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No. Name Faculty Position Specialities
1 IDE, Akira Associate Professor
2 INOUE, Saki Assistant Professor TESOL, Autonomous learning, metacognition, academic advising, self-regulated learning
3 UEDA NOZOMU Professor Chinese Literature
4 WENG, Wei Associate Professor Industrial engineering, manufacturing technology
5 ENOMOTO FUMIHIKO Assistant Professor fractal geometry, quasi periodic tiling, Pisot number
6 OYABU KANA Professor Children's Literature, Diaspora/Immigrants, Religion and Literature
7 OGAWA, Michihiro Associate Professor History of India, Economic History of Asia, Global History
8 ODA, Yoshiko Associate Professor
9 ODAGIRI, Takushi Associate Professor Ethics, Environment, Medical Humanities, Modern Japanese Thought, Buddhist Thought, Film
10 KAKIUCHI Yasutaka Professor Cell Biology, Biophysics, Science Education

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