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Researcher Information

last modified:2020/08/28

Professor ICHIKAWA Katsuhiro


Faculty, Affiliation

 Department of Quantum Medical Technology, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences

College and School Educational Field

Division of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Phamaceutical Science
Division of Neuroscience, Graduate School of Medical Science
Department of Radiological Technology,School of Health Sciences, College of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences


Ichikawa Laboratory TEL:076-265-2528 FAX:076-234-4366

Academic Background



Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society

Japanese Society of Radiological Technology
Japanese Society of CT technology
Japanese Society of CT technology
Japanese Society of CT technology
Medical Imaging and Information Sciences
Medical Imaging and Information Sciences
Medical Imaging and Information Sciences
The Society of Photographic Science and Technology of Japan


○Best presentation award(2016/06)
○Best presentation award(2011/04)
○Paper award(2009/06/06)
○paper award(2005/06/01)
○paper award(2003/04/01)
○poster award(1998/04/01)
○paper award(1994/04/01)
○Silver prize(2019/04/14)
○Silver prize(2019/04/14)
○Silver prize(2019/04/14)


Radiation science

Speciality Keywords

computed tomography, digital radiography, display

Research Themes

Image analysis for computed tomography (CT)

New measurement method of resolution property for digital radiography

Development of new technologies for medical display


  •  Katsuhiro Ichikawa CT super basics Ohmsha 2019/03/27
  •  Katsuhiro Ichikawa CT super basic 2015/08
  •  Physics and clinical use of X-ray CT ohmsha 2011/10


  •  Comparative evaluation of image quality among different detector configurations using area detector computed tomography 三浦洋平,市川勝弘,藤村一郎,他 Radiol Phys Technol.  11 1 54-60 2018/07
  •   X-ray dose reduction using additional copper filtration for abdominal digital radiography: Evaluation using signal difference-to-noise ratio. Kawashima H, Ichikawa K, Nagasou D, Hattori M. Physica Medica 34 2 65-71 2017/02
  •  Image Quality and Clinical Usefulness of Ray-summation Image Reconstructed from CT Data, Compared with Digital Radiography Syogo Suzuki, Katsuhiro Ichikawa 73 5 372-381 2017/05
  •  A New Contrast Enhancement Protocol for Subtraction Coronary Computed Tomography Requiring a Short Breath-Holding Time. Yamaguchi T, Ichikawa K, Takahashi D, Sugaya T, Furuya J, Igarashi K. Academic Radiology 24 1 38-44 2016/08
  •  Objective assessment of low-contrast computed tomography images with iterative reconstruction Urikura A, Takanori H, Ichikawa K, Nishimaru E, Hoshino T, Yoshida T, et al.  Physica Medica 32 8 992-998 2016/08

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  •  Optimization of scan timing for aortic computed tomographic angiography using the test bolus injection technique Hoshino T, Ichikawa K, Hara T, Terakawa S, Hosomi K, Nishimura K, Takayama K Acta Radiologica 57 7 829-836 2016
  •  Temporal resolution measurement of 128-slice dual source and 320-row area detector computed tomography scanners in helical acquisition mode using the impulse method Hara T, Urikura A, Ichikawa K, Hoshino T, Nishimaru E, Niwa S.  Physica Medica 32 4 625-630 2016/04
  •  Accuracy of measuring half- and quarter-value layers and appropriate aperture width of a convenient method using a lead-covered case in X-ray computed tomography Matsubara K, Ichikawa K, Murasaki Y, Hirosawa A, Koshida K J Appl Clin Med Phys 15 1 309-316 2014
  •  Application of a variable filter for presampled modulation transfer function analysis with the edge method Higashide R, Ichikawa K, Kunitomo H, Ohashi K Radiol Phys Technol. 8 2 320-330 2015
  •  Assessment of temporal resolution of multi-detector row computed tomography in helical acquisition mode using the impulse method  Ichikawa K, Hara T, Urikura A, Takata T, Ohashi K Physica Medica 31 4 374-381 2015
  •  Spatial resolution measurement for iterative reconstruction by use of image-averaging techniques in computed tomography Urikura A, Ichikawa K, Hara T, Nishimaru E, Nakaya Y Radiol Phys Technol. 7 2 358-366 2014
  •  A phantom study investigating the relationship between ground-glass opacity visibility and physical detectability index in low-dose chest computed tomography  Ichikawa K, Kobayashi T, Sagawa M, Katagiri A, Uno Y, Nishioka R, Matsuyama J J Appl Clin Med Phys. 16 4 202-215 2015
  •  MTF measurement method for medical displays by using a bar-pattern Image Journal of Society for Information Display 14 10,831-837 2006 2006/10
  •  A new resolution enhancement technology using the independent sub-pixel driving for the medical liquid crystal displays IEEE Journal of Display Technology 4 4 377-382 2008/04
  •  Examination of the optimal temporal resolution required for computed tomography coronary angiography Ohashi K, Ichikawa K, Hara M, Kawai T, Kunitomo H, Higashide R, Shibamoto Y Radiol Phys Technol. 6 2 453-460 2013
  •  Overall noise characteristics of reduced images on liquid crystal display and advantages of independent subpixel driving technology Asumi Yamazaki, Katsuhiro Ichikawa, Yoshie Kodera, and Masao Funahashi, Medical Physiscs 40 2 21901(8 pages) 2013
  •  Preliminary Study on Sub-Pixel Rendering for Mammography Medical Grade Color Displays, Volume  Katsuhiro Ichikawa, Hiroko Kawashima  Breast Imaging Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8539 737-743 2014
  •  Usefulness of Super High-resolution liquid crystal displays using Independent Sub-pixel Driving Technology Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5116 84-90 2008/01
  •  A comparative contrast perception phantom image of brain CT study between high-grade and low-grade liquid crystal displays (LCDs) in electronic medical charts Yoshimura, Kumiko;Shimamoto, Kazuhiro;Ikeda, Mitsuru;Ichikawa, Katsuhiro;Naganawa, Shinji PHYSICA MEDICA-EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PHYSICS 27 2 109-116 2011
  •  Image quality dependence on in-plane positions and directions for MDCT images Eur. J. Radiol. 75 1 114-121 2009/01
  •  Preliminary investigation of the clinical usefulness of super-high-resolution LCDs with 9 and 15 mega-sub-pixels: observation studies with phantoms Radiol. Phys. Technol. 3 2 70-77 2010/03
  •  Development of a Noise Reduction Filter Algorithm for Pediatric Body Images in Multidetector CT Journal of digital imaging 23 6 806-818 2010/06
  •  Analysis method of noise power spectrum for medical monochrome liquid crystal displays Radiol. Phys. Technol. 1 2 201-207 2008/01
  •  A case of adenoid cystic carcinoma of the breast, Journal of Medical Ultrasonics 34 4 193-196 2007/04
  •  Transbronchial biopsy of peripheral lung lesions using fluoroscopic guidance combined with an enhanced ray-summation display Suzuki S, Ichikawa K, Kouno Y, Takeda N, Suzuki Y, Suzuki A. Radiol Phys Technol.  13 1 52-61 2019/11/19
  •  Accuracy of computed tomography-magnetic resonance imaging image fusion using a phantom for skull base surgery Hirano T, Ichikawa K, Wanibuchi M, Mikami T, Suzuki J, Nagahama H, Mikuni N J Neurosurg Sci. 2019/02/22
  •  Dose Reduction Protocol for Full Spine X-ray Examination Using Copper Filters in Patients With Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Minehiro K, Demura S, Ichikawa K, Sasagawa T, Takahashi N, Minami S Spine 44 3 203-210 2019/02
  •  Performance comparison of ultra-high-resolution scan modes of two clinical computed tomography systems. Kawashima H, Ichikawa K, Takata T, Nagata H, Hoshika M, Akagi N Med Phys. 47 2 488-497 2019/12/25
  •  Algorithm-based artifact reduction in patients with arms-down positioning in computed tomography Kawashima H, Ichikawa K, Takata T, Mitsui W. Phys Med. 69 61-69 2019/09/09
  •  Quality evaluation of image-based iterative reconstruction for CT: Comparison with hybrid iterative reconstruction. Kawashima H, Ichikawa K, Matsubara K, Nagata H, Takata T, Kobayashi S. J Appl Clin Med Phys. 20 6 199-205 2019/05/02
  •  Determination of contrast medium dose for hepatic CT enhancement with improved body size dependency using a non-linear analysis based on pharmacokinetic principles Hibino T, Ichikawa K, Fang Y, Ito S, Kawashima H, Bae KT Clin Radiol. 75 3 238.e11 2019/11/01
  •  A three-dimensional cross-directional bilateral filter for edge-preserving noise reduction of low-dose computed tomography images. Katsuhiro Ichikawa Comput Biol Med. 111 103353 2019/07/09
  •  Relationship between size-specific dose estimates and image quality in computed tomography depending on patient size. Kawashima H, Ichikawa K, Hanaoka S, Matsubara K, Takata T. Journal of applied clinical medical physics 19 4 246-251 2018/07
  •  Dose Reduction Protocol for Full Spine X-ray Examination Using Copper Filters in Patients With Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Minehiro K, Demura S, Ichikawa K, Sasagawa T, Takahashi N, Minami S Spine 44 3 203-210 2018/07
  •  Automated determination of cardiac rest period on whole-heart coronary magnetic resonance angiography by extracting high-speed motion of coronary arteries Asou H, Imada N, Nishiyama Y, Sato T, Ichikawa K Clinical Imaging 52 183-188 2018/11
  •  Impact to Z-score Mapping of Hyperacute Stroke Images by Computed Tomography in Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction Watanabe S, Sakaguchi K, Hosono M, Ishii K Nihon Hoshasen Gijutsu Gakkai Zasshi 74 4 375-381 2018/04
  •  Suggestion of the Relative Artifact Index for Noise-independent Evaluation of the Streak Artifact Takada K, Ichikawa K, Banno S, Otobe K Nihon Hoshasen Gijutsu Gakkai Zasshi 74 4 315-381 2018/04
  •  Automated Classification of Calcification and Stent on Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography Using Deep Learning 長谷川 晃, 李 鎔範, 竹内 悠, 市 川勝弘 Nihon Hoshasen Gijutsu Gakkai Zasshi 74 10 1138-1143 2018/10
  •  Assessing the Influence of Reconstruction Kernel in Plaque Imaging in Computed Tomography 70 2 135-142 2014
  •  [Investigation of image quality identification utilizing physical image quality measurement in direct- and indirect-type of flat panel detectors and computed radiography]. Yokoi, Tomohiro; Takata, Tadanori; Ichikawa, Katsuhiro Nihon Hoshasen Gijutsu Gakkai zasshi 67 11 1415-1425 2011/12/01 
  •  Calculation Methods for Noise Power Spectrum Measurement in Computed Tomography Medical Imaging and Information Sciences 25 2 29-34 2008/02
  •  Method of Measuring Modulation Transfer Function Using Metal Wire in Computed Tomography Jap. J. Radiol. Technol. 64 6 672-679 2008/06
  •  Investigation of Practical Method for Quality Assurance and Control of. Medical Displays Japan Journal of Radiologocal Technology 67 3 235-243 2011/03
  •  Evaluation of Low Contrast Detectability using Signal-to-noise Ratio in Computed Tomography Medical Imaging and Information Sciences 24 3 106-111 2007/03
  •  An MTF measurement method of medical image viewer using a bar pattern 67 2,184-190 2004 2004/02
  •  Performance Evaluation of Computed Tomography with Equivalent Resolution Images Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology 62 4,522-528 2006 2006/04

Conference Presentations

  • Novel Ultra-high-resolution CT using a CMOS Detector Built on a Conventional Multislice CT Scanner's Detector(conference:RSNA 2019)(2019/12/01)
  • A novel reconstruction algorithm for arm-artifact reduction in computed tomography(conference:SPIE meidcal imaging 2018)(2018/02)
  • System Performance Comparison of Ultra-High-Resolution Scans Using Two Clinically Available MultiDetector CT Systems(conference:RSNA 2018)(2018/12)
  • Image Quality Assessment of Modern Dual Source and Area Detector CT Scanners Using Contrast Dependency Signal-to-Noise Ratio(conference:103th annual meeting of RSNA)(2017/11/28)
  • Examination of Novel Body Size Index to Adjust Contrast Medium Dose for Abdominal Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography: Comparison with Body Surface Area and Lean Body Weight(conference:103th annual meeting of RSNA)(2017/11/28)

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  • Pre-filtered 3-dimensional bilateral filtering for noise reduction of computer tomography image(conference:JSCT 5th Annual Meeting)(2017/06/24)
  • Arm artifact reduction techniques for computed tomographic images: Has the problem overcome by existing techniques?(conference:Radiological Society of North America)(2017/11/28)

Arts and Fieldwork


○Image displaying appratus and image display program(country:Japan)(No:2013-179599)

Theme to the desired joint research

○Image analysis and new technology development for digital radiography
○Image analysis and new technology development for computed tomography

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research


Classes (Bachelors)

○Radiographic Science(2017)
○Medical Radiography 1(2017)
○Radiographic Science(2017)
○Radiographic Science Experiment(2017)
○Clinical Training 1(2017)
○CT Technology(2017)
○Clinical Training 2(2017)
○Radiographic Science Experiment(2016)
○Medical Radiography 1(2016)
○CT Technology(2016)
○Clinical Training 1(2016)
○Clinical Training 2(2016)
○Radiographic Science(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Analytics for Functional Imaging: Research(2017)
○Analytics for Functional Imaging: Seminar(2017)
○Analytics for Functional Imaging: Lecture(2017)
○Radiological Imaging Technology: Seminar(2017)
○Radiological Imaging Technology: Lecture(2017)
○Research Design in Medical Radiation Science: Lec.(2017)
○Medical Physics:Lecture(2017)
○Processing & Anal. for Biofunctional Imaging: Res.(2017)
○Radiological Imaging Technology: Lecture(2016)
○Analytics for Functional Imaging: Seminar(2016)
○Analytics for Functional Imaging: Lecture(2016)
○Analytics for Functional Imaging: Research(2016)
○Research Design in Medical Radiation Science: Lec.(2016)
○Radiological Imaging Technology: Seminar(2016)
○Medical Physics:Lecture(2016)
○Processing & Anal. for Biofunctional Imaging: Res.(2016)
○Research Design in Health Science: Lecture(2016)

International Project

○School mini-symposiumInternational conference on Medical PhysicsTailand(20161208-20161212)TailandPanelist

International Students

Lecture themes

Others (Social Activities)

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