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Researcher Information

last modified:2022/09/07

Assistant Professor Yuri Nishiwaki-akine

Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Transdisciplinary Sciences, Institute of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Sciences

College and School Educational Field

School of Entrepreneurial and Innovation Studies, College of Transdisciplinary Sciences for Innovation


Academic Background


Kanazawa University(2020/11/01-)
Kanazawa University(2015/04/01-2020/10/31)
Kanazawa University(2014/04/01-2015/03/31)
Kyoto University(2011/07/16-2014/03/31)
Kao Corporation(1996/04/01-2011/05/20)

Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society



Biomass conversion, surface chemistry

Speciality Keywords

Wood, Cellulose, Hemicellulose, Lignin, Biodegradability

Research Themes

Development of plant biomass dissolution technology

Development of new biomass-derived biodegradable materials



  •  Biodegradation of woody film in river and sea water and surface sediments  Yuri Nishiwaki-Akine, Kazuyoshi Koike, Norihisa Matsuura, Ryoko Yamamoto-Ikemoto  Cellulose 29 7 4109-4124 2022/03/20
  •  Biodegradability of woody film produced by solvent volatilisation of Japanese Beech solution Yuri Nishiwaki-Akine, Sui Kanazawa, Norihisa Matsuura, Ryoko Yamamoto-Ikemoto  Scientific Reports 10 1 476 2020/01/16
  •  Transparent Woody Film Made by Dissolution of Finely Divided Japanese Beech in Formic Acid at Room Temperature Yuri Nishiwaki-Akine, Sui Kanazawa, Takashi Uneyama, Koh-hei Nitta, Ryoko Yamamoto-Ikemoto, Takashi Watanabe ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 5 12 11536-11542 2017/12/04
  •  Dissolution of wood in alpha-keto acid and aldehydic carboxylic acids and fractionation at room temperature Yuri Nishiwaki-Akine , Takashi Watanabe Green Chemistry 16 3569-3579 2014/05/15
  •  Synthesis, Structures, and Thermolysis of Four-Membered Heterocycles Containing a Highly Coordinate Main Group Element   Kawashima, T., Kato, K., Iwama, N., Ohno, F., Takami, H., Yamashita, N., Nishiwaki, Y., Soda, T., Okazaki, R.  Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry 32 2 288-296 1996/02

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  •  Synthesis and crystal structure of a pentacoordinate 1,2-oxagermetanide  Kawashima, T., Nishiwaki, Y., Okazaki, R.  Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 499 1-2 143-146 1995/09/06

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Classes (Bachelors)

○Contemporary Society(2022)
○Diversity Promotion(2022)
○Introduction to Technology(2021)
○Presentation and Debate(2021)
○Academic Skills(2021)

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