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Associate Professor ARAI, Satoshi

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WPI Nano Life Science Institute WPI Nano Life Science Institute (LSI)
Associate Professor (Tenure-Track)

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  •  Madoka Suzuki,Satoshi Arai,Hirotaka Sato Feeding sensors? See what's happening inside insects! 2016/07
  •  Satoshi Arai Summary and perspective: molecular-sized Organelle Targeted Thermometers the New Science Co., Ltd. 2020/12
  •  S. Arai,M. Suzuki Nanosized Optical Thermometers 2018/06
  •  Satoshi Arai,Madoka Suzuki 生物にとって「温度」とは何なのか–細胞1個の”アツい”熱の研究最前線 WEB 2017/05
  •  M. Suzuki,S. Arai (co-first,K. Oyama,S. Ishiwata Luminescent nanothermometers for biological applications CRC Press 2015

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  •  Kotaro Oyama,Satoshi Arai,Madoka Suzuki 細胞内温度測定に適した蛍光温度計 ナノ学会誌 2014


  •  Chirality Sensing by Nonchiral Porphines Jan Labuta,Shinsuke Ishihara,Atsuomi Shundo,Satoshi Arai,Shinji Takeoka,Katsuhiko Ariga,Jonathan P. Hill Chemistry A European Journal 17 13 3558 2011/03
  •  Stability of porphyrin-calix[4]arene complexes analyzed by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry S Arai,S Ishihara,S Takeoka,H Ohkawa,T Shibue,H Nishide Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 18 18 2065 2004
  •  Walking nanothermometers: spatiotemporal temperature measurement of transported acidic organelles in single living cells Kotaro Oyama,Masao Takabayashi,Yoshiaki Takei,Satoshi Arai,Shinji Takeoka,Shin'ichi Ishiwata,Madoka Suzuki Lab on a Chip 12 9 1591 2012 
  •  Construction of a 'turn-on' fluorescent probe system for His-tagged proteins Atsushi Murata,Satoshi Arai,Su-In Yoon,Masao Takabayashi,Miwako Ozaki,Shinji Takeoka Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 20 23 6905 2010/12
  •  Synthesis and self-assembling behavior of a porphyrin bearing multiple meso-conjugated barbiturates Satoshi Arai,Toshiya Okamura,Shinji Takeoka Tetrahedron Letters 51 39 5177 2010/09 

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  •  A duplex of tetra(2-pyridyl)porphyrin and tetrahydroxylcalix[4]arene H Ohkawa,S Arai,S Takeoka,T Shibue,H Nishide Chemistry Letters 32 11 1052 2003/11 
  •  A TEMPO-conjugated fluorescent probe for monitoring mitochondrial redox reactions Shota Hirosawa,Satoshi Arai,Shinji Takeoka Chemical Communications 48 40 4845 2012
  •  FLUORESCENT "TURN-ON" SYSTEM UTILIZING THE QUENCHER-CONJUGATED PEPTIDE TOWARD SPECIFIC PROTEIN LABELLING IN LIVE CELL S. Yoon,S. Arai,A. Murata,M. Takabayashi,X. Wu,Y. Lu,S. Takeoka,M. Ozaki Journal of Neurochemistry 115 27 2010/10
  •  Evaluation of the influence of ionization states and spacers in the thermotropic phase behaviour of amino acid-based cationic lipids and the transfection efficiency of their assemblies Satya Ranjan Sarker,Satoshi Arai,Motohide Murate,Hiroshi Takahashi,Masaki Takata,Toshihide Kobayashi,Shinji Takeoka International Journal of Pharmaceutics 422 1-2 364 2012/01/17
  •  Atropisomers of meso-conjugated uracyl porphyrin derivatives and their assembling structures Satoshi Arai,Daisuke Niwa,Hiroyuki Nishide,Shinji Takeoka Organic Letters 9 1 17 2007/01
  •  Mass Spectrometric Screening of Ligands with Lower Off-Rate from a Clicked-Based Pooled Library Satoshi Arai,Shota Hirosawa,Yusuke Oguchi,Madoka Suzuki,Atsushi Murata,Shin'ichi Ishiwata,Shinji Takeoka ACS Combinatorial Science 14 8 451 2012/08
  •  Aqueous Colloidal Mesoporous Nanoparticles with Ethenylene-Bridged Silsesquioxane Frameworks Chihiro Urata,Hironori Yamada,Ryutaro Wakabayashi,Yuko Aoyama,Shota Hirosawa,Satoshi Arai,Shinji Takeoka,Yusuke Yamauchi,Kazuyuki Kuroda Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 21 8102 2011/06
  •  Porphyrin capped with calix[4]arene derivative via hydrogen bonds S Arai,H Ohkawa,S Ishihara,T Shibue,S Takeoka,H Nishide Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 78 11 2007 2005/11 
  •  Synthesis of porphyrins bearing uracyl groups and their assembly induced by melamine derivatives Satoshi Arai,Hiroki Ohshiro,Hiroyuki Nishide,Shinji Takeoka Polymers for Advanced Technologies 18 6 497 2007/06 
  •  Fluorescent "Turn-on" system utilizing a quencher-conjugated peptide for specific protein labeling of living cells Satoshi Arai,Su-In Yoon,Atsushi Murata,Masao Takabayashi,Xiaoyu Wu,Yixin Lu,Shinji Takeoka,Miwako Ozaki Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 404 1 211 2011/01
  •  Facilely Fabricated Luminescent Nanoparticle Thermosensor for Real-Time Microthermography in Living Animals Ferdinandus,Satoshi Arai,Shinji Takeoka,Shin'ichi Ishiwata,Madoka Suzuki,Hirotaka Sato ACS Sensors 1 10 1222 2016/10 
  •  Intracellular bottom-up generation of targeted nanosensors for single-molecule imaging Yanyan Hou,Satoshi Arai,Tetsuya Kitaguchi,Madoka Suzuki Nanoscale 8 6 3218 2016/02
  •  Focal calcium monitoring with targeted nanosensors at the cytosolic side of endoplasmic reticulum Yanyan Hou,Satoshi Arai,Yoshiaki Takei,Atsushi Murata,Shinji Takeoka,Madoka Suzuki Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 17 1 293 2016
  •  Thermosensitive nanoplatforms for photothermal release of cargo from liposomes under intracellular temperature monitoring Satoshi Arai,Chi-Lik Ken Lee,Young-Tae Chang,Hirotaka Sato,Keitaro Sou RSC Advances 5 113 93530 2015 
  •  Oral Dosing of Chemical Indicators for In Vivo Monitoring of Ca2+ Dynamics in Insect Muscle Ferdinandus,Satoshi Arai,Shin'ichi Ishiwata,Madoka Suzuki,Hirotaka Sato Plos One 10 1 e0116655 2015/01
  •  Micro-thermography in millimeter-scale animals by using orally-dosed fluorescent nanoparticle thermosensors Satoshi Arai,Ferdinandus,Shinji Takeoka,Shin'ichi Ishiwata,Hirotaka Sato,Madoka Suzuki Analyst 140 22 7534 2015 
  •  A Molecular Fluorescent Probe for Targeted Visualization of Temperature at the Endoplasmic Reticulum Satoshi Arai,Sung-Chan Lee,Duanting Zhai,Madoka Suzuki,Young Tae Chang Scientific Reports 4 6701 2014/10
  •  Mitochondria-targeted fluorescent thermometer monitors intracellular temperature gradient Satoshi Arai,Madoka Suzuki,Sung-Jin Park,Jung Sun Yoo,Lu Wang,Nam-Young Kang,Hyung-Ho Ha,Young-Tae Chang Chemical Communications 51 38 8044 2015
  •  Visualizing Alzheimer's Disease Mouse Brain with Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography using a Fluorescent probe, CDnir7. Park SJ,Ho CJH,Arai S,Samanta A,Olivo M,Chang YT Scientific Reports 9 1 12052 2019/08
  •  Multifunctional temozolomide-loaded lipid superparamagnetic nanovectors: dual targeting and disintegration of glioblastoma spheroids by synergic chemotherapy and hyperthermia treatment. Attilio Marino,Alice Camponovo,Andrea Degl'Innocenti,Martina Bartolucci,Christos Tapeinos,Chiara Martinelli,Daniele De Pasquale,Francesca Santoro,Valentina Mollo,Satoshi Arai,Madoka Suzuki,Yoshie Harada,Andrea Petretto,Gianni Ciofani Nanoscale 11 44 21227 2019/11/28
  •  Squaraine probes for bimodal staining of lipid droplets and endoplasmic reticulum imaging in live cell Ferdinandus,Jie Ren Tan,Jin Heng Lim,Satoshi Arai,Keitaro Sou,Lee Chi-Lik Ken Analyst 147 3570 2022/06
  •  Extracellular pH imaging of a plant leaf with a polyelectrolyte multilayered nanosheet D. Someya,S.Arai,T. Fujie,S. Takeoka RSC Advances 8 35651 2018/10
  •  Electrochemical System Encapsulated by Nanoscale Liposomes Enabling On-Demand Triggering of Electroless Deposition at Selected Areas Jing Zhan,Ming Lin,Satoshi Arai,Wan Wei Yang,Keitaro Sou,Hirotaka Sato ACS Applied Nano Materials 3 6 5098 2020/06/26 
  •  A Nanoparticle-Based Ratiometric and Self-Calibrated Fluorescent Thermometer for Single Living Cells Yoshiaki Takei,Satoshi Arai,Atsushi Murata,Masao Takabayashi,Kotaro Oyama,Shin'ichi Ishiwata,Shinji Takeoka,Madoka Suzuki ACS NANO 8 1 198 2014/01
  •  Direct organelle thermometry with fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy in single myotubes Hideki Itoh,Satoshi Arai,Thankiah Sudhaharan,Sung-Chan Lee,Young-Tae Chang,Shin'ichi Ishiwata,Madoka Suzuki,E. Birgitte Lane Chemical Communications 52 24 4458 2016
  •  3D Printing of Okara Ink: The Effect of Particle Size on the Printability Cheng Pau Lee,Masaki Takahashi,Satoshi Arai,Chi-Lik Ken Lee,Michinao Hashimoto ACS Food Science & Technology 1 11 2053 2021/11/08 
  •  Sonic hedgehog enhances calcium oscillations in hippocampal astrocytes. Adachi C,Kakinuma N,Jo SH,Ishii T,Arai Y,Arai S,Kitaguchi T,Takeda S,Inoue T The Journal of Biological Chemistry 294 44 16034 2019/11 
  •  Assessment of the effects of a wireless neural stimulation mediated by piezoelectric nanoparticles Attilio Marino,Satoshi Arai,Yanyan Hou,Mario Pellegrino,Barbara Mazzolai,Virgilio Mattoli,Madoka Suzuki,Gianni Ciofani Neuromethods 135 109 2018
  •  Optical visualisation of thermogenesis in stimulated single-cell brown adipocytes Rokus Kriszt,Satoshi Arai,Hideki Itoh,Michelle H. Lee,Anna G. Goralczyk,Xiu Min Ang,Aaron M. Cypess,Andrew P. White,Farnaz Shamsi,Ruidan Xue,Jung Yeol Lee,Sung-Chan Lee,Yanyan Hou,Tetsuya Kitaguchi,Thankiah Sudhaharan,Shin'ichi Ishiwata,E. Birgitte Lane,Young-Tae Chang,Yu-Hua Tseng,Madoka Suzuki,Michael Raghunath Scientific Reports 7 1 1383 2017/05
  •  Synthesis of a Large-Sized Mesoporous Phosphosilicate Thin Film through Evaporation-Induced Polymeric Micelle Assembly Yunqi Li,Bishnu Prasad Bastakoti,Masataka Imura,Norihiro Suzuki,Xiangfen Jiang,Shinobu Ohki,Kenzo Deguchi,Madoka Suzuki,Satoshi Arai,Yusuke Yamauchi Chemistry-An Asian Journal 10 1 183 2015/01
  •  Intracellular click reaction with a fluorescent chemical Ca2+ indicator to prolong its cytosolic retention Yoshiaki Takei,Atsushi Murata,Kento Yamagishi,Satoshi Arai,Hideki Nakamura,Takafumi Inoue,Shinji Takeoka Chemical Communications 49 66 7313 2013
  •  Modulation of Local Cellular Activities using a Photothermal Dye-Based Subcellular-Sized Heat Spot Ferdinandus,Madoka Suzuki,Cong Quang Vu,Yoshie Harada,Satya Ranjan Sarker,Shin’ichi Ishiwata,Tetsuya Kitaguchi,Satoshi Arai ACS Nano 16 6 9004 2022/06
  •  Ultra-thin, transparent, porous substrates as 3D culture scaffolds for engineering ASC spheroids for high-magnification imaging Yoshitaka Suematsu,Ya An Tsai,Shinji Takeoka,Clemens M. Franz,Satoshi Arai,Toshinori Fujie Journal of Materials Chemistry B 8 31 6999 2020 
  •  Piezoelectric Nanoparticle-Assisted Wireless Neuronal Stimulation Attilio Marino,Satoshi Arai,Yanyan Hou,Edoardo Sinibaldi,Mario Pellegrino,Young-Tae Chang,Barbara Mazzolai,Virgilio Mattoli,Madoka Suzuki,Gianni Ciofani ACS NANO 9 7 7678 2015/07
  •  Genetically-Encoded Yellow Fluorescent cAMP Indicator with an Expanded Dynamic Range for Dual-Color Imaging Haruki Odaka,Satoshi Arai,Takafumi Inoue,Tetsuya Kitaguchi Plos One 9 6 e100252 2014/06
  •  Photothermal Dye-based Subcellular-sized Heat Spot Enabling the Modulation of Local Cellular Activities Ferdinandus,Madoka Suzuki,Yoshie Harada,Satya Ranjan Sarker,Shin ichi Ishiwata,Tetsuya Kitaguchi,Satoshi Arai 2021/12/21 
  •  The 105 gap issue between calculation and measurement in single-cell thermometry Madoka Suzuki,Vadim Zeeb,Satoshi Arai,Kotaro Oyama,Shin'ichi Ishiwata Nature Methods 12 9 802 2015/09
  •  The ABC Guide to Fluorescent Toolsets for the Development of Future Biomaterials. Ferdinandus,Arai S Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 7 5 2019/01
  •  Highly cooperative fluorescence switching of self-assembled squaraine dye at tunable threshold temperatures using thermosensitive nanovesicles for optical sensing and imaging Sou Keitaro,Chan Li Yan,Arai Satoshi,Lee Chi-Lik Ken Scientific Reports 9 17991 2019/11/29
  •  Eurotium Cristatum Fermented Okara as a Potential Food Ingredient to Combat Diabetes. Li Yan Chan,Masaki Takahashi,Pei Jean Lim,Shinya Aoyama,Saneyuki Makino,Ferdinandus Ferdinandus,Shi Ya Clara Ng,Satoshi Arai,Hideaki Fujita,Hong Chang Tan,Shigenobu Shibata,Chi-Lik Ken Lee Scientific Reports 9 1 17536 2019/11/26
  •  Bright Dots and Smart Optical Microscopy to Probe Intracellular Events in Single Cells Hideaki Fujita,Chongxia Zhong,Satoshi Arai,Madoka Suzuki Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 6 204 2019/01
  •  Neurotransmitter-loaded nanocapsule triggers on-demand muscle relaxation in living organism D. L. Le,Ferdinandus,C. K. Tnee,T. T,V. Doan,S. Arai,M. Suzuki,K. Sou,H. Sato ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10 44 37812 2018/11
  •  RGB-Color Intensiometric Indicators to Visualize Spatiotemporal Dynamics of ATP in Single Cells Satoshi Arai,Rókus Kriszt,Kazuki Harada,Liang Sheng Looi,Shogo Matsuda,Devina Wongso,Satoshi Suo,Shoichi Ishiura,Yu Hua Tseng,Michael Raghunath,Toshiro Ito,Takashi Tsuboi,Tetsuya Kitaguchi Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 34 10873 2018/08/20
  •  Temperature compensation of pressure-sensitive luminescent polymer sensors Sachiko Sano,Takahiro Yuuki,Tsuyoshi Hyakutake,Katsuaki Morita,Hirotaka Sakaue,Satoshi Arai,Hidetoshi Matsumoto,Tsuyoshi Michinobu Sensors and Actuator B Chemical 255 1960 2018/02 
  •  Gold Nanoshell-Mediated Remote Myotube Activation Attilio Marino,Satoshi Arai,Yanyan Hou,Andrea Degl'Innocenti,Valentina Cappello,Barbara Mazzolai,Young-Tae Chang,Virgilio Mattoli,Madoka Suzuki,Gianni Ciofani ACS NANO 11 3 2494 2017/03
  •  A palette of site-specific organelle fluorescent thermometers Xiao Liu,Takeru Yamazaki,Haw-Young Kwon,Satoshi Arai,Young-Tae Chang Materials Today Bio 100405 2022/08
  •  Intracellular Magnetic Control over the Reversible Assembly of Silica-Based Magnetic Composite Particles for Photothermal Therapy Ryota Kameda,Taisei Suzuki,Ikumi Kato,Keishi Suga,Kanako Watanabe,Kimiko Nagino,Kumiko Hayashi,Satoshi Arai,Daisuke Nagao ACS Applied Nano Materials 6 5 3873 2023/02/23 

Conference Presentations

  • Thermal control of cellular functions using a nano-heater(conference:3rd International Symposium on Mechanobiology)(2017/12)
  • Thermodynamic engineering in molecular crowding environment(2022/09/16)
  • A Thermodynamic Tool for Mehcanobiology Research: Mild Nanoheating Technology to Alter Subcellular Dynamics(2019/09/24)
  • Cell thermal engineering: Measurement and control of subcellular temperature using functional dyes(2022/03/16)
  • Subcellular Thermometry and Nanoheating Using Functional Dyes(conference:6th NanoLSI Symposium, Kanazawa)(2022/11/14)

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  • 細胞機能を自在に制御・改変する技術~Nano-heaterによる細胞熱力学エンジニアリング~(conference:BioJapan 2017)(2017/10)
  • オルガネラサイズの熱源を作り細胞機能を温熱制御する試み(conference:生物物理学会第55回年会)(2017/09)
  • Spatiotemporal imaging of subcellular ATP using RGB-colorful fluorescent protein based indicators(conference:International Chemical Biology and molecular imaging conference)(2017/02)
  • Thermodynamic Cell Engineering(conference:International Chemical Biology & Molecular Imaging Conference 2022)(2022/08/19)
  • An organic dye-based nanoheating system toward medical applications(conference:Smart tools for caring: Nanotechnology meets medical challenges)(2018/03)
  • Thermodynamic control of single-cell functions using an organic dye-based nanoheater(conference:3D Lab Exchange Symposium)(2018/03)
  • RGBカラーの蛍光タンパク質センサーによる細胞内ATPの時空間イメージングと定量解析(conference:生物物理学会第54回年会)(2016/11)
  • NIR-triggered nanovesicle enabling local release of signalling molecules toward single-cell functional analysis(2021/12/18)
  • A single fluorescent lifetime (s-FLIM) indicator enabling quantitative imaging of the spatiotemporal dynamics of ATP(conference:Bio-Nano Cross-Over International Workshop)(2021/05/25)
  • Fluorescent Sensors to Visualize Energy Status at the Microscopic Level(conference:International Union of Materials Research Society (IUMRS) International Conference in Asia)(2014/08)
  • Local Manipulation of Cellular Functions using Nanoheater and Nanothermometer(conference:International Congress on Pure & Applied Chemistry, Kota Kinabalu)(2022/11/25)
  • RGB-color Intensiometric Indicators to Visualize Spatiotemporal Dynamics of ATP in Living Organism(conference:3D Lab Exchange Symposium)(2016/09)
  • Fluorescent Probes for Targeted Visualization of Temperature at Organelles in single living cells,(conference:Asian Chemical Biology Conference 3)(2014/12)


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○Basic Supramolecular Chemistry(2021)
○Advanced nano life science(2021)
○Advanced Coordination Chemistry(2021)
○Advanced Coordination Chemistry(2021)

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