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Researcher Information

last modified:2024/05/24

Associate Professor YAMADA, Naoko

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Faculty, Affiliation

Faculty of Transdisciplinary Sciences, Institute of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Sciences School of Regional Development Studies, College of Human and Social Sciences; Graduate School of Human and Socio-Environmental Studies

College and School Educational Field

Division of Regional Development Studies, Graduate School of Human and Socio-Environmental Studies
Division of Human and Socio-Environment Studies, Graduate School of Human and Socio-Environmental Studies
School of Tourism Sciences and Design, College of Transdisciplinary Sciences for Innovation


Heritage Conservation and Interpretation

Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
Indidna University Ph.D. in Department of Recreation Park and Tourism Studies, School of Health Physical Education and Recreation
University of Idaho M.S. in Department of Resource Recreation and Tourism, College of Natural Resources
University of Tsukuba M.S. in Graduate school of Environmental Sciences
Ph.D. in Leisure Behavior


Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society



Heritage interpretation; Natural cultural resource conservation; Sustainable tourism; Tour guide/interpreter training: Visitor studies

Speciality Keywords

Protection, heritage interpretation, sustainable tourism, conservation education and communication, informal learning, visitor studies

Research Themes

Investigating visitor experience and communication at informal learning settings

Training tour guides and heritage interpreters to develop effective guide skills

Authentic Experiences for Natural and Cultural Resource Conservation in Sustainable Tourism Context

Impact assessment of Interpreter Training Needs assessment of Interpreter Training



  •  Not the Same as Real Experience! – a qualitative inquiry into how participants make sense of their online tours Naoko Yamada,Makiko Matsuda Tourism Recreation Research 1 2023/05/21 
  •  Applying interpretation principles to a non-Western (Japanese) training context. International Journal of Tour Guiding Research Yamada, N., Skibins, J. C., and Weiler B.  International Journal of Tour Guiding Research 2 1 3-16 2021
  •  Effectiveness of Interpreter Training in the Japanese Interpretive Context and Opportunities for Improving Interpretation Naoko Yamada, Jeffrey C. Skibins Journal of Interpretation Research 24 1 85-91 2019
  •  Effectiveness of Interpreter Training in the Japanese Interpretive Context and Opportunities for Improving Interpretation: An Impact Assessment of a Training Program in Japan Naoko Yamada,Jeffrey C. Skibins Journal of Interpretation Research 24 1 85 2019/10
  •  Predicting the intentions of tourism major students in a Korean University to acquire foreign language skills Naoko Yamada,Soo-Kyung Kim,Jinmoo Heo CURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM 16 5 507 2013/07

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  •  Determinants of Engagement in Leisure-time Physical Activity - Dialogue with Senior Athletes Naoko Yamada,Jinmoo Heo CANADIAN JOURNAL ON AGING-REVUE CANADIENNE DU VIEILLISSEMENT 35 4 513 2016/12
  •  Assessing the needs of interpreter training in Japan Naoko Yamada Journal of Interpretation Research 19 2 39 2014
  •  Health benefits of serious involvement in leisure activities among older Korean adults Junhyoung Kim,Naoko Yamada,Jinmoo Heo,Areum Han INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF QUALITATIVE STUDIES ON HEALTH AND WELL-BEING 9 24616 2014
  •  What Contributes to the Intention of Tourism Majors in Korea to Acquire Foreign Language Skills? Naoko Yamada,Jinmoo Heo,Sotiris Hji-Avgoustis ASIA-PACIFIC EDUCATION RESEARCHER 23 3 645 2014/09
  •  Promoting Successful Aging Through Competitive Sports Participation: Insights From Older Adults Jinmoo Heo,Brian Culp,Naoko Yamada,Youngshin Won QUALITATIVE HEALTH RESEARCH 23 1 105 2013/01
  •  A Case Study: Discussion of Factors and Challenges for Urban Cultural Tourism Development Suosheng Wang,Naoko Yamada,Linda Brothers INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TOURISM RESEARCH 13 6 553 2011/11
  •  Why Tour Guiding is Important for Ecotourism: Enhancing Guiding Quality with the Ecotourism Promotion Policy in Japan Naoko Yamada ASIA PACIFIC JOURNAL OF TOURISM RESEARCH 16 2 139 2011
  •  Urban residents' life satisfaction and cultural tourism development: The role of health perception, wealth, safety, community contentment, and cultural tourism development Yamada, N,Heo, J,King, C,Fu, Y Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality and Tourism 12 3 220 2011
  •  Participants' preferences for interpretive programs and social interactions at a Japanese natural park Yamada, N,Knapp, D Visitor Studies 13 2 206 2010
  •  Comparison of ecotourism policies and implications for China’s ecotourism development Wang, S,Heo, J,Yamada, N,Hwang, S Journal of China Tourism Research 5 3 259 2009
  •  Adult participants’ preferences at a Japanese natural park Yamada, N,Knapp, D Journal of Interpretation Research 14 2 59 2009

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