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No. Name Faculty Position Specialities
1 ASAI, hitoshi Professor Perception of position, Postural control, Physical Therapy
2 ASADA, Yuya Assistant Professor Diabetes、Exercise、Body image
3 ARAISO, Yuhei Assistant Professor Protein translocation, Mitochondria, Structural biology, Cryo-EM, HS-AFM
4 ITATANI, Tomoya Assistant Professor Home care, Home healthcare, Integrated community care, end of life care, GIS, geographic information systems
5 ICHIKAWA Katsuhiro Professor computed tomography, digital radiography, display
6 INAOKA PLEIADES TIHARU Assistant Professor Muscle Disuse Atrophy, Hindlimb Suspension, Muscle Blood Flow, Thallium-201, Rats, Frailty, Standing Balance
7 INAZU AKIHIRO Professor Lipid Metabolism, Atherosclerosis, Clinical Chemistry
8 Espinoza Calderon Jorge Luis Associate Professor Emergency Medicine
9 OE, Makoto Professor diabetes mellitus, foot care
10 OKUWA MAYUMI Professor age, wound care

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