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Researcher Information

last modified:2023/03/01

Assistant Professor FLECHSIG, Holger

Faculty, Affiliation

WPI Nano Life Science Institute

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Academic Background


Ochanomizu University Department of Information Sciences Researcher(2017/11/01-2018/01/31)
Hiroshima University Graduate School of Science Researcher(2017/04/01-2018/01/31)
Hiroshima University Graduate School of Science Assistant Professor(2015/04/01-2017/03/31)
Hiroshima University Graduate School of Science Researcher(2014/02/01-2015/03/31)
Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society Department of Physical Chemistry Postdoc(2011/12/01-2014/01/31)

Year & Month of Birth

Academic Society




Speciality Keywords

theoretical/computational biophysics, protein dynamics, molecular machines/motors, molecular modelling

Research Themes


  •  H. Flechsig Molecular Motors - Nanoscale engines of the cell and their structurally resolved modeling. VHS Publishing 2012


  •  Dynamics of Target DNA Binding and Cleavage by Staphylococcus aureus Cas9 as Revealed by High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy Leonardo Puppulin, Junichiro Ishikawa, Ayumi Sumino, Arin Marchesi, Holger Flechsig, Kenichi Umeda, Noriyuki Kodera, Hiroshi Nishimasu, Mikihiro Shibata ACS Nano 2023/02/27 
  •  BioAFMviewer software for simulation atomic force microscopy of molecular structures and conformational dynamics Romain Amyot, Noriyuki Kodera, Holger Flechsig Journal of Structural Biology: X 100086 2023/02/13 
  •  Biophysical Reviews Issue Focus call: Computational biophysics of atomic force microscopy Takashi Sumikama, Damien Hall, Holger Flechsig Biophysical Reviews 2023/02/01 
  •  Importance of annexin V N-terminus for 2D crystal formation and quick purification protocol of recombinant annexin V Ryusei Yamada, Tran Ngoc Trang, Holger Flechsig, Toshiki Takeda, Noriyuki Kodera, Hiroki Konno PLoS ONE e0278553 2022/12/22 
  •  Novel DNA aptamer for CYP24A1 inhibition with enhanced antiproliferative activity in cancer cells. Madhu Biyani, Kaori Yasuda, Yasuhiro Isogai, Yuki Okamoto, Wei Weilin, Noriyuki Kodera, Holger Flechsig, Toshiyuki Sakaki, Miki Nakajima, Manish Biyani ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 14 16 18064-18078 2022 

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  •  Simulation atomic force microscopy for atomic reconstruction of biomolecular structures from resolution-limited experimental images. Romain Amyot, Arin Marchesi, Clemens M Franz, Ignacio Casuso, Holger Flechsig PLoS Comput. Biol. 18 3 e1009970 2022 
  •  An ultra-wide scanner for large-area high-speed atomic force microscopy with megapixel resolution. Arin Marchesi, Kenichi Umeda, Takumi Komekawa, Takeru Matsubara, Holger Flechsig, Toshio Ando, Shinji Watanabe, Noriyuki Kodera, Clemens M Franz Scientific Reports 11 13003 2021 
  •  BioAFMviewer: An interactive interface for simulated AFM scanning of biomolecular structures and dynamics R. Amyot, H. Flechsig   PLoS Comput. Biol. 16 11 e1008444 2020 
  •  Allosteric communication in molecular machines via information exchange: what can be learned from dynamical modeling. D. Loutchko, H. Flechsig Biophys. Rev. 2020 
  •  Simple mechanics of protein machines H. Flechsig, A.S. Mikhailov  J. R. Soc. Interface 16 155 20190244 2019 
  •  Analyzing Fluctuation Properties in Protein Elastic Networks with Sequence-Specific and Distance-Dependent Interactions R. Amyot, Y. Togashi, H. Flechsig Biomolecules 9 10 549 2019 
  •  Designed Elastic Networks: Models of Complex Protein Machinery H. Flechsig, Y. Togashi Int. J. Mol. Sci. 19 10 3152 2018 
  •  Coarse-Grained Protein Dynamics Studies Using Elastic Network Models Y. Togashi, H. Flechsig Int. J. Mol. Sci. 19 12 3899 2018 
  •  Design of elastic networks with evolutionary optimized long-range communication as mechanical models of allosteric proteins. H. Flechsig Biophys. J. 113 558-571 2017 
  •  Deciphering intrinsic inter-subunit couplings that lead to sequential hydrolysis of F1-ATPase ring. L. Dai, H. Flechsig, J. Yu Biophys. J. 113 1440-1453 2017 
  •  Non-RVD mutations that enhance the dynamics of the TAL repeat array along the superhelical axis improve TALEN genome editing efficacy. N. Tochio, K. Umehara, J. Uewaki, H. Flechsig, M. Kondo, T. Dewa, T. Sakuma, T. Yamamoto, T. Saitoh, Y. Togashi, S. Tate Scientific Reports 6 37887 2016 
  •  Towards synthetic molecular motors: a model elastic-network study. A. Sarkar, H. Flechsig, A.S. Mikhailov New J. Phys. 18 043006 2016 
  •  Nucleotide-induced conformational dynamics in ABC transporters from structure-based coarse grained modelling. H. Flechsig Front. Phys. 4 3 2016 
  •  TALEs from a spring - superelasticity of Tal effector protein structures. H. Flechsig PLoS ONE 9 10 e109919 2014 
  •  In silico investigation of conformational motions in superfamily 2 helicase proteins. H. Flechsig, D. Popp, A.S. Mikhailov PLoS ONE 6 7 e21809 2011 
  •  Tracing entire operation cycles of molecular motor hepatitis C virus helicase in structurally resolved dynamical simulations. H. Flechsig, A.S. Mikhailov Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 107 20875-20880 2010 
  •  Computational biology approach to uncover hepatitis C virus helicase operation. H. Flechsig W. J. Gastroenterol. 20 3401-3409 2014 
  •  On the spectral gap in Andreev graphs. H. Flechsig, S. Gnutzmann Proc. Symp. Pure Math 77 381-395 2008
  •  Elastic network modeling of molecular motor HCV helicase: Inchworm translocation and DNA unzipping cycles. H. Flechsig, A.S. Mikhailov Dynamics Days Europe 2009 (Network and Time Series 6 pp 11) 6 11 2009
  •  Structurally Resolved Coarse-Grained Modeling of Motor Protein Dynamics H. Flechsig 2012 
  •  Gap-Statistics in Andreev-Graphs H. Flechsig 2006

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Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

○Biophysics「Design principles of protein structures with allosteric control」(2016-2020) 
○Biophysics「Minority biology」(2015-2016) 

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