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No. Name Faculty Position Specialities
1 ASANUMA, Haruhiko Assistant Professor Vibration Energy Harvester, Nonlinear Vibration, Vibration Analysis
2 IIYAMA, Koichi Professor Optical measurements, Optical communications, Optical fiber, Optical waveguide
3 ITO, Asae Assistant Professor Polymer physics, Polymer physical properties, Rheology
4 Hirohisa Uchida Professor
5 KAWANISHI TAKUYA Associate Professor Environment, Soil, Mass transport, Heterogeneous media
6 KISHIDA YUMI Associate Professor ethnocultural minority and education, multiculturalism in education, citizenship education, international education
7 KUBO MAMORU Assistant Professor Photogrammetry, Remote sensing, Image analysis
8 KUMITA MIKIO Professor Energy conversion, Heat & mass transfer, Functional materials, Filtration
9 Masao Gen Assistant Professor Aerosol
10 KOZUKA, Hiroaki Assistant Professor Robotics, Parallel mechanism, Compliant mechanism

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