Res 36 1 18 2018/11/29
  •  Comparison of ceramide retention in the stratum corneum between dry skin and normal skin using animal model with fluorescent imaging method. Aoki M, Ogai K, Kobayashi M, Minematsu T, Nakatani T, Okuwa M, Sanada H, Sugama J.  Skin Res Technol 2018/10/27
  •  1,2,4-Triazole-based Compounds as PET Radioligands for Imaging Brain COX-1 in Monkey. Part 2: Selection and Evaluation of [11C]PS13 for Quantitative Imaging. Shrestha S, Singh P, Cortes-Salva MY, Jenko KJ, Ikawa M, Kim MJ, Kobayashi M, Morse CL, Zoghbi SS, Gladding RL, Fujita M, Innis RB, Pike VW. ACS Chemical Neuroscience 9 11 2620-2627 2018/11/21
  •  123I-iomazenil whole-body imaging to detect hepatic carboxylesterase drug metabolizing enzyme activity. Mizutani A, Kobayashi M, Fujita KI, Takahashi K, Hokama T, Takasu H, Nishi K, Nishii R, Shikano N, Fukuchi K, Kawai K. Nucl Med Commun 39 9 825-833 2018/09
  •  The changes of chronic leg oedema after recumbent position at night in chair-bound elderly Japanese individuals. Iuchi T, Tsuchiya S, Sato A, Dai M, Imran I, Kobayashi M, Sugama J.  Lymphoedema Research and Practice 6 1 1-9 2018/05/09
  •  Diagnosis of brain tumors using system A amino acid transport PET imaging with C-11-MeAIB: A comparison study with C-11-methionine PET imaging. Nishii R, Higashi T, Kagawa S, Arimoto M, Kishibe Y, Takahashi M, Yamada, Saiki M, Arakawa Y, Yamauchi H, Okuyama C, Hojo M, Munemitsu T, Sawada M, Kobayashi M, Kawai K, Nagamachi S, Hirai T, Miyamoto S. Contrast Media Mol Imaging 2018 1292746 2018/06/20
  •  Selected PET radiomic features remain the same. Tsujikawa T, Tsuyoshi H, Kanno M, Yamada S, Kobayashi M, Narita T, Kimura H, Fujieda S, Yoshida Y, Okazawa H. Oncotarget 9 29 20734-20746 2018/04/17
  •  Influences of different methods of cleaning agent removal on the effectiveness of skin dirt removal. Matsumoto M, Ogai K, Ohashi R, Tanaka K, Aoki M, Kobayashi M, Sugama J.  The Society for Nursing Science and Engeenring 2018
  •  Changes in dermal structure and skin oxidative stress in overweight and obese Japanese males after weight loss: a longitudinal observation study. Matsumoto M, Ogai K, Aoki M, Urai T, Yokogawa M, Tawara M, Kobayashi M, Minematsu T, Sanada H, Sugama J.  Skin Research and Technology 2018/01/27
  •  Development of radioiodine-labeled acetaminophen for specific, high-contrast imaging of malignant melanoma. Zhu WJ, Kobayashi M, Yamada K, Mizutani A, Nishi K, Shikano N, Nishii R, Kunishima M, Kawai K. Nuclear Medicine and Biology 59 16-21 2018/01/03
  •  エアマットレス使用時の枕のあて方が上肢・胸部の筋の硬さと自覚症状に及ぼす影響. 浦井珠恵,松本勝,井内映美,小林正和,西村誠次,須釜淳子. Journal of Wellness and Health Care 41 2 151-158. 2017/12
  •  日本放射線技術学会の海外派遣事業における派遣者の動向及び業績の調査 小林正和,田中利恵,松原孝祐,森岡茂晃,辻岡勝美,有村秀孝,上田克彦,小倉明夫,宮地利明. 日本放射線技術学会雑誌 73 10 1061-1065 2017/10
  •  Comparison of four 11C-labeled PET ligands to quantify translocator protein 18 kDa (TSPO) in human brain: (R)-PK11195, PBR28, DPA-713, and ER176.  Fujita M, Kobayashi M, Ikawa M, Gunn RN, Rabiner EA, Owen DR, Zoghbi SS, Haskali MB, Telu S, Pike VW, Innis RB.  EJNMM Research 7 1 84 2017/10/16
  •  Objective assessment of leg edema using ultrasonography with a gel pad Iuchi T, Kobayashi M, Tsuchiya S, Ohno N, Dai M, Matsumoto M, Ogai K, Sato A, Sawazaki T, Miyati T, Tanaka S, Sugama J. Plos one 2017/08/09
  •  Noninvasive longitudinal monitoring of the angiogenesis in a murine excisional cutaneous wound healing model using a high-resolution three-dimensional ultrasound imaging. Mukai K, Zhu WJ, Nakajima Y, Kobayashi M, Nakatani T. Skin Research and Technology 2017
  •  11C-DPA-713 has much greater specific binding to translocator protein 18 kDa (TSPO) in human brain than does 11C-(R)-PK11195. Kobayashi M, Jiang T, Telu S, Zoghhi SS, Gunn R, Rabiner EA, Owen DR, Guo Qi, Pike VW, Innis RB, Fujita M. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 2017
  •  Wash or wipe? A comparative study of skin physiological changes between water washing and wiping after skin cleaning. Ogai K, Matsumoto M, Aoki M, Ota R, Hashimoto K, Wada R, Kobayashi M, Sugama J.  Skin Research and Technology 2017
  •  Difference in accumulation and the transport mechanism of L- and D-methionine in high- and low-grade human glioma cells.  Kobayashi M, Mizutani A, Nishi K, Nakajima S, Shikano N, Nishii R, Fukuchi K, Kawai K.  Nuclear Medicine and Biology 44 78-82 2017
  •  Relationship between [14C]MeAIB uptake and amino acid transporter family gene expression levels or proliferative activity in human carcinoma cells: comparison with [3H]Methionine uptake. Kagawa S, Nishii R, Higashi T, Yamaguchi H, Ogawa E, Ono M, Okudaira H, Kobayashi M, Yoshimoto M, Shikano N, Kawai K. Nuclear Medicine and Biology 49 8-15 2017
  •  Assessment of Amino Acid/Drug Transporters for Renal Transport of [18F]Fluciclovine (anti-[18F]FACBC) in Vitro. Ono M, Baden A, Okudaira H, Kobayashi M, Kawai K, Oka S, Yoshimura H. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 17 10 pii: E1730 2016
  •  Increased level of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) on the skin of Japanese obese males: measured by quantitative skin blotting. Ogai K, Matsumoto M, Aoki M, Minematsu T, Kitamura KI, Kobayashi M, Sanada H, Sugama J. International Journal of Cosmetic Science 38 5 462-9 2016
  •  Stimultaneous acquisition of 99mTc and 123I-labeled radiotracers using a preclinical SPECT scanner with CZT detectors.  Kobayashi M, Matsunari I, Nishi K, Mizutani A, Miyazaki Y, Ogai K, Sugama J, Shiba K, Kawai K, Kinuya S. Annals of Nuclear Medicine 30 4 263-271 2015
  •  [14C]Fluciclovine (alias anti-[14C]FACBC) uptake and ASCT2 expression in castration-resistant prostate cancer cells. Ono M, Oka S, Okudaira H, Nakanishi T, Mizotani A, Kobayashi M, Schuster DM, Goodman MM, Shirakami Y, Kawai K.  Nuclear Medicine and Biology 42 11 887-892 2015
  •  Impact of injection dose, post-reconstruction filtering, and collimator choice on image quality of myocardial perfusion SPECT using cadmium-zinc telluride detectors in the rat. Mizutani A, Matsunari I, Kobayashi M, Nishi K, Fujita W, Miyazaki Y, Nekolla SG, Kawai K.  EJNMMI Physics 2 1 2015
  •  Comprison of image quality with 62Cu and 64Cu-labeled radiotracers in Positron Emission Tomography whole-body phantom imaging. Kobayashi M, Mori T, Tsujikawa T, Mizutani A, Ogai K, Sugama J, Kiyono Y, Kawai K, Okazawa H. Hellenic Journal of Nuclear Medicine 18 2 103-107 2015
  •  Development of radioiodine-labeled 4-hydroxyphenylcysteamine for specific diagnosis of malignant melanoma. Kobayashi M, Nishii R, Shikano N, Florens LG 2nd, Mizutani A, Ogai K, Sugama J, Nagamachi S, Kawai K.  Nuclear Medicine and Biology 42 6 536-540 2015
  •  A strategy for improving FDG accumulation for early detection of metastasis for primary pancreatic cancer: stimulation of the Warburg effect in AsPC-1 cells. Ogura M, Shikano N, Nakajima S, Sagara J, Yamaguchi N, Kusanagi K, Okui Y, Mizutani A, Kobayashi M, Kawai K. Nuclear Medicine and Biology 42 5 475-481 2015
  •  In vivo radioactive metabolism analysis for individualized medicine: a basic study of a new method of CYP activity assay using 123I-IMP. Nishi K, Mizutani A, Shikano N, Fujita K, Kobayashi M, Ono M, Nishii R, Sasaki Y, Kinuya S, Kawai K.  Nuclear Medicine and Biology 42 2 171-176 2014
  •  Development of an improved method for quantitative analysis of skin blotting: increasing reliability and applicability for skin assessment. Ogai K, Matsumoto M, Minematsu T, Kitamura K, Kobayashi M, Sugama J, Sanada H.  International Journal of Cosmetic Science 37 4 425-432 2015
  •  Accumulation of trans-1-amino-3-18F-fluorocyclobutanecarboxylic acid in prostate cancer due to androgen-induced expression of amino-acid transporters. Okudaira H, Oka S, Ono M, Nakanishi T, Shuster DM, Kobayashi M, Goodman MM, Tamai I, Kawai K, Shirakami Y. Molecular Imaging and Biology 16 6 756-764 2014
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  •  Effect of surrounding materials on iterative reconsruction based spatial resolution, and annihilations outside the source assessed by a small animal PET scanner.  Miyazaki Y, Kobayashi M, Komatsu R, Hayashi A, Yonezawa S, Kawai K, Matsudaira M, Shiozaki J, Matsunari I. Annals of Nuclear Medicine 28 6 512-522 2014
  •  Performance evaluation of the eXplore speCZT preclinical imaging system. Matsunari I, Miyazaki Y, Kobayashi M, Nishi K, Mizutani A, Kawai K, Hayashi A, Komatsu R, Yonezawa R, Kinuya S.  Annals of Nuclear Medicine 28 6 484-497 2014
  •  Transport mechanism of hepatic uptake and bile excretion in clinical hepatobiliary scintigraphy with 99mTc-N-pyridoxyl-5-methyltryptophan. Kobayashi M, Nakanishi T, Nishi K, Higaki Y, Okudaira H, Ono M, Tsujiuchi T, Mizutani A, Nishii R, Tamai I, Arano Y, Kawai K.  Nuclear Medicine and Biology 41 4 338-342 2014
  •  Improved detection of sentinel lymph nodes in SPECT/CT images acquired using a low-medium-energy-general-purpose (LMEGP) collimator Yoneyama H, Tsushima H, Kobayashi M, Konishi T, Kojima H, Onoguchi M, Nakajima K, Kinuya S CLINICAL NUCLEAR MEDICINE 39 1 e1-6 2014
  •  Diagnostic usefulness of an amino acid tracer, α-[N-methyl-11C]-methylaminoisobutyric acid ( 11C-MeAIB), in the PET diagnosis of chest malignancies. Nishii R,Higashi T,Kagawa S,Kishibe Y,Takahashi M,Yamauchi H,Motoyama H,Kawakami K,Nakaoku T,Nohara J,Okamura M,Watanabe T,Nakatani K,Nagamachi S,Tamura S,Kawai K,Kobayashi M ANNALS OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 27 9 808-821 2013
  •  Kinetic analyses of trans-1-amino-3-18F-fluorocyclobutanecarboxylic acid transport in Xenopus laevis oocytes expressing human ASCT2 and SNAT2 Okudaira H, Nakanishi T, Oka S, Kobayashi M, Tamagami H, Schuster DM, Goodman MM, Shirakami Y, Tamai I, Kawai K Nuclear Medicine and Biology 40 5 670-675 2013
  •  Appropriate collimators in a small animal SPECT scanner with CZT detector Higaki Y, Kobayashi M, Uehara K, Hanaoka H, Arano Y, Kawai K Annals of Nuclear Medicine 27 3 271-278 2013
  •  Pharmacokinetic alteration of 99mTc-MAG3 using serum protein binding displacement method Nishi K, Kobayashi M, Nishii R, Shikano N, Takamura N, Kuga N, Yamasaki K, Nagamachi S, Tamura S, Otagiri M, Kawai K Nuclear Medicine and Biology 40 3 366-370 2013
  •  Transport mechanism of 11C-labeled L- and D-methionine in human-derived tumor cells Kobayashi M, Hashimoto F, Ohe K, Nadamura T, Nishi K, Shikano N, Nishii R, Higashi T, Okazawa H, Kawai K Nuclear Medicine and Biology 39 8 1213-1218 2012
  •  N-Isopropyl-p-iodoamphetamine hydrochloride (IMP) is predominantly metabolized by CYP2C19 Fujita K, Sugiyama M, Akiyama Y, Hioki K, Kunishima M, Nishi K, Kobayashi M, Kawai K, Sasaki Y Drug Metabolism and Disposition 33 2 843-846 2012
  •  Appropriate parameters of ordered-subset expectation maximization algorithm on measurement of myocardial blood flow and oxygen consumption with 11C-Acetate Kobayashi M, Mori T, Kiyono Y, Tsujikawa T, Maruyama R, Higaki Y, Shikano N, Nishii R, Kawai K, Kudo T, Okazawa H Nuclear Medicine Communications 33 2 130-138 2012
  •  Functional characterization of apical transporters expressed in rat proximal tubular cells (PTCs) in primary culture Nakanishi T, Fukushi A, Sato M, Shirasaka Y, Ohe K, Kobayashi M, Kawai K, Tamai I. Molecular Pharmaceutics 8 6 2142-2150 2011/06
  •  Cerebral oxygen metabolism of rats using injectable 15O-oxygen with a steady-state method. Kobayashi M, Mori T, Kiyono Y, Tiwari VN, Maruyama R, Kawai K, Okazawa H.  JOURNAL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISM 33 2 130-138 2012/01
  •  New Radiosynthesis of 2-deoxy-2-[18F]fluoroacetamido-D-glucopyranose and its evaluation as a bacterial infections imaging agent. Martinez ME, Kiyono Y, Noriki S, Inai K, Mandap KS, Kobayashi M, Mori T, Tokunaga Y, Tiwari VN, Okazawa H, Fujibayashi Y, Ido T. NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 38 6 807-817 2011/08
  •  Kikuchi-fujimoto disease PET/CT assessment of a rare cause of cervical lymphadenopathy. Tsujikawa T, Tsuchida T, Imamura Y, Kobayashi M, Asahi S, Shimizu K, Tsuji K, Okazawa H, Kimura H. CLINICAL NUCLEAR MEDICINE 36 8 661-664 2011/08
  •  Development of an H215O steady-state method combining a bolus and slow increasing injection with a multi-programming syringe pump.  Kobayashi M, Kiyono Y, Maruyama R, Mori T, Kawai K, Okazawa H. JOURNAL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISM 31 2 527-534 2011/02
  •  Putative Transport Mechanism and Intracellular Fate of Anti-18F-FACBC (Trans-1-amino-3-18F-fluorocyclobutanecarboxylic Acid) in human Prostate Cancer. Okudaira H, Shikano N, Nishii R, Miyagi T, Yoshimoto M, Kobayashi M, Ohe K, Nakanishi T, Tamai M, Namiki M, and Kawai K.  JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 52 5 822-829 2011/05
  •  Early response assessment in prostate carcinoma by 18F-Fluorothymidine following anticancer therapy with docetaxel using preclinical tumour models.  Oyama N, Hasegawa Y, Kiyono Y, Kobayashi M, Fujibayashi Y, Ponde DE, Dence C, Welch MJ, Yokoyama O. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 38 1 81-89 2011/01
  •  Radioiodinated 4-iodo-L-meta-tyrosine, a system L selective artificial amino acid: molecular design and transport characterization in Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO-K1 cells). Shikano N, Kotani T, Nakajima S, Ogura M, Nakazawa S, Sagara J, Kobayashi M, Baba T, Yamaguchi N, Kubota N, Kawai K. NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 37 8 903-910 2010/08
  •  Clinical implication and prognosis of normal baseline cerebral blood flow with impaired vascular reserve in patients with major cerebral artery occlusive disease. Isozaki M, Arai Y, Kudo T, Kiyono Y, Kobayashi M, Kubota T, Kikuta KI, Okazawa H ANNALS OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 2010/05
  •  Uptake of 3-[125I]iodo-α-methyl-L-tyrosine into colon cancer DLD-1 cells: characterization and inhibitory effect of natural amino acids and amino acid-like drugs. Shikano N, Ogura M, Okudaira H, Nakajima S, Kotani T, Kobayashi M, Nakazawa S, Baba T, Yamaguchi N, Kubota N, Iwamura Y, Kawai K NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 37 2 197-204 2010/02
  •  Stimulation of 125I-3-iodo-α-methyl-L-tyrosine in chinese hamster ovary (CHO-K1) by tyrosine esters. Shikano N, Ogura M, Sagara J, Nakajima S, Kobayashi M, Baba T, Yamaguchi N, Iwamura Y, Kubota N, Kawai K NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 37 2  189-196 2010/02
  •  Comparison of the transcellular transport of FDG and D-Glucose by the kidney epithelial cell line LLC-PK1. Kobayashi M, Shikano N, Nishii R, Kiyono Y, Araki H, Nishi K, Oh M, Okudaira H, Ogura M, Yoshimoto M, Okazawa H, Fujibayashi Y, Kawai K NUCLEAR MEDICINE COMMUNICATIONS 31 2 141-146 2010/02
  •  Automatic labeling method for injectable 15O-oxygen using hemoglobin-containing liposome vesicles and its application for measurement of brain oxygen consumption by PET. Tiwari VN, Kiyono Y, Kobayashi M, Mori T, Kudo T, Okazawa H, Fujibayashi Y NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 37 1 77-83 2010/01
  •  Effects of transmission scan protocol and attenuation correction method on normal database of 2-[18F]fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose (18F-FDG) brain positron emission tomography study Kobayashi M, Sugimoto K, Maruyama R, Kudo T, Tsujikawa T, Kiyono Y, Onoguchi M, Kawai K, Fujibayashi Y, Okazawa H Nippon Housyasen Gijutsu Gakkai Zasshi 66 1 42-48 2010/01
  •  Functional images reflect aggressiveness of endometrial carcinoma: estrogen receptor expression combined with FDG-PET Tsujikawa T, Yoshida Y, Kudo T, Kiyono Y, Kurokawa T, Kobayashi M, Tsuchida T, Fujibayashi Y, Kotsuji F, Okazawa H JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 50 10 1598-1604 2009/10
  •  Vasodilatory effect of adenosine triphosphate does not change cerebral blood flow: a PET study with 15O-water. Hussain R, Tsuchida T, Kudo T, Kobayashi M, Tsujikawa T, Kiyono Y, Fujibayashi Y, Okazawa H ANNALS OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 23 8 717-723 2009/08
  •  Validation of the calculation of the clearance rate constant (kmono) of [11C]acetate using parametric kmono image for myocardial oxidative metabolism NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 36/ 8 877-882 2009/08
  •  Competitive displacement of serum protein binding of radiopharmaceuticals with amino-Acid infusion investigated with N-isopropyl-p-123I-iodoamphetamine Kuga N, Shikano N, Takamura N, Nishii R, Yamasaki K, Kobayashi M, Nagamachi S, Tamura S, Kawai K JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 50 8 1378-1383 2009/08
  •  Cytosolic acetyl-CoA synthetase affected tumor cell survival under hypoxia: the possible function in tumor acetyl-CoA/acetate metabolism Yoshii Y, Furukawa T, Yoshii H, Mori T, Kiyono Y, Waki A, Kobayashi M, Tsujikawa T, Kudo T, Okazawa H, Yonekura Y, Fujibayashi Y Cancer Science 100 5 821-827 2009/05
  •  Radio-cooper labeled Cu-ATSM: an indicator of quiescent but clonogenic tumor cells under mild hypoxia Oh M, Tanaka T, Kobayashi M, Furukawa T, Mori T, Fujieda S, Fujibayashi Y NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 36 4 419-426 2009/04
  •  Development of microwave-based automated nucleophilic [18F]fluorination system and its application for the production of [18F]flumazenil. Mandap KS, Ido T, Kiyono Y, Kobayashi M, Lohith TG, Mori T, Kasamatsu S, Kudo T, Okazawa H, Fujibayashi Y. NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 36 4 403-409 2009/04
  •  Preparation and evaluation of ethyl [18F]Fluoroacetate as a pro-radiotracer of [18F]Fluoroacetate for the measurement of glial metabolism by PET Mori T, Sun LQ, Kobayashi M, Kiyono Y, Okazawa H, Furukawa T, Kawashima H, Welch MJ, Fujibayashi Y NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 36 2 155-162 2009/02
  •  Basic evaluation of FES-hERL PET tracer-reporter gene system for in vivo monitoring of adenoviral-mediated gene therapy Lohith TG, Furukawa T, Mori T, Kobayashi M, Fujibayshi Y Molecular Imaging and Biology 10 5 245-252 2008/09
  •  Shorter examination method for the diagnosis of misery perfusion using count-based OEF elevation in 15O-Gas PET Kobayashi M, Kudo T, Tsujikawa T, Isozaki M, Arai Y, Fujibayashi Y, Okazawa H JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 49 2  242-246 2008/02
  •  Distinctive FDG and FES accumulation pattern of two tamoxifen treated patients with endometrial hyperplasia Tsujikawa T, Okazawa H, Yoshida Y, Mori T, Kobayashi M, Tsuchida T, Fujibayashi Y ANNALS OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 22 1 73-77 2008/01
  •  Does partial volume corrected maximum SUV based on count recovery coefficient in 3D-PET/CT correlate with clinical aggressiveness of non-Hodgkin lymphoma? Tsujikawa T, Ohtsuka H, Morita N, Saegusa H, Kobayashi M, Okazawa H, Nishitani H ANNALS OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 22 1 23-30 2008/01
  •  In vivo imaging of estrogen receptor concentration in the endometrium and myometrium using FES PET-influence of menstrual cycle and endogenous estrogen level Tsuchida T, Okazawa H, Mori T, Kobayashi M, Yoshida Y, Fujibayashi Y, Itoh H NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 34 2 205-210 2007/02
  •  Can reductions in baseline CBF and vasoreactivity detect misery perfusion in chronic cerebrovascular disease? Okazawa H, Tsuchida T, Kobayashi M, Arai Y, Pagani M, Isozaki M, Yonekura Y EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 34 1 121-129 2007/01
  •  Diagnosis of misery perfusion using noninvasive O-15 gas PET Kobayashi M, Okazawa H, Tsuchida T, Kawai K, Fujibayashi Y, Yonekura Y JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 47 10 2006 2006/10
  •  Effects of 5-HT1B/1D receptor agonist rizatriptan on cerebral blood flow and blood volume in normal circulation Okazawa H, Tsuchida T, Pagani M, Mori T, Kobayashi M, Tanaka F, Yonekura Y JOURNAL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISM 26 1 92-98 2006/01
  •  Comparison of L- and D-Amino Acids for Bacterial Imaging in Lung Infection Mouse Model. Muranaka Y, Mizutani A, Kobayashi M, Nakamoto K, Matsue M, Nishi K, Yamazaki K, Nishii R, Shikano N, Okamoto S, Kawai K. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 5 2467 2022/02/23

Conference Presentations

  • 123I-MIBGを用いた消化管吸収機能の選択的測定法の検討(conference:第58回日本核医学会)(2018/11/15)
  • Impact of image acquisition time on textural features in 18F-FDG PET/MR.(conference:The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 2017 Annual Meeting)(2017/06/10)
  • Establishment of novel moist Establishment of novel moisturizer application method for dry skin focused on ceramide kinetics-Preliminary test on normal rat skin.(conference:The 27th conference of European Wound Management Association 2017)(2017/05/03)


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○New radiological technology

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Classes (Bachelors)

○Radiation Measurement(2021)
○Public Health(2021)
○Radiation Protection and Safety Experiment(2021)
○Radiation Protection and Safety Experiment(2020)
○Public Health(2020)
○Radiation Measurement(2020)
○Basic Health Science 1(2020)
○Presentation and Debate (Freshman Seminar II)(2019)
○Introduction to Region-studies(2019)
○Freshman Seminar I(2019)
○Wellness Promotion Science(2014)
○Radiological Mechinery,Experiment 1(2011)
○Radiological Mechinery,Experiment 1(2010)
○Radiation Protection and Safety Experiment(2010)
○Experiments in Radiation Protection and Safety(2009)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Analytics for Functional Imaging: Seminar(2020)
○Analytics for Functional Imaging: Lecture(2020)
○Preventive Medicine(2020)
○Processing & Anal. for Biofunctional Imaging: Res.(2020)
○Research Design in Medical Radiation Science: Lec.(2020)
○Analytics for Physical Function: Lecture(2020)
○Analytics for Physical Function: Seminar(2020)
○Research Design in Medical Radiation Science: Lec.(2019)
○Analytics for Functional Imaging: Lecture(2019)
○Processing & Anal. for Biofunctional Imaging: Res.(2019)
○Preventive Medicine(2019)
○Analytics for Physical Function: Seminar(2019)
○Preventive Medicine(2018)
○Wound Management: Seminar(2018)
○Analytics for Physical Function: Lecture(2018)
○Analytics for Physical Function: Seminar(2018)
○Analytics for Physical Function: Seminar(2017)
○Analytics for Physical Function: Lecture(2017)
○Wound Management: Seminar(2017)

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Others (Social Activities)

○北陸大学(20190401-20190930) 北陸大学医療保健学部医療技術学科の非常勤講師

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