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last modified:2023/08/24

Associate Professor FRANZ, Clemens Martin

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WPI Nano Life Science Institute

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  •  Biphasic reinforcement of nascent adhesions by vinculin Hella Baumann, Melanie Schwingel, Marcello Sestu, Anna Burcza, Susanna Marg, Wolfgang Ziegler, Anna V Taubenberger, Daniel J. Muller, Martin Bastmeyer, Clemens M. Franz Journal of Molecular Recognition 2023/03/29
  •  Coupled mechanical mapping and interference contrast microscopy reveal viscoelastic and adhesion hallmarks of monocytes differentiation into macrophages Mar Eroles, Javier Lopez-Alonso, Alexandre Ortega, Thomas Boudier, Khaldoun Gharzeddine, Frank Lafont, Clemens Martin Franz, Arnaud Millet, Claire Valoteau, Felix Rico bioRxiv 2022/11/29
  •  Simulation atomic force microscopy for atomic reconstruction of biomolecular structures from resolution-limited experimental images R Amyot, A Marchesi, CM Franz, I Casuso, H Flechsig PLOS Computational Biology 2022/03/16
  •  An ultra-wide scanner for large-area high-speed atomic force microscopy with megapixel resolution Arin Marchesi, Kenichi Umeda, Takumi Komekawa, Takeru Matsubara, Holger Flechsig, Toshio Ando, Shinji Watanabe, Noriyuki Kodera, Clemens M Franz Scientific Reports 2021/06/21
  •  Integrin α2β1 as a negative regulator of the laminin receptors α6β1 and α6β4 Lu Dao, Carina Blaue, Clemens M Franz Micron 2021/09/01

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  •  Atomic reconstruction of biomolecular structures from AFM images and quantitative validation of experimental data using simulated AFM scanning Romain Amyot, Arin Marchesi, Clemens Martin Franz, Ignacio Casuso, Holger Flechsig bioRxiv 2021/06/01
  •  Ultra-thin, transparent, porous substrates as 3D culture scaffolds for engineering ASC spheroids for high-magnification imaging Yoshitaka Suematsu, Ya An Tsai, Shinji Takeoka, Clemens M Franz, Satoshi Arai, Toshinori Fujie Journal of Materials Chemistry B 8 31 6999-7008 2000/06/19
  •  Controlling fibronectin fibrillogenesis using visible light Tetyana Gudzenko, Clemens Martin Franz Front. Mol. Biosci. 2020/07/08
  •  Tspan8 is expressed in breast cancer and regulates E‐cadherin/catenin signalling and metastasis accompanied by increased circulating extracellular vesicles  Voglstaetter, Maren R, Thomsen, Andreas, Nouvel, Jerome, Koch, Arend, Navarro, Elena Grueso, Gainey-Schleicher, Tanja, Khanduri, Richa, Groß, Andrea, Rossner, Florian, Blaue, Carina, Franz, Clemens Martin, Veil, Marina, Puetz, Gerhard, Hippe, Andreas, Dindorf, Jochen, Kashef, Jubin, Thiele, Wilko, Homey, Bernhard, Greco, Celine, Boucheix, Claude, Baur, Andreas, Erbes, Thalia, Waller, Cornelius F, Follo, Marie, Hossein, Ghamartaj, Sers, Christine, Sleeman, Jonathan, Nazarenko, Irina  The Journal of Pathology  248 4 421-437 2019/04/14
  •  Induction of ligand promiscuity of αVβ3 integrin by mechanical force. Michael Bachmann, Markus Schäfer, Vasyl V Mykuliak, Marta Ripamonti, Lia Heiser, Kai Weißenbruch, Sarah Krübel, Clemens M Franz, Vesa P Hytönen, Bernhard Wehrle-Haller, Martin Bastmeyer  Journal of cell science 2020/03/19

Conference Presentations

  • High-Speed AFM for Intracellular Exploration(conference:European Phys2Biomed Network Progress Meeting)(2021/09/21)
  • Cell Mechanics Measurements using AFM(conference:Bruker JPK Webinar)(2021/11/19)
  • Imaging Myosin II-driven Stress Fiber Contraction in De-roofed Cells by High-Speed AFM (conference:8th Multifrequency AFM Conference )(2020/10/30)
  • Imaging Myosin II-driven Stress Fiber Contraction in De-roofed Cells by High-Speed AFM(2020/01/24)
  • Mapping adhesion and elasticity changes in tissues during the transition from collective to single-cell migration (conference:ISPM 2019 )(2019/05/26)

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  • Analysing directional co-migration of cancer cells and cancer-associated fibroblasts along fibronectin nanotracks by live-cell HS-AFM and 3D holography imaging (conference:WPI Site Visit )(2019/07/24)
  • Mapping adhesion and elasticity changes in tissues during the transition from collective to single-cell migration (conference:Joint UBI-NanoLSI workshop )(2019/09/22)


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