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School of Mechanical Engineering, College of Science and Engineering

42 faculty members found.Click on a name for details.

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No. Name Faculty Position Specialities
1 ASAKAWA NAOKI Professor Robot, CAD/CAM, Mechatronics
2 ISHIKAWA, Kazuhiro Professor Hydrogen permeation, Hydrogen storage, Resistance to hydrogen embrittlement, Microstructural controlling, Phase equilibria
3 ITO, Makoto Assistant Professor Design optimization, Uncertainty, Aerospace engineering
4 IWAI TOMOAKI Associate Professor Tribology, Pattern Wear, Friction deformation, Contact area, Gait, Hydrogen environment, Hydrogel
5 ENOMOTO HIROSHI Associate Professor Combustion, Internal Combustion Engine, Automotive
6 ENDO, Yutaka Assistant Professor Computational imaging and display, holography
7 OSAKA YUGO Associate Professor Desulfurization,adsorption,air separation,heat storage
8 ONISHI HAJIME Assistant Professor
9 Teruhisa KADOKAMI Professor Low Dimensional Topology, Knot Theory
10 KITAYAMA Satoshi Professor Engineering Optimization, Multi-objective Optimization, Modeling

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