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School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences

21 faculty members found.Click on a name for details.

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No. Name Faculty Position Specialities
1 ISHIZAKI JUNKO Professor Clinical Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Care Personalized Medicine Pharmaceutical Care Communication Pharmaceutical Communication pharmacokinetics therapeutic drug monitoring drug interaction
2 IYORI MITSUHIRO Associate Professor
3 UCHIYAMA MASAHIKO Associate Professor Green Chemistry, Environment, Resources, Synthetic Organic Chemistry
4 OHMIYA, Hirohisa Professor
5 KATO YUKIO Professor Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacotherapeutics, membrane permeation, transporter, protein-protein interaction
6 KIMURA KAZUKO Professor Counterfeit Medicines, Access Quality, Rational Use of Medicines, HIV/AIDS
7 KUNISHIMA MUNETAKA Professor Bioorganic Chemistry, Organic Reaction, Chemical Biology, Hetrocyclic Chemistry
8 NAKAGAWA-GOTO Kyoko Associate Professor Medicinal Chemistry, Natural products, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Biology
9 SASAKI YOHEI Professor Development of Japanese-produced herbal medicine, Study on cultivation and processing of medicinal plants, Quality evaluation of herbal medicine, Ayurvedic Medicines
10 SUZUKI RYO Professor Allergy, Immunology, Mast cells/Bosophils, IgE Receptor, Signal Transduction, Intercellular Communication, Exocytosis, Live Imaging

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