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Researcher Information

last modified:2023/09/23

Assistant Professor MIYATA Kazuki

Faculty, Affiliation

WPI Nano Life Science Institute

College and School Educational Field

Division of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
School of Frontier Engineering, College of Science and Engineering


Academic Background


Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society

The Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science
The Japan Society of Applied Physics


○ICSPM27 Poster Award(2019/12)
○ICSPM27 Poster Award(2019/12)
○ICSPM27 Poster Award(2019/12)
○ICSPM27 Poster Award(2019/12)


Thin film/Surface and interfacial physical properties

Speciality Keywords

Nanotechnology, Atomic force microscopy, Solid/liquid interface

Research Themes



  •  Atomic-scale structures and dynamics at the growing calcite step edge investigated by high-speed frequency modulation atomic force microscopy Kazuki Miyata,Yuta Kawagoe,Naoyuki Miyashita,Tomoki Nakagawa,Takeshi Fukuma Faraday Discussions 235 551 2022 
  •  Probing the Structural Details of Chitin Nanocrystal–Water Interfaces by Three‐Dimensional Atomic Force Microscopy Ayhan Yurtsever,Pei‐Xi Wang,Fabio Priante,Ygor Morais Jaques,Kazuki Miyata,Mark J. MacLachlan,Adam S. Foster,Takeshi Fukuma Small Methods 6 9 2200320 2022/06/09 
  •  Chemical fixation creates nanoscale clusters on the cell surface by aggregating membrane proteins. Takehiko Ichikawa,Dong Wang,Keisuke Miyazawa,Kazuki Miyata,Masanobu Oshima,Takeshi Fukuma Communications biology 5 1 487 2022/05/20
  •  Visualizing intracellular nanostructures of living cells by nanoendoscopy-AFM Marcos Penedo,Keisuke Miyazawa,Naoko Okano,Hirotoshi Furusho,Takehiko Ichikawa,Mohammad Shahidul Alam,Kazuki Miyata,Chikashi Nakamura,Takeshi Fukuma Science Advances 7 52 eabj4990 2021/12/24
  •  Visualisation of helical structures of poly(diphenylacetylene)s bearing chiral amide pendants by atomic force microscopy Ayhan Yurtsever,Sandip Das,Tatsuya Nishimura,Rafael Rodríguez,Daisuke Hirose,Kazuki Miyata,Ayumi Sumino,Takeshi Fukuma,Katsuhiro Maeda Chemical Communications 57 92 12266 2021/10/21 

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  •  High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy of the Structure and Dynamics of Calcite Nanoscale Etch Pits Kazuki Miyata,Kazuyoshi Takeuchi,Yuta Kawagoe,Peter Spijker,John Tracey,Adam S. Foster,Takeshi Fukuma The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12 33 8039 2021/08/17 
  •  Inhibition of Silica Nanoparticle Adhesion to Poly(vinyl alcohol) Surfaces by Ammonia-Mediated Hydration: Implications for Effective Post-Chemical–Mechanical Planarization Cleaning Takahiko Ikarashi,Takumi Yoshino,Naoki Nakajima,Kazuki Miyata,Keisuke Miyazawa,Ygor Morais Jaques,Adam S. Foster,Megumi Uno,Chikako Takatoh,Takeshi Fukuma ACS Applied Nano Materials 4 1 71 2021/01/22 
  •  Variations in Atomic-Scale Step Edge Structures and Dynamics of Dissolving Calcite in Water Revealed by High-Speed Frequency Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy K. Miyata,Y. Kawagoe,J. Tracey,K. Miyazawa,A. S. Foster,T. Fukuma The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 19786 2019/07
  •  Direct comparison between subnanometer hydration structures on hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces via three-dimensional scanning force microscopy C. W. Yang,K. Miyazawa,T. Fukuma,K. Miyata,I. S. Hwang Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 23522 2018/08
  •  Quantitative comparison of wideband low-latency phase-locked loop circuit designs for high-speed frequency modulation atomic force microscopy K. Miyata,T. Fukuma Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 9 1844 2018/06
  •  Resolving Point Defects in the Hydration Structure of Calcite (10.4) with Three-Dimensional Atomic Force Microscopy Hagen Söngen,Bernhard Reischl,Kazuki Miyata,Ralf Bechstein,Paolo Raiteri,Andrew L. Rohl,Julian D. Gale,Takeshi Fukuma,Angelika Kühnle Physical Review Letters 120 11 116101 2018/03/13
  •  Dissolution Processes at Step Edges of Calcite in Water Investigated by High-Speed Frequency Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy and Simulation Kazuki Miyata,John Tracey,Keisuke Miyazawa,Ville Haapasilta,Peter Spijker,Yuta Kawagoe,Adam S. Foster,Katsuo Tsukamoto,Takeshi Fukuma Nano Letters 17 7 4083 2017/07/12
  •  Understanding 2D atomic resolution imaging of the calcite surface in water by frequency modulation atomic force microscopy John Tracey,Keisuke Miyazawa,Peter Spijker,Kazuki Miyata,Bernhard Reischl,Filippo Federici Canova,Andrew L. Rohl,Takeshi Fukuma,Adam S. Foster NANOTECHNOLOGY 27 41 415709 2016/10
  •  Improvements in fundamental performance of liquid-environment atomic force microscopy with true atomic resolution Kazuki Miyata,Keisuke Miyazawa,Seyed Mohammad,Reza Akrami,Takeshi Fukuma JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 54 8 08LA03 2015/08
  •  Note: High-speed Z tip scanner with screw cantilever holding mechanism for atomic-resolution atomic force microscopy in liquid Seyed Mohammad Reza Akrami,Kazuki Miyata,Hitoshi Asakawa,Takeshi Fukuma REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 85 12 126106 2014/12
  •  Real-time atomic-resolution imaging of crystal growth process in water by phase modulation atomic force microscopy at one frame per second Kazuki Miyata,Hitoshi Asakawa,Takeshi Fukuma APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 103 20 203104 2013/11
  •  Separate-type scanner and wideband high-voltage amplifier for atomic-resolution and high-speed atomic force microscopy Kazuki Miyata,Satoshi Usho,Satoshi Yamada,Shoji Furuya,Kiyonori Yoshida,Hitoshi Asakawa,Takeshi Fukuma REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 84 4 043705 2013/04
  •  Visualizing Molecular-Scale Adsorption Structures of Anti-freezing Surfactants on Sapphire (0001) Surfaces at Different Concentrations by 3D Scanning Force Microscopy Takahiko Ikarashi,Kyosuke Nakayama,Naoki Nakajima,Kazuki Miyata,Keisuke Miyazawa,Takeshi Fukuma ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14 39 44947 2022/09/20 
  •  Ion-specific nanoscale compaction of cysteine-modified poly(acrylic acid) brushes revealed by 3D scanning force microscopy with frequency modulation detection Akihisa Yamamoto,Takahiko Ikarashi,Takeshi Fukuma,Ryo Suzuki,Masaki Nakahata,Kazuki Miyata,Motomu Tanaka Nanoscale Advances 4 5027 2022/09 

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Classes (Bachelors)

○Microscopy A(2022)
○Microscopy B(2022)
○Fundamental Electronic and Information Laboratory(2022)
○Fundamental Physics 1B(2022)
○Fundamental Physics 1(2022)
○Fundamental Physics 1A(2022)
○Fundamental Physics 1A(2021)
○Fundamental Physics 1B(2021)
○Microscopy A(2021)
○Frontier Project A(2021)
○Frontier Project B(2021)
○Microscopy B(2021)
○Fundamental Physics 1B(2020)
○Fundamental Physics 1A(2020)
○Microscopy B(2020)
○Microscopy A(2020)
○Fundamental Physics 1(2020)
○Fundamental Physics 1(2019)
○Student-Initiated Project(2019)
○Fundamental Physics 1(2018)
○Student-Initiated Project(2018)

Classes (Graduate Schools)

○Advanced nano life science(2022)
○Fundamentals of Nanoscale Measurement Technology(2022)
○Introduction to Nano Science(2022)
○Fundamentals of Nanoscale Measurement Technology(2021)
○Introduction to Nano Science(2020)
○Fundamentals of Nanoscale Measurement Technology(2020)

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