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Researcher Information

last modified:2020/12/10

Associate Professor KOIZUMI, Tatsuya


Faculty, Affiliation

Associate Professor

College and School Educational Field

Graduate School of Human and Socio-Environmental Studies
College of Human and Social Sciences


Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
The University of Tokyo Doctor Graduate School, Division of General Culture 201303 Accomplished credits for doctoral program
The University of Tokyo Master Graduate School, Division of General Culture 200503 Completed
Doctor of Philosophy


Utsunomiya University(2013/04/01-2014/03/31)
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(2005/04/01-2008/03/31)

Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society




Speciality Keywords

British Imperial History, Chinese History (Modern)

Research Themes

Anglo-Chinese relations, History of Hong Kong and Weihaiwei


  •  Kazuhiko Kondo, Tatsuya Koizumiほか合計22名 History in British History: Proceedings of the seventh Anglo-Japanese Conference of Historians, held at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, 11-14 September 2012 Evis Systems 2015


Conference Presentations

  • Rural environment in the modern Circum-Sea of Japan: Summary of presentations in the field of humanities(conference:The 2nd International Thematic Symposium of Department of Inter-institutional Collaboration on "Rural Environment in the Modern Circum-Sea of Japan")(2018/03/03)

Arts and Fieldwork


Theme to the desired joint research

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

○「アヘンと香港 1845-1943」(2015-2015) 

Classes (Bachelors)

○Seminar in Asian Studies A(2017)
○Introduction to International Studies(2017)
○Political Science(2017)
○Seminar in Asian Studies A1(2017)
○Political Science(2017)
○Seminar in Asian Studies A(2017)
○Contemporary Chinese Culture 1E(2017)
○Seminar in Asian Studies B(2017)
○Contemporary Chinese Culture 2E(2017)
○Contemporary Chinese Culture E(2017)
○Seminar in Asian Studies B(2017)
○Political Science(2017)
○Introduction to International Studies 1(2017)
○Contemporary Chinese Culture E(2016)
○Seminar in Asian Studies B(2016)
○Seminar in Asian Studies A(2016)
○Political Science(2016)
○Political Science(2016)
○Political Science(2016)
○Political Science(2016)
○Political Science(2016)
○Seminar in Asian Studies A(2016)
○Seminar in Asian Studies B(2016)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Lecture on Asian Politics Iib(2017)
○Lecture on Asian politics I(2017)
○Seminar in Asian Politics Ia(2017)
○Seminar in Asian Politics Ib(2017)
○Seminar in Asian Politics Iia(2017)
○Asian Politics Ib(2017)
○Seminar in Asian Politics Iib(2017)
○Asian Politics IIa(2017)
○Asian Politics Ia(2017)
○Asian Politics IIb(2017)
○Lecture on Asian Politics Ib(2017)
○Lecture on Asian Politics Ia(2017)
○Lecture on Asian Politics Iia(2017)
○Lecture on Asian politics I(2016)
○Asian Politics I(2016)
○Lecture on Asian Politics Iib(2016)
○Seminar in Asian Politics I(2016)
○Seminar in Asian Politics Iib(2016)
○Lecture on Asian Politics II(2016)
○Asian Politics Ia(2016)
○Lecture on Asian Politics I(2016)
○Seminar in Asian Politics II(2016)
○Seminar in Asian Politics Ia(2016)
○Seminar in Asian Politics Iia(2016)
○Seminar in Asian Politics Ib(2016)
○Asian Politics IIb(2016)
○Asian Politics IIa(2016)
○Lecture on Asian Politics Ia(2016)
○Lecture on Asian Politics Ib(2016)
○Asian Politics II(2016)
○Lecture on Asian Politics Iia(2016)
○Asian Politics Ib(2016)

International Project

International Students

Lecture themes

Others (Social Activities)

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