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Researcher Information

last modified:2023/09/23

Professor AKINE, Shigehisa

Laboratory Website

Faculty, Affiliation

WPI Nano Life Science Institute

College and School Educational Field

Division of Material Chemistry, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Division of Material Chemistry, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Course in Chemistry, School of Chemistry, College of Science and Engineering


Coordination Chemistry Laboratory TEL:076-264-5701 FAX:076-264-5742

Academic Background

【Academic background(Doctoral/Master's Degree)】
The University of Tokyo Master Graduate School, Division of Science Department of Chemistry 199703 Completed
The University of Tokyo Doctor Graduate School, Division of Science Department of Chemistry 200003 Completed
【Academic background(Bachelor's Degree)】
The University of Tokyo Department of Chemistry 199503
PhD in Science


University of Tsukuba Department of Chemistry Research Associate(2000/04/01-2004/03/31)
University of Tsukuba Grad School of Pure and Applied Sciences Research Associate(2004/04/01-2004/09/30)
University of Tsukuba Grad School of Pure and Applied Sciences Assistant Professor(2004/10/01-2008/03/31)
University of Tsukuba Grad School of Pure and Applied Sciences Associate Professor(2008/04/01-2011/09/30)
University of Tsukuba Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences Associate Professor(2011/10/01-2013/09/30)
Kanazawa University Department of Material Chemistry Professor(2013/10/01-2017/10/05)
Kanazawa University Nano Life Science Institute Professor(2017/10/06-)

Year & Month of Birth


Academic Society

Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry

Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry


○JSCC Award for Creative Work(2019/09)
○HGCS Japan Award of Excellence 2010(2011/02)
○Lecture Award for Young Chemists 2007(2007/03)
○DIC Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan(2011/02)


Inorganic chemistry、Organic chemistry

Speciality Keywords

host-guest chemistry,supramolecular chemistry,coordination chemistry

Research Themes

- Development of dynamic structural conversion systems based on metal complexes - Synthesis of dynamic chiral complexes and the chirality inversion - Synthesis of metal-containing host molecules for new supramolecular structures

One of the important features of metal complexes is reversibility of metal-ligand coordination bonds. This enables the spontaneous formation of supramolecular structures and the dynamic conversions in response to external stimuli. In order to make and convert large-sized supramolecular structures in a desired fashion, it is important to place appropriate metal ions and organic ligand moieties in a suitable arrangement. Therefore, we need to select suitable metal ions and need to finely design organic molecules with appropriate ligating moieties.
Our group aims to develop novel dynamic functional metal complexes and responsive supramolecules by utilizing dynamic feature of metal ions and fine design of organic frameworks.



  •  Control of Guest Binding Kinetics in Macrocycles and Molecular Cages Shigehisa Akine,Yoko Sakata Chemistry Letters 49 4 428 2020/04/05 
  •  Transient chirality inversion during racemization of a helical cobalt(III) complex. Yoko Sakata,Shunsuke Chiba,Shigehisa Akine Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 119 11 e2113237119 2022/03/15
  •  Synthesis of Pentaarylcyclobutenylrhodium(I) Complexes and Their Reactivity and Initiation Mechanism in Polymerization of Monosubstituted Acetylenes Shiori Sakamoto,Tsuyoshi Taniguchi,Yoko Sakata,Shigehisa Akine,Tatsuya Nishimura,Katsuhiro Maeda Organometallics 41 4 472 2022/02/28 
  •  State- and water repellency-controllable molecular glass of pillar[5]arenes with fluoroalkyl groups by guest vapors Katsuto Onishi,Shunsuke Ohtani,Kenichi Kato,Shixin Fa,Yoko Sakata,Shigehisa Akine,Moe Ogasawara,Hitoshi Asakawa,Shusaku Nagano,Yoshinori Takashima,Motohiro Mizuno,Tomoki Ogoshi CHEMICAL SCIENCE 13 14 4082 2022/04
  •  Rhodium(I) Complexes Bearing an Aryl‐Substituted 1,3,5‐Hexatriene Chain: Catalysts for Living Polymerization of Phenylacetylene and Potential Helical Chirality of 1,3,5‐Hexatrienes Shiori Sakamoto,Tsuyoshi Taniguchi,Yoko Sakata,Shigehisa Akine,Tatsuya Nishimura,Katsuhiro Maeda Angewandte Chemie International Edition 60 41 22201 2021/10/04 

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  •  Enhancement of Alkali Metal Ion Recognition by Metalation of a Tris(saloph) Cryptand Having Benzene Rings at the Bridgeheads Shigehisa Akine,Masato Miyashita,Tatsuya Nabeshima Inorganic Chemistry 60 17 12961 2021/09/06 
  •  A chiral spirobifluorene-based bis(salen) zinc(ii) receptor towards highly enantioselective binding of chiral carboxylates Sk Asif Ikbal,Yoko Sakata,Shigehisa Akine Dalton Transactions 50 12 4119 2021/03/28 
  •  Control of guest binding behavior of metal-containing host molecules by ligand exchange Shigehisa Akine Dalton Transactions 50 13 4429 2021/04/07 
  •  Metal-dependent selective formation of calix[4]arene assemblies based on dynamic covalent chemistry Yoko Sakata,Ryo Tsuyuki,Shingo Sugimoto,Shigehisa Akine Chemical Communications 57 99 13510 2021/12 
  •  Synthesis and Crystal Structure of (μ-Acetato)bis(μ-Alkoxo)dicobalt(II, III) Complex with an Unsymmetric Dinucleating Ligand Naho SHINDE,Ryunosuke HANDA,Hideki FURUTACHI,Yoko SAKATA,Shigehisa AKINE,Shuhei FUJINAMI,Masatatsu SUZUKI X-ray Structure Analysis Online 37 0 13 2021/03/10 
  •  Contemporary macrocycles for discrete polymetallic complexes: precise control over structure and function Mohammad T. Chaudhry,Shigehisa Akine,Mark J. MacLachlan Chemical Society Reviews 50 19 10713 2021/10 
  •  Application of μ-Nitrido- and μ-Carbido-Bridged Iron Phthalocyanine Dimers as Cathode-Active Materials for Rechargeable Batteries Takeshi Shimizu,Katsuhiro Wakamatsu,Yasuyuki Yamada,Yuka Toyoda,Shigehisa Akine,Kenji Yoza,Hirofumi Yoshikawa ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 34 40612 2021/09/01 
  •  Synthesis of a monocationic μ-nitrido-bridged iron porphycene dimer and its methane oxidation activity Yasuyuki Yamada,Yusuke Miwa,Yuka Toyoda,Tomoo Yamaguchi,Shigehisa Akine,Kentaro Tanaka Dalton Transactions 50 45 16775 2021/12 
  •  Exclusive formation of a meridional complex of a tripodand and perfect suppression of guest recognition Hiroki Morita,Shigehisa Akine,Takashi Nakamura,Tatsuya Nabeshima Chemical Communications 57 17 2124 2021/02/28 
  •  Design and Synthesis of Responsive Functional Molecules Based on Metal Complexes and Their Dynamic Structural Conversions Shigehisa Akine Bulletin of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry 75 0 13 2020/05/31 
  •  Macrocyclic dimer of Fc(NHC(O)PPh2-AuCl)2 induced by aurophilic interactions, and chirality induction into Fc core Takanari Matsutani,Masumi Itazaki,Shigehisa Akine,Toshiyuki Moriuchi Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 912 121182 2020/04
  •  Crystal Structure of (μ-Phenoxo)bis(μ-pentafluorobenzoate)dicobalt(II, III) Complex with a Dinucleating Ligand Naho SHINDE,Hideki FURUTACHI,Yoko SAKATA,Shigehisa AKINE,Shuhei FUJINAMI,Masatatsu SUZUKI X-ray Structure Analysis Online 36 0 23 2020/07/10 
  •  Non‐Covalent Interactions Enable the Length‐Controlled Generation of Discrete Tubes Capable of Guest Exchange Shixin Fa,Yoko Sakata,Shigehisa Akine,Tomoki Ogoshi Angewandte Chemie International Edition 59 24 9309 2020/06/08 
  •  Guest Recognition Control Accompanied by Stepwise Gate Closing and Opening of a Macrocyclic Metallohost Yoko Sakata,Masahiro Okada,Shigehisa Akine Chemistry – A European Journal 27 7 2284 2021/02/01 
  •  Efficient formation of [3]pseudorotaxane based on cooperative complexation of dibenzo-24-crown-8 with diphenylviologen axle Yoko Sakata,Takaya Ogura,Shigehisa Akine Chemical Communications 56 62 8735 2020 
  •  Vapoluminescence Behavior Triggered by Crystal-State Complexation between Host Crystals and Guest Vapors Exhibiting No Visible Fluorescence Tomoki Ogoshi,Yukie Hamada,Ryuta Sueto,Ryosuke Kojima,Fumiyasu Sakakibara,Yuuya Nagata,Yoko Sakata,Shigehisa Akine,Toshikazu Ono,Takahiro Kakuta,Tada-aki Yamagishi Crystal Growth & Design 20 11 7087 2020/11/04 
  •  Post‐Metalation Modification of a Macrocyclic Dicobalt(III) Metallohost by Site‐Selective Ligand Exchange for Guest Recognition Control Yoko Sakata,Masahiro Okada,Munehiro Tamiya,Shigehisa Akine Chemistry – A European Journal 26 34 7595 2020/06/18 
  •  A Closed Metallomolecular Cage that can Open its Aperture by Disulfide Exchange Akine, S,Miyashita, M,Nabeshima, T Chem. Eur. J. 25 6 1432 2019/01
  •  Crystal Structure of Bis(mu-hydroxo)diiron(II) Complex with a Dinucleating Ligand Having a Butyl Linker Sekino Mio,Furutachi Hideki,Tasaki Kyosuke,Ishikawa Takanao,Fujinami Shuhei,Akine Shigehisa,Sakata Yoko,Suzuki Masatatsu,Nomura Takashi,Ogura Takashi,Kitagawa Teizo X-RAY STRUCTURE ANALYSIS ONLINE 35 5 2019/02/10
  •  Molecular weight fractionation by confinement of polymer in one-dimensional pillar[5]arene channels Ogoshi, T,Sueto, R,Yagyu, M,Kojima, R,Kakuta, T,Yamagishi, T.-a,Doitomi, K,Tummanapelli, A. K,Hirao, H,Sakata, Y,Akine, S,Mizuno, M Nature Commun. 10 479 1 2019/01
  •  ON/OFF Control of the Flipping Motion of Diuranyl Bis(Salophen) Macrocycle by Extremely Strong Binding with Fluoride Ion Cametti,M,Sakata, Y,Martí-Rujas, J,Akine, S Inorg. Chem. 58 21 14871 2019/11
  •  Front Cover: Host-Guest Complexation Using Pillar[5]arene Crystals: Crystal-Structure Dependent Uptake, Release, and Molecular Dynamics of an Alkane Guest (Chem. Eur. J. 10/2019) Tomoki Ogoshi,Yukie Hamada,Ryuta Sueto,Yoko Sakata,Shigehisa Akine,Adhitya Mangala,Putra Moeljadi,Hajime Hirao,Takahiro Kakuta,Tada-aki Yamagishi,Motohiro Mizuno Chemistry - A European Journal 25 10 2375 2019/02 
  •  Ring-Chain Competition in Supramolecular Polymerization Directed by Molecular Recognition of the Bisporphyrin Cleft Takehiro Hirao,Naoyuki Hisano,Shigehisa Akine,Shin-ichi Kihara,Takeharu Haino MACROMOLECULES 52 16 6160 2019/08
  •  Ligand Exchange Strategy for Tuning of Helicity Inversion Speeds of Dynamic Helical Tri(saloph) Metallocryptands Sakata, Y,Chiba, S,Miyashita, M,Nabeshima, T,Akine, S Chem. Eur. J. 25 12 2962 2019/02
  •  Functionalized metallonanobelt derivatives having quinoxaline scaffold prepared from a common precursor Sakata, Y,Furukawa, Y,Akine, S Tetrahedron Lett. 60 31 2049 2019/08
  •  Switching of Recognition First and Reaction First Mechanisms in Host–Guest Binding Associated with Chemical Reactions Sakata, Y,Tamiya, M,Okada, M,Akine, S J. Am. Chem. Soc. 141 39 15597 2019/10
  •  Host–Guest Complexation Using Pillar[5]arene Crystals: Crystal-Structure Dependent Uptake, Release, and Molecular Dynamics of an Alkane Guest Ogoshi, T,Hamada, Y,Sueto, R,Sakata, Y,Akine, S,Moeljadi, A. M. P,Hirao, H,Kakuta, T,Yamagishi, T.-a,Mizuno, M Chem. Eur. J. 25 10 2497 2019/02
  •  A novel graphite-like stacking structure in a discrete molecule and its molecular recognition behavior Shigehisa Akine,Takahiro Onuma,Tatsuya Nabeshima New Journal of Chemistry 42 12 9369 2018
  •  Dynamic Helicity Control of Oligo(salamo)-Based Metal Helicates Akine, S Inorganics 6 80 1 2018/08
  •  Metallonanobelt: A Kinetically Stable Shape-Persistent Molecular Belt Prepared by Reversible Self-Assembly Processes Yoko Sakata,Ryoichi Yamamoto,Daiki Saito,Yuko Tamura,Keisuke Maruyama,Tomoki Ogoshi,Shigehisa Akine INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 57 24 15500 2018/12
  •  Separation of Linear and Branched Alkanes Using Host–Guest Complexation of Cyclic and Branched Alkane Vapors by Crystal State Pillar[6]arene Tomoki Ogoshi,Kazuki Saito,Ryuta Sueto,Ryosuke Kojima,Yukie Hamada,Shigehisa Akine,Adhitya Mangala Putra Moeljadi,Hajime Hirao,Takahiro Kakuta,Tada-Aki Yamagishi Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 57 6 1592 2018/02/05
  •  Response speed control of helicity inversion based on a "regulatory enzyme"-like strategy Sairenji, Shiho,Akine, Shigehisa,Nabeshima, Tatsuya Scientific reports 8 1 137 2018/01
  •  Response speed control of helicity inversion based on a "regulatory enzyme"-like strategy Sairenji, S,Akine, S,Nabeshima, T Sci. Rep. 8 137 1 2018/01
  •  Anion-capped metallohost allows extremely slow guest uptake and on-demand acceleration of guest exchange Yoko Sakata,Chiho Murata,Shigehisa Akine NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 8 16005 1 2017/07
  •  A Metallo-molecular Cage That Can Close the Apertures with Coordination Bonds Shigehisa Akine,Masato Miyashita,Tatsuya Nabeshima Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 13 4631 2017/04/05
  •  Alkane-Shape-Selective Vapochromic Behavior Based on Crystal-State Host-Guest Complexation of Pillar[5]arene Containing One Benzoquinone Unit Tomoki Ogoshi,Yasuo Shimada,Yoko Sakata,Shigehisa Akine,Tada-Aki Yamagishi JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 139 16 5664 2017/04
  •  New mechanistic insights into intramolecular aromatic ligand hydroxylation and benzyl alcohol oxidation initiated by the well-defined (mu-peroxo)diiron(III) complex Mio Sekino,Hideki Furutachi,Rina Tojo,Ayumi Hishi,Hanako Kajikawa,Takatoshi Suzuki,Kaito Suzuki,Shuhei Fujinami,Shigehisa Akine,Yoko Sakata,Takehiro Ohta,Shinya Hayami,Masatatsu Suzuki CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 53 63 8838 2017/08
  •  Alkane-length sorting using activated pillar[5]arene crystals Tomoki Ogoshi,Ryuta Sueto,Yukie Hamada,Kazuki Doitomi,Hajime Hirao,Yoko Sakata,Shigehisa Akine,Takahiro Kakuta,Tada-aki Yamagishi CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 53 61 8577 2017/08
  •  Electronic perturbation of supramolecular conjugates of porphyrins and phthalocyanines Nozomi Mihara,Yasuyuki Yamada,Shigehisa Akine,Kunihisa Sugimoto,Kentaro Tanaka CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 53 14 2230 2017/02
  •  A Metallo-molecular Cage That Can Close the Apertures with Coordination Bonds Shigehisa Akine,Masato Miyashita,Tatsuya Nabeshima JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 139 13 4631 2017/04
  •  Two-step modulation of ion recognition using a bis(saloph)-macrocyclic host having a 24-crown-8-like cavity Yoko Sakata,Seiya Kobayashi,Shigehisa Akine CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 53 47 6363 2017/06
  •  pi-Electron Systems That Form Planar and Interlocked Anion Complexes and Their Ion-Pairing Assemblies Yamakado, Ryohei,Sakurai, Tsuneaki,Matsuda, Wakana,Seki, Shu,Yasuda, Nobuhiro,Akine, Shigehisa,Maeda, Hiromitsu CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 22 2 626 2016/01
  •  Overcoming Statistical Complexity: Selective Coordination of Three Different Metal Ions to a Ligand with Three Different Coordination Sites Shigehisa Akine,Takashi Matsumoto,Tatsuya Nabeshima ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 55 3 960 2016/01
  •  Kinetically "locked" metallomacrocycle Toshio Nishino,Yasuyuki Yamada,Shigehisa Akine,Kunihisa Sugimoto,Kentaro Tanaka DALTON TRANSACTIONS 45 9 3831 2016
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  •  Solvent-dependent dual-mode photochromism between T-and P-types in a dipyrrinone derivative Yoko Sakata,Satomi Fukushima,Shigehisa Akine,Jun-ichiro Setsune CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 52 6 1278 2016
  •  New mechanistic insight into intramolecular arene hydroxylation initiated by (mu-1,2-peroxo)diiron(III) complexes with dinucleating ligands Mio Sekino,Hideki Furutachi,Kyosuke Tasaki,Takanao Ishikawa,Shigeki Mori,Shuhei Fujinami,Shigehisa Akine,Yoko Sakata,Takashi Nomura,Takashi Ogura,Teizo Kitagawa,Masatatsu Suzuki DALTON TRANSACTIONS 45 2 469 2016
  •  Synthesis, Ion Recognition Ability, and Metal-Assisted Aggregation Behavior of Dinuclear Metallohosts Having a Bis(Saloph) Macrocyclic Ligand Shigehisa Akine,Fumihiko Utsuno,Shunjin Piao,Hideo Orita,Seiji Tsuzuki,Tatsuya Nabeshima INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 55 2 810 2016/01
  •  Host-Guest Complexation of Perethylated Pillar[5]arene with Alkanes in the Crystal State Tomoki Ogoshi,Ryuta Sueto,Kumiko Yoshikoshi,Yoko Sakata,Shigehisa Akine,Tada-aki Yamagishi Angewandte Chemie 127 34 9987 2015/07 
  •  Oxidation Reactivity of a Structurally and Spectroscopically Well-defined Mononuclear Peroxocarbonato-Iron(III) Complex Tomohiro Tsugawa,Hideki Furutachi,Megumi Marunaka,Taichi Endo,Koji Hashimoto,Shuhei Fujinami,Shigehisa Akine,Yoko Sakata,Shigenori Nagatomo,Takehiko Tosha,Takashi Nomura,Teizo Kitagawa,Takashi Ogura,Masatatsu Suzuki CHEMISTRY LETTERS 44 3 330 2015/03
  •  Synthesis of tetrafunctionalized pentiptycenequinones for construction of cyclic dimers with a cylindrical shape by boronate ester formation Shigehisa Akine,Daisuke Kusama,Yuri Takatsuki,Tatsuya Nabeshima TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 56 34 4880 2015/08
  •  Host-Guest Complexation of Perethylated Pillar[5]arene with Alkanes in the Crystal State Tomoki Ogoshi,Ryuta Sueto,Kumiko Yoshikoshi,Yoko Sakata,Shigehisa Akine,Tada-aki Yamagishi ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 54 34 9849 2015/08
  •  Increased Nuclearity of Salen-Type Transition Metal Complexes by Incorporation of O-Alkyloxime Functionality Shigehisa Akine,Tatsuya Nabeshima HETEROATOM CHEMISTRY 25 5 410 2014/11
  •  Perfect encapsulation of a guanidinium ion in a helical trinickel(II) metallocryptand for efficient regulation of the helix inversion rate Shigehisa Akine,Masato Miyashita,Shunjin Piao,Tatsuya Nabeshima INORGANIC CHEMISTRY FRONTIERS 1 1 53 2014
  •  Dynamic Helicity Control of a Single-helical Oligooxime Complex and Acid-Base-triggered Repeated Helicity Inversion Mediated by Amino Acids Shiho Sairenji,Shigehisa Akine,Tatsuya Nabeshima CHEMISTRY LETTERS 43 7 1107 2014/07
  •  Dynamic helicity control of single-helical oligooxime metal complexes by coordination of chiral carboxylate ions Shiho Sairenji,Shigehisa Akine,Tatsuya Nabeshima TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 55 12 1987 2014/03
  •  Ligand Modification of Cyclometalated Ruthenium Complexes in the Aerobic Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Imidazolines Shota Aiki,Yuhei Kijima,Junpei Kuwabara,Ayako Taketoshi,Take-aki Koizumi,Shigehisa Akine,Takaki Kanbara ACS CATALYSIS 3 5 812 2013/05
  •  Programmed multiple complexation for the creation of helical structures from acyclic phenol-bipyridine oligomer ligands Shigehisa Akine,Hiroki Nagumo,Tatsuya Nabeshima DALTON TRANSACTIONS 42 45 15974 2013
  •  Conformational control of electron-rich calix[6]arene skeleton by paraquat recognition Shigehisa Akine,Daisuke Kusama,Tatsuya Nabeshima TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 54 3 205 2013/01
  •  Stepwise Helicity Inversions by Multisequential Metal Exchange Shigehisa Akine,Shiho Sairenji,Takanori Taniguchi,Tatsuya Nabeshima JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 135 35 12948 2013/09
  •  Cage-like tris(salen)-type metallocryptand for cooperative guest recognition Shigehisa Akine,Shunjin Piao,Masato Miyashita,Tatsuya Nabeshima Tetrahedron Letters 54 48 6541 2013/11/27
  •  Synthesis of planar metal complexes and the stacking abilities of naphthalenediol-based acyclic and macrocyclic salen-type ligands Shigehisa Akine,Zoltan Varadi,Tatsuya Nabeshima European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 35 5987 2013/12
  •  Oligometallic Template Strategy for Synthesis of a Macrocyclic Dinner-Type Octaoxime Ligand for Its Cooperative Complexation Shigehisa Akine,Toshio Tadokoro,Tatsuya Nabeshima INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 51 21 11478 2012/11
  •  Design and controlled emission properties of bioorganometallic compounds composed of uracils and organoplatinum(II) moieties Toshiyuki Moriuchi,Yuki Sakamoto,Shunichi Noguchi,Takashi Fujiwara,Shigehisa Akine,Tatsuya Nabeshima,Toshikazu Hirao DALTON TRANSACTIONS 41 28 8524 2012
  •  Novel ion recognition systems based on cyclic and acyclic oligo(salen)-type ligands Shigehisa Akine JOURNAL OF INCLUSION PHENOMENA AND MACROCYCLIC CHEMISTRY 72 1-2 25 2012/02
  •  Hierarchical Helix of Helix in the Crystal: Formation of Variable-Pitch Helical pi-Stacked Array of Single-Helical Dinuclear Metal Complexes Shigehisa Akine,Hiroki Nagumo,Tatsuya Nabeshima INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 51 10 5506 2012/05
  •  Remarkably Selective Recognition of Iodobenzene Derivatives by a Macrocyclic Bis-Pt-II Metallohost Robert Trokowski,Shigehisa Akine,Tatsuya Nabeshima CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 17 51 14420 2011/12
  •  Nuclearity Control of a Trisaloph Zinc Cluster Complex Dependent on Minute Structural Differences in the Bridging Anions Masaki Yamamura,Hayato Miyazaki,Masaya Iida,Shigehisa Akine,Tatsuya Nabeshima INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 50 12 5315 2011/06
  •  Highly cooperative double metalation of a bis(N2O2) ligand based on bipyridine-phenol framework driven by intramolecular pi-stacking of square planar nickel(II) complex moieties Shigehisa Akine,Toshihiko Shimada,Hiroki Nagumo,Tatsuya Nabeshima DALTON TRANSACTIONS 40 34 8507 2011
  •  Multistep Oligometal Complexation of the Macrocyclic Tris(N2O2) Hexaoxime Ligand Shigehisa Akine,Shuichi Sunaga,Tatsuya Nabeshima CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 17 24 6853 2011/06
  •  Synthesis of acyclic tetrakis- and pentakis(N2O2) ligands for single-helical heterometallic complexes with a greater number of winding turns Shigehisa Akine,Takashi Matsumoto,Shiho Sairenji,Tatsuya Nabeshima SUPRAMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY 23 1-2 106 2011
  •  Wheel-Shaped (ErZn3II)-Zn-III Single-Molecule Magnet: A Macrocyclic Approach to Designing Magnetic Anisotropy Aika Yamashita,Akiko Watanabe,Shigehisa Akine,Tatsuya Nabeshima,Motohiro Nakano,Tomoo Yamamura,Takashi Kajiwara ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 50 17 4016 2011
  •  Spontaneous enrichment of one-handed helices by dissolution of quasiracemic crystals of a tetranuclear single helical complex Shigehisa Akine,Sayaka Hotate,Takashi Matsumoto,Tatsuya Nabeshima CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 47 10 2925 2011
  •  A Molecular Leverage for Helicity Control and Helix Inversion Shigehisa Akine,Sayaka Hotate,Tatsuya Nabeshima JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 133 35 13868 2011/09
  •  Synthesis of Ag plus -Selective Dipalladium(II) Metallohost Based on O-Alkyloxime Bis(N2SO) Ligands Shigehisa Akine,Ayako Akimoto,Tatsuya Nabeshima PHOSPHORUS SULFUR AND SILICON AND THE RELATED ELEMENTS 185 5-6 1000 2010
  •  Highly efficient regulation of cation recognition and promotion of self-assembly by metalation of a macrocyclic bis(N2O2) ligand with nickel(II) Shigehisa Akine,Fumihiko Utsuno,Tatsuya Nabeshima CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 46 7 1029 2010
  •  Modulation of Multimetal Complexation Behavior of Tetraoxime Ligand by Covalent Transformation of Olefinic Functionalities Shigehisa Akine,Satoko Kagiyama,Tatsuya Nabeshima INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 49 5 2141 2010/03
  •  Dinuclear Complexes of the N2O2 Oxime Chelate Ligand with Zinc(II)-Lanthanide(III) as a Selective Sensitization System for Sm3+ Shigehisa Akine,Fumihiko Utsuno,Takanori Taniguchi,Tatsuya Nabeshima EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 20 3143 2010/07
  •  Metallo-supramolecular Systems for Synergistic Functions Based on Unique Arrangement of Ligation Sites Tatsuya Nabeshima,Shigehisa Akine,Chusaku Ikeda,Masaki Yamamura CHEMISTRY LETTERS 39 1 10 2010/01
  •  Picosecond-Pulse-Pumped Distributed-Feedback Thick-Film Waveguide Blue Laser Using Fluorescent Brightener 135 Hirofumi Watanabe,Hirotaka So,Yuji Oki,Shigehisa Akine,Takashige Omatsu JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 49 7 1 2010
  •  Selective binding of benzenediol derivatives by simultaneous non-covalent interactions in bis-Pt(II) aza-aromatic host-guest system Robert Trokowski,Shigehisa Akine,Tatsuya Nabeshima DALTON TRANSACTIONS 46 10359 2009
  •  Multiple Folding Structures Mediated by Metal Coordination of Acyclic Multidentate Ligand Shigehisa Akine,Yoko Morita,Fumihiko Utsuno,Tatsuya Nabeshima INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 48 22 10670 2009/11
  •  Cyclic and acyclic oligo(N2O2) ligands for cooperative multi-metal complexation Shigehisa Akine,Tatsuya Nabeshima DALTON TRANSACTIONS 47 10395 2009
  •  Functional supramolecular systems with highly cooperative and responding properties Tatsuya Nabeshima,Shigehisa Akine CHEMICAL RECORD 8 4 240 2008
  •  A novel cis-trans isomerism found in a sulfur-bridged (Pd2Au2I)-Au-II tetranuclear complex with [Pd(amine)(2)(thiolato)(2)]-type building units Mai Taguchi,Yuko Sameshima,Asako Igashira-Kamiyama,Shigehisa Akine,Tatsuya Nabeshima,Takumi Konno CHEMISTRY LETTERS 37 3 244 2008/03
  •  Visible and Near-infrared Luminescence of Helical Zinc(II)-Lanthanide(III) Trinuclear Complexes Having Acyclic Bis(N2O2) Oxime Ligand S. Akine,F. Utsuno,T. Nabeshima IUMRS-ICA 2008 SYMPOSIUM AA. RARE-EARTH RELATED MATERIAL PROCESSING AND FUNCTIONS 1 012009 1 2008
  •  Spontaneous formation of a chiral supramolecular superhelix in the crystalline state using a single-stranded tetranuclear metallohelicate Shigehisa Akine,Takashi Matsumoto,Tatsuya Nabeshima CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 38 4604 2008
  •  Acyclic bis(N2O2 chelate) ligand for trinuclear d-block homo- and heterometal complexes Shigehisa Akine,Takanori Taniguchi,Tatsuya Nabeshima INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 47 8 3255 2008/04
  •  Synthesis, characterization and molecular recognition of a bis-platinum terpyridine dimer Robert Trokowski,Shigehisa Akine,Tatsuya Nabeshima CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 7 889 2008
  •  Synthesis, stability, and complexation behavior of isolable salen-type N2S2 and N2SO ligands based on thiol and oxime functionalities Shigehisa Akine,Ayako Akimoto,Takuya Shiga,Hiroki Oshio,Tatsuya Nabeshima INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 47 3 875 2008/02
  •  Multi-step regulation of anion recognition by redox-active pseudocryptand Tatsuya Nabeshima,Sayuri Masubuchi,Norie Taguchi,Shigehisa Akine,Toshiyuki Saiki,Soichi Sato TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 48 9 1595 2007/02
  •  Synthesis of Helical Lanthanide(III)-Zinc(II) Oligonuclear Complexes Based on Multiple Complexation AKINE,Shigehisa,TANIGUCHI,Takanori,MATSUMOTO,Takashi,NABESHIMA,Tatsuya 希土類 = Rare earths 0 50 210 2007/05
  •  Core/shell oligometallic template synthesis of macrocyclic hexaoxime Shigehisa Akine,Shuichi Sunaga,Takanori Taniguchi,Hayato Miyazaki,Tatsuya Nabeshima INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 46 8 2959 2007/04
  •  Oligometallic template strategy for ring-closing olefin metathesis: highly cis- and trans-selective synthesis of a 32-membered macrocyclic tetraoxime Shigehisa Akine,Satoko Kagiyama,Tatsuya Nabeshima INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 46 23 9525 2007/11
  •  Multi-metal complexation and partially templated synthesis of metal clusters by using triangular trisaloph ligands Tatsuya Nabeshima,Hayato Miyazaki,Atsushi Iwasaki,Shigehisa Akine,Toshiyuki Saiki,Chusaku Ikeda TETRAHEDRON 63 16 3328 2007/04
  •  Octanuclear zinc(II) and cobalt(II) clusters produced by cooperative tetrameric assembling of oxime chelate ligands S Akine,WK Dong,T Nabeshima INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 45 12 4677 2006/06
  •  Helical metallohost-guest complexes via site-selective transmetalation of homotrinuclear complexes Shigehisa Akine,Takanori Taniguchi,Tatsuya Nabeshima JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 128 49 15765 2006/12
  •  Chiral single-stranded metallohelix: metal-mediated folding of linear oligooxime ligand Shigehisa Akine,Takanori Taniguchi,Tatsuya Nabeshima TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 47 47 8419 2006/11
  •  Guest-dependent inversion rate of a tetranuclear single metallohelicate Shigehisa Akine,Takanori Taniguchi,Takashi Matsumoto,Tatsuya Nabeshima CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 47 4961 2006
  •  Heterometallic Zn2La and ZnLu complexes formed by site-selective transmetalation of a dimeric homotrinuclear zinc(II) complex Shigehisa Akine,Takanori Taniguchi,Tatsuya Nabeshima CHEMISTRY LETTERS 35 6 604 2006/06
  •  Metal-incorporated hosts for cooperative and responsive recognition to external stimulus Tatsuya Nabeshima,Shigehisa Akine Redox Systems Under Nano-Space Control 167 2006
  •  Efficient formation of homo and hetero metal clusters by triangular trisaloph ligand as a partial template Tatsuya Nabeshima,Hayato Miyazaki,Atsushi Iwasaki,Shigehisa Akine,Toshiyuki Saiki,Chusaku Ikeda,Soichi Sato CHEMISTRY LETTERS 35 9 1070 2006/09
  •  Tricyclic pseudocryptand formed by reaction of Fe-II with tripodand bearing triazacrown ether Tatsuya Nabeshima,Yasushi Tanaka,Toshiyuki Saiki,Shigehisa Akine,Chusaku Ikeda,Soichi Sato TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 47 21 3541 2006/05
  •  Novel thiosalamo ligand as a remarkably stable N2S2 salen-type chelate and synthesis of a nickel(II) complex S Akine,T Nabeshima INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 44 5 1205 2005/03
  •  Syntheses, structures, and properties of quinone-bridged calix[6]arenes S Akine,K Goto,T Kawashima BULLETIN OF THE CHEMICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN 78 1 169 2005/01
  •  Stepwise and dramatic enhancement of anion recognition with a triple-site receptor based on the calix[4]arene framework using two different cationic effectors T Nabeshima,T Saiki,J Iwabuchi,S Akine JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 127 15 5507 2005/04
  •  Oxime-based salen-type tetradentate ligands with high stability against imine metathesis reaction S Akine,T Taniguchi,WK Dong,S Masubuchi,T Nabeshima JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 70 5 1704 2005/03
  •  Synthesis, structures, and magnetic properties of tri- and dinuclear copper(II)-gadolinium(III) complexes of linear oligooxime ligands S Akine,T Matsumoto,T Taniguchi,T Nabeshima INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 44 9 3270 2005/05
  •  Ca2+- and Ba2+-selective receptors based on site-selective transmetalation of multinuclear polyoxime-zinc(II) complexes S Akine,T Taniguchi,T Saiki,T Nabeshima JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 127 2 540 2005/01
  •  Cooperative formation of trinuclear zinc(ll) complexes via complexation of a tetradentate oxime chelate ligand, salamo, and zinc(ll) acetate S Akine,T Taniguchi,T Nabeshima INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 43 20 6142 2004/10
  •  Homotropic negative allostery in alkali metal ion recognition by biscalix[4]arene-based receptor T Nabeshima,T Saiki,K Sumitomo,S Akine TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 45 36 6761 2004/08
  •  Synthesis and structure of polyhydroxyl rigid triangular nano-macrocyclic imine having multiple hydrogen-bonding sites S Akine,D Hashimoto,T Saiki,T Nabeshima TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 45 22 4225 2004/05
  •  Synthesis, structure and complexation ability of novel metalloreceptors containing two pincer complexes of palladium(II) T Nabeshima,D Nishida,S Akine,T Saiki EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 19 3779 2004/10
  •  Synthesis and recognition behavior of multi-point receptors with binding sites for different metal ions T Saiki,J Iwabuchi,S Akine,T Nabeshima TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 45 38 7007 2004/09
  •  Doubly bridged biscalix[4]arene allosteric effects for homotropic and heterotropic on ion recognition T Nabeshima,T Saiki,K Sumitomo,S Akine TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 45 24 4719 2004/06
  •  Remarkably large positive and negative allosteric effects on ion recognition by the formation of a novel helical pseudocryptand T Nabeshima,Y Yoshihira,T Saiki,S Akine,E Horn JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 125 1 28 2003/01
  •  Isolation and structural analysis of novel conformational isomers of the m-xylylene-bridged calix[6]arenes: the 'partial cone' and 'inverted cone' isomers S Akine,K Goto,T Kawashima TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 44 6 1171 2003/02
  •  Synthesis of macrocyclic compounds by utilizing metal complexation, their structure and function T Nabeshima,T Saiki,S Akine JOURNAL OF SYNTHETIC ORGANIC CHEMISTRY JAPAN 60 3 184 2002/03
  •  Novel synthetic approach to trinuclear 3d-4f complexes: Specific exchange of the central metal of a trinuclear zinc(II) complex of a tetraoxime ligand with a lanthanide(III) ion S Akine,T Taniguchi,T Nabeshima ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 41 24 4670 2002
  •  Transfer of chiral information through achiral ion recognition by a novel pseudocrown ether with a binaphthyl moiety T Nabeshima,A Hashiguchi,T Saiki,S Akine ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 41 3 481 2002
  •  Synthesis and reactions of conformational isomers of a stable selenenic acid bearing a bridged calix[6]arene framework K Goto,T Saiki,S Akine,T Kawashima,R Okazaki HETEROATOM CHEMISTRY 12 4 195 2001
  •  Crystal structure of 15,85,105,125,195,215,245,275-octa-t-butyl-102,212,242,272-tetrakis[(2-methoxy)ethoxy]-2,7,13,18-tetraoxa-4,15(5,2),5,16(2,5)-tetrapyridi-na-l,8,19(2,1,3),12(1,2,3),10,21,24,27(1,3)-dodecabenzenatricyclo[,12]-octacosaphane tetrakis(dichloromethane), (C124H152N4O12)(CH2Cl2)4 S. Akine,K. Sumitomo,T. Nabeshima Zeitschrift fur Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures 216 1-4 555 2001/04/01
  •  Crystal structure of 1(5),8(5),10(5),12(5),19(5),21(5),24(5),27(5),-octa-t-butyl-10(2),21(2),24(2),27(2),-tetrakis[(2-methoxy)ethoxy]-2,7,13,18-tetraoxa-4,15(5,2),5,16(2,5)-tetrapyridina-1,8,19(2,1,3),12(1,2,3),10,21,24,27(1,3)-dodecabenzenatricyclo[,12)]-octacosaphane tetrakis(dichloromethane), (C124H152N4O12)(CH2Cl2)(4) S Akine,K Sumitomo,T Nabeshima ZEITSCHRIFT FUR KRISTALLOGRAPHIE-NEW CRYSTAL STRUCTURES 216 4 521 2001
  •  Synthesis and characterization of novel ligands 1,2-bis(salicylideneaminooxy)ethanes S Akine,T Taniguchi,T Nabeshima CHEMISTRY LETTERS 7 682 2001/07
  •  Control of ion binding by cooperative ion-pair recognition using a flexible heterotopic receptor T Nabeshima,T Hanami,S Akine,T Saiki CHEMISTRY LETTERS 6 560 2001/06
  •  Conformational mobility of the bridged calix[6]arenes with allyl and ethyl groups at the lower rim S Akine,K Goto,T Kawashima BULLETIN OF THE CHEMICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN 74 11 2167 2001/11
  •  Synthesis and crystal structure of a novel triangular macrocyclic molecule, tris(H(2)saloph), and its water complex S Akine,T Taniguchi,T Nabeshima TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 42 50 8861 2001/12
  •  Crystal structures and solvate formation of two conformationally frozen isomers of a bridged calix[6] arene S Akine,K Goto,T Kawashima JOURNAL OF INCLUSION PHENOMENA AND MACROCYCLIC CHEMISTRY 36 1 119 2000
  •  Crystal Structures and Solvate Formation of Two Conformationally Frozen Isomers of a Bridged Calix[6]arene Akine, S,Goto, K,Kawashima, T J. Inclusion Phenom. Macrocycl. Chem. 36 1 119 2000/01
  •  Pseudomacrocycles and pseudomacrobicycles as novel frameworks for multirecognition and regulation of molecular function T Nabeshima,S Akine,T Saiki REVIEWS ON HETEROATOM CHEMISTRY 22 219 2000
  •  Synthesis, structure, and redox properties of a quinone-bridged calix[6]arene S Akine,K Goto,T Kawashima TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 41 6 897 2000/02
  •  Structural elucidation of 1,3-phenylenebis(methylene)-bridged calix[6]arenes with four uncapped hydroxy groups T Saiki,S Akine,K Goto,N Tokitoh,T Kawashima,R Okazaki BULLETIN OF THE CHEMICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN 73 8 1893 2000/08
  •  Micropolarity around a zwitterionic solvatochrome covalently fixed in the cavity of bowl-shaped cyclophanes S Akine,K Goto,R Okazaki CHEMISTRY LETTERS 7 681 1999/07
  •  Different aggregating properties of two conformationally frozen isomers of a water-soluble bridged calix[6]arene S Akine,K Goto,T Kawashima,R Okazaki BULLETIN OF THE CHEMICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN 72 12 2781 1999/12
  •  Synthesis of novel water-soluble molecular bowls and their unique complexing behavior with 1-anilinonaphthalene-8-sulfonate K Goto,S Akine,T Hayashi,R Okazaki CHEMISTRY LETTERS 4 291 1998

Conference Presentations

  • Selective encapsulation of alkali metal ions in a chiral trinickel(II) metallocryptand and its regulation of helicity inversion(2021/03/19)
  • Rim-differentiated pillar[5]arenes: self-assembly and chirality control(2021/03/20)
  • Reversible photoswitch-controlled structure transitions of biomolecules and their real-time visualization by high-speed atomic force microscopy(2021/03/20)
  • Design and synthesis of new molecular containers with open/close functions(2021/01/28)
  • Metallonanobelt: A Sufficiently Inert Shape-Persistent Molecular Belt Prepared by Reversible Self-Assembly Processes(conference:The 1st NanoLSI International Symposium - Towards Establishment of New Research Field: Nanoprobe Life Science-)(2018/02/21)

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  • Open/close functions of host molecules based on coordination structures(conference:The 1st NanoLSI International Symposium - Towards Establishment of New Research Field: Nanoprobe Life Science-)(2018/02/21)
  • Metal-containing host molecules that can close their apertures(conference:Strasbourg-Kanazawa Universities Joint Symposium on Organic Synthesis)(2018/02/08)
  • Metal-containing Cage Compounds that can Close their Apertures(conference:Japan-Canada Mini Symposium on Supramolecular Science)(2018/01/08)
  • Metallocages and metallomacrocycles that can close their apertures(conference:Mini-symposium on innovative materials based on supramolecules)(2017/11/23)
  • Metallocages and metallomacrocycles with Open/Close Features(conference:Kanazawa Supramolecular Symposium in Southampton)(2017/11/20)
  • Metalloreceptors with Open/Close Features(conference:3rd International Symposium on Center of Excellence for Innovative Material Sciences Based on Supramolecules)(2017/10/17)
  • Selective Formation of a Belt-shaped Metallomacrocycle by Template-directed Self-assembly of a Triptycene Based Ligand(conference:3rd International Symposium on Center of Excellence for Innovative Material Sciences Based on Supramolecules)(2017/10/16)
  • Unusual Helicity Inversion of Helical Cobalt(III) Metallocryptands by Multistep Ligand Exchange(conference:3rd International Symposium on Center of Excellence for Innovative Material Sciences Based on Supramolecules)(2017/10/16)
  • Selective Formation of Various Kinds of Stacking Structures by Metal Ion Recognition of Dinuclear Metallohosts(conference:3rd International Symposium on Center of Excellence for Innovative Material Sciences Based on Supramolecules)(2017/10/16)
  • Design and synthesis of cobalt(III)-based metallohosts for controlled guest recognition(conference:11th Japan-China Joint Symposium on Metal Cluster Compounds)(2017/10/09)
  • Design and synthesis of oligo(salen)-type complexes for function switching(conference:67th JSCC Symposium)(2017/09/16)
  • Control of Helicity and Helix Inversion Rates of Dynamic Helical Metal Complexes(conference:International Symposium on Pure and Applied Chemistry 2017 (ISPAC 2017))(2017/06/10)
  • Formation of Various Kinds of Stacking Structures Using 18-Crown-6 Type Metallohosts Having Different Bridging Scaffold(conference:2nd International Symposium on Center of Excellence for Innovative Material Sciences Based on Supramolecules)(2016/10/26)
  • Construction of Solvent Dependent Dynamic Rotaxane Using 24-crown-8 type Metallohost(conference:2nd International Symposium on Center of Excellence for Innovative Material Sciences Based on Supramolecules)(2016/10/26)
  • Control of Guest Recognition Ability of Cobalt(III) Metallohost by Site-selective Ligand Exchange(conference:2nd International Symposium on Center of Excellence for Innovative Material Sciences Based on Supramolecules)(2016/10/26)
  • Dynamic helicity control of helical tetranuclear complexes by chemical stimuli(conference:42nd International Conference on Coordination Chemistry)(2016/07/07)
  • Dynamic Structural Conversion of helical oligosalen complexes(conference:Mini-symposium "Innovative Material Science Based on Supramolecules")(2016/01/19)
  • Multi-step Helicity Inversion of Helical Multinuclear Complex by Stepwise Metal Exchange(conference:International Symposium on Coordination Programming (ISCP2014))(2014/01/20)
  • Formation of Pentacenequinone Dimer by Sandwich Complexation with Alkali Metal Ion(conference:CENIDE-CNMM-TIMS Joint Symposium on Interdisciplinary Nano-Science and Technology)(2014/01/06)
  • Development of a rational strategy for helicity inversion of helical metal complexes(conference:4th Asian Conference on Coordination Chemistry)(2013/11/04)
  • Multi-step helicity inversion of helical oligooxime complex by exchange of constituent metal ions(conference:4th Tetrahedron Symposium-Asian Edition)(2013/10/21)
  • Stepwise Helicity Inversion of Helical Complex by Exchange of Constituent Metal Ions(conference:The 3rd German-Japan Nanoworkshop ~ Energy Conversion and Storage ~)(2013/09/03)
  • Anion-Triggered Guest Exchange in a Cationic Metallohost(conference:The First International Symposium on Center of Excellence for Innovative Material Sciences Based on Supramolecules)(2016/03/10)
  • Development of New Metallo-Macrocycles Using a Rigid Bent Ligand Based on a Triptycene Scaffold(conference:The First International Symposium on Center of Excellence for Innovative Material Sciences Based on Supramolecules)(2016/03/10)
  • Site-selective Post-modification of Macrocyclic Cobalt(III) Dinuclear Metallohost(conference:The First International Symposium on Center of Excellence for Innovative Material Sciences Based on Supramolecules)(2016/03/10)
  • Cation Recognition Behavior of a New Macrocyclic Dinuclear Nickel(II) Metallohost Having a 24-crown-8-like Scaffold(conference:The First International Symposium on Center of Excellence for Innovative Material Sciences Based on Supramolecules)(2016/03/10)
  • Helix Inversion of Helical Multinuclear Complexes Controlled by Molecular Recognition(conference:The 9th Japan-China Joint Symposium on Functional Supramolecular Architectures)(2016/02/23)
  • Dynamic Structural Conversion of Oligo(salen) Metal Complexes(conference:Japan-Canada Symposium for International Exchange Initiative)(2016/01/08)
  • Synthesis of a helical trinickel(II) metallo-cryptand and regulation of its helix inversion rate by guest recognition(conference:International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies)(2015/12/08)
  • 日本化学会近畿支部 平成27年度北陸地区講演会と研究発表会(2015/11/27)
  • Control of helix inversion of helical multinuclear complexes by molecular recognition(2014/09/18)
  • A Helical Trinickel(II) Metallo-cryptand for Efficient Regulation of the Helix Inversion Rate(conference:41st International Conference on Coordination Chemistry)(2014/07/21)


  •  Assembling molecular machines at a molecular size S. Akine, Y. Sakata, M. Shionoya Gendai Kagaku 549 12 29 2016
  •  Nobel prize in chemistry: Development of molecular machines in nano-world Shigehisa Akine Parity 31 12 30 2016

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