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last modified:2022/03/18

Associate Professor ARAI, Satoshi

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WPI Nano Life Science Institute WPI Nano Life Science Institute (LSI)
Associate Professor (Tenure-Track)

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  •  Visualizing Alzheimer's Disease Mouse Brain with Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography using a Fluorescent probe, CDnir7. [Park SJ,Ho CJH,Arai S,Samanta A,Olivo M,Chang YT] SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 9 1 12052 2019
  •  Sonic hedgehog enhances calcium oscillations in hippocampal astrocytes. [Adachi C,Kakinuma N,Jo SH,Ishii T,Arai Y,Arai S,Kitaguchi T,Takeda S,Inoue T] The Journal of biological chemistry 294 44 16034 2019
  •  The ABC Guide to Fluorescent Toolsets for the Development of Future Biomaterials. [Ferdinandus,Arai S] Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology 7 5 2019
  •  Highly cooperative fluorescence switching of self-assembled squaraine dye at tunable threshold temperatures using thermosensitive nanovesicles for optical sensing and imaging [Sou Keitaro,Chan Li Yan,Arai Satoshi,Lee Chi-Lik Ken] SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 9 2019
  •  Multifunctional temozolomide-loaded lipid superparamagnetic nanovectors: dual targeting and disintegration of glioblastoma spheroids by synergic chemotherapy and hyperthermia treatment. [Marino A,Camponovo A,Degl'Innocenti A,Bartolucci M,Tapeinos C,Martinelli C,De Pasquale D,Santoro F,Mollo V,Arai S,Suzuki M,Harada Y,Petretto A,Ciofani G] Nanoscale 11 44 37812 2019

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  •  Eurotium Cristatum Fermented Okara as a Potential Food Ingredient to Combat Diabetes [Chan LiYan,Takahashi Masaki,Lim Pei Jean,Aoyama Shinya,Makino Saneyuki,Ferdinandus Ferdinandus,Ng ShiYa Clara,Arai Satoshi,Fujita Hideaki,Tan Hong Chang,Shibata Shigenobu,Lee Chi-Lik Ken] SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 9 2019
  •  Subcellular-sized Heat Spot by a Photothermal dye based Nano-heater Enabling the Modulation of Cellular Activities  Ferdinandus, Suzuki M., Harada Y., Sarker R. S., Ishiwata S., Kitaguchi, T., Arai, S* bioRxiv 2021/12/21
  •  3D Printing of Okara Ink: The Effect of Particle Size on the Printability Lee, C. P.; Takahashi, M.; Arai, S.; Lee, C.-L. K.; Hashimoto, M ACS Food Science & Technology  1 11 2053–2061 2021
  •  Electrochemical System Encapsulated by Nanoscale Liposomes Enabling On-Demand Triggering of Electroless Deposition at Selected Areas Jing Zhan , Ming Lin, Satoshi Arai, Wan Wei Yang, Keitaro Sou, Hirotaka Sato ACS Applied Nano Materials 3 6 5098 2020/04/30
  •  Ultra-thin, transparent, porous substrates as 3D culture scaffolds for engineering ASC spheroids for high-magnification imaging Yoshitaka Suematsu, Ya An Tsai, Shinji Takeoka, Clemens Martin Franz, Satoshi Arai, Toshinori Fujie J. Mater. Chem B 8 6999 2020/06/19

Conference Presentations

  • A single fluorescent lifetime (s-FLIM) indicator enabling quantitative imaging of the spatiotemporal dynamics of ATP(conference:Bio-Nano Cross-Over International Workshop)(2021/05/25)
  • 杜仲葉エキスがもたらす効果の代謝イメージング(2021/07/10)


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○Basic Supramolecular Chemistry(2021)
○Advanced nano life science(2021)
○Advanced Coordination Chemistry(2021)
○Advanced Coordination Chemistry(2021)

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