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Graduate School of Phamacy

63 faculty members found.Click on a name for details.

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No. Name Faculty Position Specialities
1 ASAKURA HIDESAKU University Hospital Associate Professor
2 ISHIZAKI JUNKO Faculty of Pharmacy, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences Professor Clinical Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Care Personalized Medicine Pharmaceutical Care Communication Pharmaceutical Communication pharmacokinetics therapeutic drug monitoring drug interaction
3 ISHIMURA AKIHIKO Cancer Research Institute Assistant Professor
4 ISHIYAMA KEN University Hospital Associate Professor
5 IMAMURA RYU Cancer Research Institute Assistant Professor Hepatocyte Growth Factoe, Met receptor, innate immunity, Fas ligand, inflammation, signal transduction, transcription factor
6 ENDO YOSHIO Cancer Research Institute Associate Professor Cancer metastasis, angiogenesis, photodynamic therapy, drug screening, antitumor nucleoside, drug resistance
7 OHKURA, Noriyuki University Hospital Assistant Professor
8 OSHIMA HIROKO Cancer Research Institute Associate Professor
9 OSHIMA MASANOBU WPI Nano Life Science Institute Professor inflammation and cancer, genetics, mouse model
10 OHTSUBO KOUSHIRO Hospital Cancer Center Associate Professor Clinical Oncology Gastroenterology Gastroenterological Endoscopy

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